Monday, December 27, 2010

Pushin' Tapes - Jaycee ( Did I Really Forget To Post This One )

Tapemasta: Some people realize what's going on now ( even the dj's have to step up now )..It's time for the real mixes to come up for people to hear !! Respect this man when he comes to your town or hear his mixes..

Monica "Don't Take It Personal"
Mokenstef "He's Mine" (remix)
Mona Lisa feat. Mr. Cheeks "Can't Be Wasting My Time"
Mary J. Blige "Love No Limit"
Miss Jones "Where I Wanna Be Boy"
Valerie George "Being Single"
Teedra Moses "Be Your Girl"
Allure feat. Nas "Head Over Heels"
Mya feat. Jay-Z "Best Of Me"


  1. hey bruh wanna give u a heads up.... most of the eargasms post are not loaded when dl'd its like 23 seconds

  2. I don't know what happen unique, i got them on my itouch..The full 22 minutes !!