Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Art Of Cassettes V11 ( Mixtape Madness )

How many of you remember the 52 beats by Kid Capri or Ron G's beat kingdom..Well Fartha Ramzee did one recently & it took me back to some good times in hip hop..Now remember people everybody isn't doing this like me & these joints ( Mixtape Madness ) should be in your digital files/library !! This joint is called " Break Beats "...Enjoy this one people because this will be the introduction to the Hip Hop side of MIXTAPE MADNESS !!


  1. LOL..You sick for this one fam...Those are actually my records in that pic too...Keep representing for real DJ's...1 Love

  2. Yooo, no doubt !! I know about all the dj's from the past..the current dudes will be getting a education on the real mixtape vibe..
    I got the " The Formula " & some other joints u did back