Monday, August 9, 2010

Pushin' Tapes - DJ Big Jacks ( Originals Mixtape 1.5 )

Tapemasta: The time is now for the real joints & why they became famous..I remember years ago, DJ Arson did his version of old & new tracks ( i bet he doesn't have the "tape" anymore ), i was hyped on it !! Now DJ Big Jacks did his version, which i respect his dj skills after the copy of Double R mixtape..enjoy the sounds !! Look for the tracklisting...nuff said !!

Supa Q: Last month, I had the pleasure of performing as a DJ in Toronto, CA for the first time. It was a great opportunity to reconnect with some friends I had made when last I was there with Critically Acclaimed and The Low Budget Crew. Upon my arrival to the venue with DJ Mensa, I noticed a larger than life character rocking a crispy Critically Acclaimed Tee from 2004… It was the homie Big Jacks!

The weekend came and went and was super fun. As we pulled up to the airport, Mensa handed me Jacks’ Mixtape and stated “He never promotes his stuff, but this CD is ILL”. He was right. Jam-packed with sample “originals” and the songs that used them, Jacks mix stands out from many similarly - themed mixes.

I immediately hit up Jacks and asked him if I could post it. He told me hold tight because it was only available in physical form but that he was going to upload it soon…

Well that day is here!


  1. All great DJs are featured on DMH Discovery Show, check out and listen to their New Releases.

  2. biiig up to Pushin' Tapes for the continued support on the Grand Groove DJs material! much respect for posting my mix!

    Big Jacks