Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pushin' Tapes - LS One ( The Lesson V1 - The Beginners Class )

Now this is what mixtapes use to be like & you can see why certain people won't let the past go !! Enjoy a real mixtape !! Brooklyn stand up !! This one is the r & b version with a taste of hip hop !! S.O.U.L., what's up bro !! Hevehitta, i'm still rocking that Evil Dee joint ( both of them ) & Jazzy Jeff/Mick Boogie ( a laid back mixtape for the summer )...


  1. What's up partner?
    I'm very busy to get this classic mixtape ready i'm doing with DJ B-Mello, DJ JS-1, P.F. Cuttin & Doo Wop it's going to be the bomb.
    This mixtape is going to be for my blog fam & to you & Olskool for supporting me from the beginning

  2. Man O Man! Gangsta Ass Drop!!!!

  3. @ SOUL, that will be a hot mixtape - i got your back !! @Gildog, u should hear the other one, i think SOUL put it on his blog before !!