Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pushin' Tapes - Flash Gordon Parks ( An Evening with Patrice Rushen )

Tapemasta: When you realize that you can touch over 50 years of music at any given time, that's a gift !! Black History Month is something that people need to look back on & see what's around them..Ms Rushen is a incredible artist..Enjoy this because there's jewels all over her !!

Flash Gordon Parks: Patrice Rushen is an incredible pianist/vocalist/composer/music director. Her work is familiar even if you haven’t heard it. With her foundation rooted in Jazz she has been able to penetrate the ears of all types. DJ Flash Gordon Parks assembles a nice collection of songs we all know…. Even if this is your first time hearing them….Enjoy!

Patrice Rushen Tracklist

1. Shout It Out
2. Haw Right Now
3. Hang It Up
4. Number One (Instrumental)
5. The Funk Won’t Let You Down
6. Feel So Real (Won’t Let Go)
7. Forget Me Nots (12″ Version)
8. Don’t Blame Me
9. Haven’t You Heard (12″ Version)
10. Get Off (You Fascinate Me)
11 The Hump
12. Where There Is Love
13. Didn’t You Know
14. Settle For Your Love
15. Remind Me
16. Let There Be Funk
17. Before The Dawn

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