Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pushin' Tapes - DJ Babe & Big Chew ( Word To The Unknown Rapper )

Tapemasta: I had to put this up for people to see what's happening around them. Some of you might agree, but best believe you'll understand why you need to hear this & why !! The New Music Industry will see & know !! To those Unknown Rappers & DJ's, read this & think !! Once again, to that corny dj who pissed me off..remember i'm on a roll now & i'm not going to stop no time soon !!


I thought that the homie Big Chew would make a great guest for my annual newsletter rants, in fact he's inspired me to start kicking that knowledge again for the ill informed.. Check it out:

You're Big Business Kid

New exclusive music used to be a mixtape DJs best friend. You think DJ Clue was such a good DJ he got where he is today because of it? Hell no he had the ability to get new exclusive music before anyone else. That's what made him. Then Kayslay took the crown and his ability to get new music first made him what he is today. Then Big Mike and then the south had their run with a few DJs too. That new exclusive music sold their CDs and is what got their names hot while they "hustled" their "product". Then as internet connections became faster and in more households the playing field got leveled. The rise of the "blog" pretty much killed the flow of "big" money to the "DJs" (term used loosely). Now anyone could get that new exclusive music and that meant a complete over-saturation of the mixtape game to levels where even the biggest names can't eat. (The irony is a DJ or shall we say a DJs manager is the one who gave the blogs their exclusive major label music. without him they would've all been peddling unknown, emo rap exclusives). So now you got the websites getting their ad impressions up off that exclusive music (which is only a fraction of the money the Djs used to be able to pull out them) and now its all just table scraps. So where is the big business? Its with you...the unknown rapper!

Take a bow unknown rapper because you are the current cash cow. *applause

The unknown rapper who pays for mixtape "slots" is a DJs best friend. That couple hundred $ to be featured at or near the end of a mixtape is making the DJ more money then he gets from his distributor who is raping him for .75 per CD or .10 a cover. (yes I said cover). Never mind that internet sales of mix cds are damn near extinct. You got websites/companies (Coast2Coast) who use this same method and are making more $ then some of you so called "top mixtape djs" with their promo packages (they even have a Lil Wayne Package), mixtape, magazine and website "placements".

Coast 2 Coast is at the very least consistent with what they do. I mean ever since we started Rapmullet we preached consistency and that is pretty much with anything you want to accomplish in life. However the bulk of the mixtapes they make are with un-known DJs as well as predominately being download only. (I've read some where that they do press up their mixtapes but the verdict is still out on that shit.) They are selling you a promotional slot on their mixtape with the promise that you are exposed to a certain market thru their website and "industry connections" aka email blasts, radio and the like. They hit you with numbers too. Downloads, listens, views, plays ect and that's great but really that's just part of THEIR marketing. The bottom line is you will get a slot as well as other "placements" and you will be "promoted" by what they say they will do. However, how effective that promotion is, is really the question. When's the last time a rapper who paid for these packages blew up? Exactly. I'm sure they'll tell you that if you keep trying it will eventually happen tho.

[Whether you want to admit it or not good DJs still break artist before any of these things we're writing about here.]

Now you also have websites like Datpiff and Livemixtapes who's BFF is also the unknown rapper. You see all those bullshit and "indy" submissions on those sites? Of course you do. Those "mixtapes" are their ticket to increased ad impressions which when multiplied hundreds of thousands of times equals big money.Throw the major mixtapes in the mix and you got yourself a pretty damn good ad hustle. Those unknown rapper mixtapes on both sites are instant promotional vehicles. Each one of those rappers tirelessly promotes thru twitter, facebook, email blasts the fact their project is on those websites. Multiply that by thousands and they have one of the best FREE promotional things going for any business ever invented. We all wish we had it so good. Its funny to me because what these sites offer up is exposure and "promotion" while the unknown rapper promotes FOR them as well. Except the website is the only one making any real money from the deal. In some cases rappers PAY to be positioned better on the site itself. (mo money mo money) They are some of the most heavily trafficked hip hop based websites in the world so your project is def being viewed/listened to by people. Same question applies though: When's the last time an unknown rapper blew up off their project being on these websites? Exactly.

[I'm not picking on these websites either. The entrepreneur in me applauds them for seeing a need in the market and filling that need...or exploiting it. (Its up for interpretation). Remember Rapmullet has been around for a long time (November 2003). I personally remember datpiff when it was a torrent site and a forum and to see where they're at today is amazing. Anyone, not only us, would kick themselves for not being able to see the vision and accomplish what they have done. The Mullet got lapped multiple times by these sites while chasing a dead audio medium (MTK) in our quest for riches (lol). Shit happens but the truth is the truth.]

We can also talk about places like Guitar Center and numerous other music equipment outlets. From mic's to mixing boards to music programs for your computer these businesses depend on the unknown rapper to keep them in the black every year. So the next time you, unknown rapper, are about to finish that new mixtape/album/single and release it to the world just remember...You're Big Business Kid!