Monday, August 23, 2010

Pushin' Tapes - Big Jacks ( Goin' In On The 80's )

TAPEMASTA: Once again, i truly enjoy what these dj's do on this mix..Keep up because there's more to come !!

I do this radio show by the name of Backroad Radio in Toronto on 105.5 which i’ve been doing for almost 8 years now! Each week, I take about 30 mins and go on a trip down memory lane. This week I felt the mix was a little extra special so I wanted to share this with you as a podcast! Mixed live on the radio by yours truly. Excuse the ghetto quality audio but we’re keeping it “iusedtotapehiphopofftheradio” for this one! Enjoy !!

JVC Force – Strong Island
Superlover Cee & Casanova Rud – Do The James
Stezo – Get Into His Move
Uptown – Dope on Plastic
Public Enemy – Rebel Without A Pause
Ultramagnetic MC’s – ease back
Cool C – Juice Crew Dis
Marley Marl feat. MC Shan – Marley Scratch
EPMD – You’re A Customer
Run DMC – Run’s House
Marley Marl feat. Craig G – Droppin’ Science
Roxanne Shante – Have A Nice Day
Big Daddy Kane – Get Into It
MC Lyte – Paper Thin
Eric B & Rakim – Eric B Is President
Heavy D – Mr. Big Stuff
Kool G Rap – Truly Yours

Pushin' Tapes - DJ Big Jacks ( Straight Goodz )

Tapemasta: If this DJ was in NY during the high of the mixtape scene, he would of crushed the current people hands down..I truly enjoy listening to what he does. The man has skills & you hear it on the mixes !!

DJ Big Jacks ( Grand Groove DJs ): I had the honour of doing a guest DJ throwback set on Straight Goodz (94.5 The Beat. Vancouver) for my people Flipout & Jayswing. They were one of the only real hip hop shows on commercial radio in Canada and I was pretty excited to play classic hip hop and soul on a mainstream platform. Sadly, the show was recently cancelled but the memories still live on through archived moments such as this. This mix is a personal fav of mine and I think you’ll like it too, so check it out!!!

AZ – gimme yours
Minnie Ripperton – here we go
Freddie Jackson – love is just a touch away
Luther Vandross – promise me
Capone N Noreaga – closer (sam sneed remix)
New Edition – a little bit of love (big jacks’ blend)
Capone N Noreaga – LA , LA
The Dogg Pound feat. Snoop Dogg – NY, NY
George Duke/WC & The Maad Circle – reach for it/west up
Denice Williams – free
Mic Geronimo – shit is real (computamix)
Jay-Z – imaginary players
Renee & Angela – imaginary playmates
Patrice Rushen – where there is love (big jacks’ blend)
Mobb Deep – temperature’s rising
O.C. – far from yours
The Notorious B.I.G. – dead wrong (big jacks’ blend)
Jay-Z – i can’t get with that
Puff Daddy feat. The Notorious B.I.G – young G’s
D.I.T.C feat Big L – day one
Children of The Corn feat. Big L – american dream (big jacks’ blend
Lord Finesse feat. Big L – yes you may (remix)
Heather B feat. M.O.P. – my kinda nigga (big jacks’ blend)
Hillfiguz – up on prospect
L the Headtoucha – too complex
Don Blackman – holding you, loving you
Camp Lo/Dynasty – luchini/adventures in the land of music
Cameo – hanging downtown
Group Home – supastar

Back To School: " The Return Of The Real Mixtapes - Flava Sounds & Pushin' Tapes "

Recently we've been thinking about how to change the game up on the internet again..So we came up with the idea about putting up the Classic Mixtapes for the masses worldwide ( For some reason everybody luvs the 90's & we luv the 90's mixtapes ). So with the help of Flava Sounds ( props to Tre & Greg ), we came up with this project which will be hitting up the " net " & the streets sometime in September...Here's a start of what's to come - The list will be updated soon !! For more info on these titles & more..hit up Tre @ or me Nuff Said !! Believe me, these titles won't be up for free downloads anywhere !! We even got some Hot 97 radio tapes !!

