Friday, August 6, 2010

Pushin' Tapes - Jay Faire ( The Way It Was V2 )

Here's part 2 & i want to thank everybody for putting part 1 up on their blogs. We're about to do something different this year around because it's time for change in the mixtape world !! Ol Skool & SOUL, we got this covered for the winter & believe me, people know !! I've been receiving emails about mixes & now i know people is watching, so now we're going in hard on the "blog" game of thinking again..just a little bit !! Remember, it's about the music & what it represent to your memories, life, etc !!


  1. Great vol. 2. It's a great start of the weekend thanx

  2. Yup...i'm waiting for your project to drop & then time to have some fun !!

  3. Very busy getting the project together. Doo Wop & JS-1 sets are in still waiting on the rest