Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pushin' Tapes - Showtime ( Gangstarr - Not For Sale )

Tapemasta: Alot of people don't realize what happening around them. We make all of this more popular than ever before. Step back & see what Gangstarr brought to the table. Guru was more than a rapper, this five percenter made people realize the knowledge in itself..Peace god & may your mind rest in peace now !!

Showtime: Listen… I know a lot of DJs made Gangstarr Tributes, This one is from my heart. The respect level for Guru and Premier go through the roof and I just want to say that this one is for you…Respect. If you need the physical copy (320kbps) hit me and I will burn it and send. Big Ups to Buda from The Entertainment Co., DJ I-Cue (longtime producer partner) for the intros and Bonus Tracks.

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Tribute: Stevie G ( The Best Of Guru - A Jazz Version )

Here's a little something for those people who need a extra push on what Guru did for the Hip Hop nation worldwide..We need to give mc's from the past - their just due !! Also i got to give the Diaz Brothers ( Tony Touch & Doo Wop ) props for their tribute to Guru also !! Shouts to S.O.U.L. & Chris Medina !! Let's keep this hip hop & Mixtape shit alive !! Let's remember those still alive & what they gave to the world of music..heed the words that i manifest !!


Saturday, May 1, 2010

Real R & B Music V1 ( DV One - 90's Music v1 )

Now you know, i couldn't forget about my r & b heads worldwide. Also to my fellow bloggers, i'm back again & with a twist for 2010..Shouts to DV One, J Period, DJ Books, Manifest, DJ Stickem, Hevehitta, DJ Unexpected & to my blog brothers worldwide. Once again, enjoy this one & thank me later !!

Real Hip Hop V4 ( DJ Wax - Live )

Time to show you what makes real music for those "Grown & Sexy" worldwide. Believe me, we got you covered for the week once again !! Sit back & let me show you what we got & believe me, you won't be disappointed !!

Real Hip Hop V3 ( Evil Dee Live On The Morning Show )

I got all you for the week with my releases..Real dj's doing their thing worldwide & here you get a treat again !!

Real Hip Hop V2 ( DJ Ron G - Mixes V12 )

There's nothing to be said..This was one of the most popular mixtapes in the 5 boro's of NY..

Real Hip Hop V1 ( DJ Kelwin - The Guru Mix ( Gangstarr Era )

I got more coming on the god & believe me, i can sit back & watch what's happening around me..Here's something with a twist for all of you !! Once again, respect to one of the most gifted rappers & believe me, Rest In Peace to Guru !!

Guess Who's Back ( DJ S & S & Digiwaxx Radio V10 )

Once again, it's the return of the real mixtapes again !! No playlist, just real music & believe me, i got you !! For my Hip Hop heads, this one is for you !!