Dirty Harry - High Noon
Dirty Harry - Ghetto Heaven
Ron G - R & B V5
Ron G - Live In The Cotton Club ( 2/20/92 )
Ron G - 1/11/92
Buckwild - 12/10/91
Starski - 10/6/91
Red Alert - Transform Mix Live on Hot 97 4/23/88
Red Alert - Uptown Style Live on Hot 97 1/16/88

Pushin' Tapes - Jay Faire " The Way It Was V4 "

Time for another one to hit the the net..enjoy the sounds !!

Pushin' Tapes - Jay Faire " The Way It Was V3 "

We're back people & they luv us on the internet right now !! Think about how these songs made you feel back then & why !! Stand up because we're full steam ahead with these joints !!

Pushin' Tapes - DJ A Vee " Reguardless VII "

Tapemasta: Looks like we go to drop some more flava onto those ipods worldwide. If you need to hear a real dj, check this out & let me know what's up..Matter of fact, hit the man up personally !! PS: Find the track listing yourself because certain people have been on me again..Hey Record Labels, thank you for the "luv" & watch what i do next !! If you think digital downloads is driving you what i do now !! " Back To School " is in session !!

A Vee: Anyone who knows me, knows I'm a very modest & humble person. However, hands down this mix right here was one of my greatest compositions (in my mind at least). Having a circle of friends who happened to be some of the most respected DJ's on the planet really pushed me to not just work hard are getting "Exclusives" but also pushed me to step up the skill level in creating this back in late 1999 (Wow its been over ten years!!). Big shouts to those who looked out with the exclusives for this mix: DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Eclipse, DJ Spin One, DJ Evil Dee, DJ 3D, DJ Riz, DJ Spinbad, DJ Spinna, J-Live, Mr. Morgan, & Hope you folks enjoy "Regardless VII" or known by some as "Regardless 7" Peace, A. DJ A.Vee's "Regardless VII" Mixtape (1999)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Pushin' Tapes - Grand Groove DJ's ( Killin' Em Softly )

Tapemasta: Enjoy some good music by the dynamic duo of the turntables..For my grown & sexy people, this one should be in those itouchs & ipods. Props to Big Jacks & keep doing your thing sir !!

Grand Groove DJ's: a special promotional mix for the launch of the new party Killin Em Softly: The Feel Good Jam! Featuring the Grand Groove DJs on the mix! Classic sureshots for you to sing along to!

Cheryl Lyn – Gots To be Real
Toney Lee – Reach Up (Dub Mix)(Big Jacks’ Blend)
Karen Young – Hot For You (Big Jacks’ Blend)
Chic – Good Times
Tammy Lucas – Is It Good To You (Big Jacks’ Blend)
Whispers – And The Beat Goes On
Whispers – Rocksteady
Michael Jackson – Rock With You (Big Jacks’ Rocksteady Re-flip)
Hall & Oates – I Can’t Go For That
Eveyln “Champagne” King – Love Come Down
Howard Johnson – So Fine (Big Jacks’Hook Blend)
Jody Watley – Don’t You Want Me (Big Jacks’ Blend)
Cameo – Candy
INXS – I Need You Tonight
Tears For Fears – Shout (Big Jacks’Hook Blend)
Level 42 – Something About You (Shep Pettibone Mix)
Bobby Brown – Don’t Be Cruel (Big Jacks’ Epmd-fix)
Human League – Human (Big Jacks’ Boombapish Mix)
Spinners – I’ll Be Around (DJ grouch’s hip hop mix)
Stevie Wonder – All I Do (U-tern Remix)

