Sunday, January 2, 2011

Pushin' Tapes - Mensa & Surreal Sound ( The Best Of Masta Ace & EDO.G )

Tapemasta: Real hip hop at it's finest & now is time for some of you to keep up with the legends..Real lyrics & no hype included !!

Mensa: Hot off the presses! Me and the big homey DJ SURREAL SOUND whipped up this mixtape comprised of the biggest tunes from Masta Ace & Edo G! Expect to see a good cross section of tracks from both of their DEEP discographies, rare joints and, of course, tracks from their duo LP “Arts & Entertainment” & “Extra Entertainment” It’s also hosted by Masta Ace & Edo G. themselves! So if you’re trying to catch up and looking for a crash course of Ace & Edo, it’s only right that you grab this mix!

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