Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pushin' Tapes - Soul One ( King James )

Tapemasta: Since it's Black History Month..It's time to give you the sounds of the Number One Soul Brother..King James Brown !! Believe me, You'll enjoy this one & i'm glad to hear a real dj do his thing on it !! Once again, keep up because the bases is really being touched now !!

Soul One: James Brown is the Godfather of Soul so it’s only right that DJ SoulOne give us his tribute to the Master and Creator of the FUNK! All praise due to the King...Enjoy!!

Beau Dollar Intro
Escape-ism (get down) – James Brown
Blues & Pants (snag) – James Brown
Boss (look) – James Brown
Make It Funky (droppin’ science) – James Brown
Damn Right, I’m Somebody (geto) – James Brown
There It Is (wegot2GROOVE) – James Brown
Mind POWER *Alt.Version* (sticks) – James Brown
Mind POWER (pawn shop) – James Brown
Soul POWER ‘74 (MACEO) – Maceo & The Macks
I’m Broken Hearted (dirtyface) – James Brown
Get Up, Get Involved (WAIT! *twotimes*) – James Brown
Talking Loud, Saying Nothing (dontworryboutmine) – James Brown
My Thang (shakers) – James Brown
More Peas (chunk Jab, JAB CHUNK *a lil’ bitty bit*) – The JB’s
Pass the Peas (FRED!) – The JB’s
Message from the Soul Sisters (NoTime) – Myra Barnes
Think (EZrock) – Lyn Collins
I Know You Got Soul (moneymaker) – Bobby Byrd
I’m Coming,Coming, I’m Coming (zzzzzz) – Bobby Byrd
Get On The Good Foot (Get It) – James Brown
Give It Up Or Turn It Loose (clyde) – James Brown
Blind Man Can see It (funkyorgan) – James Brown
Payback (J.A.N.) – James Brown
You Can Have Watergate (Que D) – Fred Wesley & The JB’s
Papa Dont Take No Mess (gin) – James Brown
Funky Drummer (raid) – James Brown
Givin’ Up Food For Funk (timbo) – The JB’s
Better Half (arena) – Maceo & All The Kings Men
Nose Job (nosey) – James Brown
Its A Man’s, Man’s World (chop) – James Brown
Thats My Desire – James Brown
Man In The Glass – James Brown
Put It On The Line (shot’ya) – Lyn Collins
King Heroin – James Brown
Never Can Say Goodbye – James Brown

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