Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pushin' Tapes - DJ Doo Wop & Mr. Peter Parker present T.O.N.Y. "Gangstarr Music" Mixtape

Long time friend and DJ to the late great GURU - the legendary Bounce Master Doo Wop teams up with Mr. Peter Parker to bring you the latest mixtape by one of the hottest up and coming MC's T.O.N.Y entitled "GANG STARR MUSIC". The buzz surrounding this project grew even more after Doo Wop leaked a joint called "We Got Gunz" where both Doo Wop and T.O.N.Y went in on Solar. "Gang Starr Music" consists of T.O.N.Y rhyming over nothing but Gang Starr instrumentals. It's a perfect tribute to one of the greatest of all time... Rest In Peace GURU.


  1. Check out and listen to DJ Zon's (from USB Digital) wicked set:

    Continental Lover
    Till I Come To Your Rescue
    Play The Game
    Disco STU
    Me And You
    Tom's Diner

    Only on DanceMusicHub.

  2. This was hot !! It kinda touched that dance era !!