Remember the time – Michael Jackson (Royale Refix)
U Know What’s Up – Donnell Jones
Let’ Get Down – Tony Toni Tone
Dance Tonight – Lucy Pearl
I Like The Way (Kissing Game) – Hi Five(Swing Mix)
Go Deep – Janet Jackson (Royale Refix)
She’s Playing Hard To Get – Hi Five
Right Here – Swv (Album Version)
Do You Wanna Get Funky – C +C Music Factory (Royale Refix)
Here We Go – Portrait
What About Your Friends – TLC
Ain’t Too Proud Too Beg – TLC
Gettin’ Funky – Kid n Play
Roilling With Kid n Play – Kid N Play (Royale Just The Hook Mix)
Rump Shaker – Wrex N Effect
Dreamlover – Mariah Carrey
Sittin’ In My Room – Brandy (Royale Refix)
Day and Night – Isyss
Superwoman – Lil’ Mo Feat Fabolous
Best Of Me (Remix) – Mya Feat. Jay-Z
So In To You – Tamia (Royale Refix)
The Lover In You (Bad Boy Remix) – Babyface Feat GhostFace
The Things You Do (Bad Boy Remix) – Gina Thompson
You Don’t Have To Worry – New Edition
I Wanna Love Like That – Tony Thompson (Royale Refix)
Come and Talk To Me – Jodeci
Age Ain’t Nuthing But a Number – Aaliyah Can We Talk – Tevin Campbell
Anniversary – Tony Toni Tone
Lady – D’Angelo

Monday, August 9, 2010

Pushin' Tapes - DJ Big Jacks ( Originals Mixtape 1.5 )

Tapemasta: The time is now for the real joints & why they became famous..I remember years ago, DJ Arson did his version of old & new tracks ( i bet he doesn't have the "tape" anymore ), i was hyped on it !! Now DJ Big Jacks did his version, which i respect his dj skills after the copy of Double R mixtape..enjoy the sounds !! Look for the tracklisting...nuff said !!

Supa Q: Last month, I had the pleasure of performing as a DJ in Toronto, CA for the first time. It was a great opportunity to reconnect with some friends I had made when last I was there with Critically Acclaimed and The Low Budget Crew. Upon my arrival to the venue with DJ Mensa, I noticed a larger than life character rocking a crispy Critically Acclaimed Tee from 2004… It was the homie Big Jacks!

The weekend came and went and was super fun. As we pulled up to the airport, Mensa handed me Jacks’ Mixtape and stated “He never promotes his stuff, but this CD is ILL”. He was right. Jam-packed with sample “originals” and the songs that used them, Jacks mix stands out from many similarly - themed mixes.

I immediately hit up Jacks and asked him if I could post it. He told me hold tight because it was only available in physical form but that he was going to upload it soon…

Well that day is here!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Pushin' Tapes - Jay Faire ( The Way It Was V2 )

Here's part 2 & i want to thank everybody for putting part 1 up on their blogs. We're about to do something different this year around because it's time for change in the mixtape world !! Ol Skool & SOUL, we got this covered for the winter & believe me, people know !! I've been receiving emails about mixes & now i know people is watching, so now we're going in hard on the "blog" game of thinking again..just a little bit !! Remember, it's about the music & what it represent to your memories, life, etc !!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Pushin' Tapes - Live At The Guitar Center

This was a classic moment for hip hop last year..Also to see Chuck Chillout on the serato & Stik-e on the mic !! DJ Tati was doing her thing..Jazzy Jay & Kool Herc had the crowd looking !! Even Stretch Armstrong was there !!

Pushin' Tapes - Jay Faire ( The Way It Was !!! V1 )

Now people is going to see what i'm about to do & why !! See when we was rocking mixtapes on 125th, Fulton mall, 3rd av, Jam av & the people was running to get these joints for their cars & tape decks/portables!! So now, we're going to bring it to the internet worldwide..There's 2 parts of this & believe me, my old school heads is going to luv this !! Once again, i'm back & stronger than ever before !! Matter of fact, here's the introduction of a series that people is going to say "whoa !!" Enjoy this one, i might put part 2 up tonight !! Props to Jay Faire for doing this in a hurry for me !! Sorry, no ringtones or short mixes here !!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Pushin' Tapes - Supa Dave ( Mr Gardner Enterprise's All White Affair @ Club Remix )

As you can see, i'm back at the live session's again !! Once you see what a dj can do live, then you can appreciate the mixtapes even more !! My old school crowd is going to enjoy this even more !! Props to everybody for putting up the recent releases !!

Pushin' Tapes - DJ Precise ( In The Lab )

Here's another one that slip thru the cracks & when you hear it..Watch the people around because it'll be taken or ask to be borrowed !! This Precise is from Queens, NY & he's been doing his thing for a minute with the mixtapes !! Remember this one didn't have a playlist either, but you'll be entertained !!