Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tapemasta with legends @ Cutmaster DC Bday Party

Tapemasta: It's a honor to be in a pic with the Legends of the DJ game ( Tapemasta, DR Duss, Rockin Rob, Cutmaster DC & Jazzy G )..Now once again, you can get your download on's side b to Action PAC & DJ Fashion ( Puffin' On A Blunt Sippin' On A Heineken V2 )...Know your history people when it comes to mixtapes & djing because you never know who you might come across !! Once again, enjoy the playlist or cover for you..just music !!


  1. Of course you know you're the Truth!! Good to know someone who eats shits and sleeps mixtapes 4real!! Everytime you post or showcase the vault I am cracking up!! Man do you have it and youhave it good and for me it's good to know you!! Last time I seen Cutmaster D.C. was on a street circulated video back in like 86 or 87 when he was out Camden N.J., Eric B was on the set and Cash Money killed it all! Cutmaster D.C. did one of his tricks cuttin with the basketballs. Damn I feel old now!!

  2. Ol, i got another joint coming & a pic !!