Saturday, June 5, 2010

Now What V5: Books ( Classic Blendz - Season 1 )

Tapemasta: Once people see more of you, the more hate comes..I take pleasure in jumping all over the place with people who enjoy hearing different stuff !! Now you're going see how we make moves all around the place..Just call me the master of Analog & Digital tapes !!

Our first and ONLY blend mixtape...CLASSIC BLENDZ - SEASON 1. Here's to the blend masters who came the blend masters who do it the future blend masters who will keep it alive. The covers are a testament to some of their work. We thank everyone for the support...more soon come [ain't that right Hevehitta?...gimme til monday...please, :)]. Respect to my Diggers Union bredren!

1 Put A Rush On Me (Who U Talkin Yo Blend)
2 Bartender (Tonites Blend)
3 Heard It All Before (Body Blend)
4 Locked Up (Fat Genius Blend)
5 Sexual Healing (Why U Wanna Blend)
6 Don't Take It Personal (No One Made Flashlights Blend)
7 Rock The Boat (She Snitched Blend)
8 On The Hotline (Ohh It's A Blend)
9 If I Ever Fall In Love Again (Presidential Blend)
10 I'm A Flirt (Pop And Drop Blend)
11 No One (I Need The Sky Blend)
12 Lost Without U (Commanding Blend)
13 Snap Ya Fingers (Original Heads Blend)
14 Lucifer (Amusement Blend)
15 I Got To Be Down (Hold Me Down Blend)
16 Enough Cryin (Beat A Nut Blend)
17 Love Like This (Rap And Blow Blend)
18 Lighters Up (R.I.P. Blend)
19 Upgrade U (Noodle Soup Blend)
20 My Valentine (Watch Blend)
21 Gypsy Woman (A Sexy Back Blend)

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