Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pushin' Tapes - DJ Demo ( Dancehall Classics V1 )

Tapemasta - Now you get to hear another different dj again & believe me this will be something that people will be talking about..Keep up people !! To my Flatbush peeps, hold on !!

Demo - DJ Demo Ent is uploading a flock of mixes to all of the listeners who frequent "DJ Demo's Podcast". 30min mixes of all genres will be uploaded to the site during "DJ Demo's March Mix Madness". Get your iPods and hard drives ready. It's On!! Remember to check your iTunes and Yahoo subscriptions daily to accept new downloads from DJ Demo. And thank you for listening. Feel free to leave your comments. Check out DJ Demo at www.facebook.com/djdemoent and www.twitter.com/djdemoent. All DJ Demo music are at www.djdemo.podomatic.com

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