Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Art Of Cassettes V24 ( Mixtape Madness )

Straight up this time & just bring you the madness that we call MIXTAPES..I'm going on that 31 downloads of mixtapes that i'm sure alot of you don't know about..Believe me, this joints was rocking the streets of NYC back then..The crazy part is that alot of people enjoyed the 90's & not just drop those mixtapes that was pushin' the songs back then..This time around you get JB of the E BROTHERS & this tape is called MIXES V3..Shouts to Mista Reese & here's that jewel that i was talking..straight turntables & a mixer..No DAT, CDJ or Computer..Just straight music !!


  1. yeah Tape ain't nothing like a good ol fashioned blend tape.. going back to the roots, JB & The E bros. always win in my book..

  2. Yup, Yup...People don't realize how alot of these mixtapes was more than the 10 djs' that everybody mention..that's what makes all this unique..