Friday, February 4, 2011

Pushin' Tapes - DJ Super V ( Old School V1 )

Once again, it's time to show you a real mixtape ( Blends, Mic Control, Mixing, Scratching, cutting ) & what alot of people is missing today..In my time, today's mixtapes was called "Albums" & our Mixtapes from the past was street culture for all over the places in the world. ( Shouts to Ron G, Doo Wop, Brucie B, Starchild, Kid Capri, S & S, Showtime, Doggtime ) These dj's made my times easy & i respect when i pull out a real mixtape. Henceforce this joint by DJ Super V & Cool Rock on da mic !! Once again, no playlist or cover..That's how we rocked with back in the days & that's what you're going to get too - You got side A today !! Nuff said !!

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