Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Art Of Cassettes V30 ( Mixtape Madness )

I did it again people..I dropped 30 releases ( Mixtape Madness ) on you in less than a month..No where did you see these mixtapes anywhere else but here !! I had reasons for doing this & believe me, people have recognized what's up now !! Now let me hit a homerun with CLUE & THIS ONE IS CALLED BACK TO SCHOOL..They don't call me the MIXTAPE LIBRARIAN for nothing..enjoy this one !!


  1. I want to thank you for dropping this Mixtape Madness on the people. Thanx for the lesson on real mixtapes & mixtape dj's
    I learned a few new things with the highlight the Spinderella tape. Was searching for a while for some Spinderella tapes

  2. SOUL, it's a honor to to do something like this because peopel need to know & realize what was really moving & why..certain dj's try to make name for themselves knowing that they didn't do nothing..