Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pushin' Tapes - Mixtape Vault V1 ( Mr Magic & Mr Cee On Hot 97 )

Now i'm going to take this on a whole different level again. Some people realized now what i'm doing & they'll see what have been said for months now "Who's The King". The radio in NYC was the shit back in the days & this time let's just say everybody will enjoy this one..I'm going to drop some of the Radio Mixtapes FROM BACK THEN & of course, i had to drop one featuring Super Rocking MR Magic & Mr Cee..Real hip hop people will enjoy this one & to the ones who just look to download - i'm about to make you mad with this one.. Sit back & enjoy what you hear because the radio isn't rocking like this in NYC right now !! Shouts to Smooth Denali & Ol Skool, for making me think again & believe me, alot of people is going to shake their heads !! Remember i got to drop Side A on you first with no cover or playlist & this is how we use to do it in the streets & now the internet..Just a title & a date !! Keep up because i'm going past people TWICE NOW !! Matter of fact, you keep on searching the "net" for joints & let me know what you find !! Now RIP to Mr Magic for keeping this hip hop shit alive & remember the song WATCH ME NOW !!

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