Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Art Of Cassettes V14 ( Mixtape Madness )

Now do you see what's funny about all this now..Alot of people is running around talking about CLASSICS & they really don't know what that can be ( i've seen the posts )..One of the reason's why i'm doing this with the mixtapes now is because of my brother ( SHAKIM ALLAH )& he's in a upstate facility right now doing 18 to life ( he's on that 15th year of his bid )..He told me that he was rocking his DJ S & S V4 & Kid Capri's Old School V1 & V2 on tape. These mixtapes kept alot of people doing other things like listening while the DOPE & THE CRACK ERA WAS RUNNING RAPID IN NYC...If you seen the Paid In Full movie then you'll understand & it was happening in each BORO...So let me show you what i'm talking about..Here's DJ EZ ELPEE, i'm sure alot you only knew that he was a producer & not a mixtape dj from back then..The title of this one is SUMMER V1 !! Check out the beginning of this tape !!


  1. destroying comp as usual...THANX!

  2. Thanks bro..i'm just keeping this thing real..