Monday, August 23, 2010

Pushin' Tapes - DJ A Vee " Reguardless VII "

Tapemasta: Looks like we go to drop some more flava onto those ipods worldwide. If you need to hear a real dj, check this out & let me know what's up..Matter of fact, hit the man up personally !! PS: Find the track listing yourself because certain people have been on me again..Hey Record Labels, thank you for the "luv" & watch what i do next !! If you think digital downloads is driving you what i do now !! " Back To School " is in session !!

A Vee: Anyone who knows me, knows I'm a very modest & humble person. However, hands down this mix right here was one of my greatest compositions (in my mind at least). Having a circle of friends who happened to be some of the most respected DJ's on the planet really pushed me to not just work hard are getting "Exclusives" but also pushed me to step up the skill level in creating this back in late 1999 (Wow its been over ten years!!). Big shouts to those who looked out with the exclusives for this mix: DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Eclipse, DJ Spin One, DJ Evil Dee, DJ 3D, DJ Riz, DJ Spinbad, DJ Spinna, J-Live, Mr. Morgan, & Hope you folks enjoy "Regardless VII" or known by some as "Regardless 7" Peace, A. DJ A.Vee's "Regardless VII" Mixtape (1999)

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