Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Art Of Cassettes V26 ( Mixtape Madness )

So you think that you got mixtapes..websites is sitting back right now shaking their heads wondering on how they can get these joints..Sorry people you got to send the "doe" if you want to get down over here & it's just that simple..Stop asking for covers, playlists, samples, trades, etc..i'm not sending it to you !! I keep telling you that i got alot of mixtapes ( not cds )& now you can see that i wasn't lying..My collection runs deep ( between the tapes & cds )& i've shared a sample of what i can do to the internet..So this time up on the madness is KAY SLAY & THE TAPE IS CALLED THE MIX MASTER ( R & B BLENDS )..Enjoy people because we almost up to the finish line..Shouts to Ron G, Doo Wop, Showtime, Jae Supreme, Kool Mike Ski, Ekim, Danny Dee, Arson, Mista Rello, Grandmaster Vic, Mista Resse, Manifest, Rob E Rob, Hevehitta, Unexpected...

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