Saturday, June 5, 2010

Now What V4: DJ Babe's Newletter

Tapemasta: Now you're going to see what i've been doing & let's just say alot of you got to be able to keep up with the trends..My brother ( DJ Babe - Detroit's finest )from another mother is doing his thing on the DVD tip & now he's back on the newsletter thing again !! So enjoy what you're reading because were coming full force this year !! Now who fell off now !!
DJ Babe's Newsletter June 3, 2010

All I Do Is Win! Win! Win!

So put your hands in the air.. and keep them there.. still keep them there.. Now run ya pockets punk!!! Hell I need to rob a few folks these days, all of those Obama stimulus packages just didn't seem to work. It's way too many broke people around me, I need to ship them off to an island. Well, in this newsletter.. It's just about talking a ton of trash, mentioning things that are useless or stupid, and occasional talking shop with you all. A few weeks back I attented The Core DJ Retreat in Orlando. 1st let me give a huge Fuck You to the doorman who told me that the 7-11 was "just down the street". Well after I walked for 2 miles down an Orlando highway in 90 degree weather with some tight ass shoes on, I found the 7-11. Also let me state that the hotel was off the chain, there were so many drunk MILFs walking around that hotel past 11pm.. it was Cougar City.

I got to catch up with a few of my good DJ friends, there are way too many to name. If I gave you the infamous head nod, then I'm talking about you. The BET Awards are this month in LA, I'm looking to be there.. waiting on someonnnnnnnne... I hope a bunch of ya'll don't venture into The Jungle or east LA on some I'm curious stuff, those LA dudes love to make the news.

Next time I'm in LA I wanna go back to that spot where everything you order automatically comes with chili, stop by Amebo Records & visit Byze One's gang infested neighborhood where he neglected to tell me the common enemy is black people.. Yea, thanks Byze... Oh yea, Latin Prince has to buy me a drink too.. I only drink the good stuff Papa.. Olde Englsih 800: VSOP

Celtics vs. Lakers

OK, so now that LeBron can decide who's gonna pay him 1 billion dollars and include their 1st born daughter, Delonte West is preparing to be LeBron's stepdad, D-Wade's wife continues to be nutzo, and the cast of Real Basketball Wives continues to act an ass and get caught in scandals where their fake ass, hard looking titties are exposed... We get the NBA Finals on!

I'm looking for Rondo to continue to elevate his status, especially after the world finds out his older brother is Wendy Williams, we'll expose that Reggie & Cheryl Miller are actually the same person & Magic Johnson will reveal that he's the real Dr. Doolittle and that his version of English can be decoded by animals & Martians.
We'll challenge Charles Barkley $100,000 that he can't say Kat Stacks Was Slapped That's A Fact 5 times in 10 seconds. And he has to say it in a version that we all understand...I'll be sending Tweets to Ray Allen's mom who I've grown to have a crush on, except for when she chews gum & she looks just like Ray. I'll wait until the Finals are decided before I make my move, don't want to "Delonte" the Celtics, ya know. I know I'll see "My Favorite DJ" Clinton Sparks in Boston getting drunk to some Major Lazer & Akon music with a slew of drunken white women & we'll hear about Benzino's new rapping son come up with some un-official Celtics anthem that nobody outside of World Star Hip Hop will even give a shit..My guess: Celtics in 6..

The Cook-Up Vol. 6 Video Mix
You didn't think I was gonna let you get away without info on the latest DVD project, The Cook-Up Videos Vol.6... Oooh this one is hot! New videos from Diddy/Dirty Money, Young Jeezy, Plies, Alicia Keys, Lil Wayne, Ciara & more.. This DVD has been getting great reviews and making me enough money to buy a pair of gym shoes this month! This title is available for shipping now! Just holla at me, you know U need it!!

Class Of 2010! Congrats!!

Shout out to everyone be it high school, college, trade school, muthafuckin' Everest College (You sittin' on the couch not doing a muthafuckin thing with your life - go to Everest Nigga!) or if yo ass is fresh out of the joint..Congrats! Special shout out to my twin boys Davonte & Deonte Class Of 2010 (Yea I started early so what!) Next shout out to all of you cheap ass bastards from Henry Ford Class Of 1990, it's a time for the 20 year reunion, you cheap bastards better come off some money you spineless chumps.. You had 20 years to save up for this shit.. Next newsletter I'm putting pictures up of some of ya'll asses..

Shout Outs & Thanks:
I want to thank a few people, and only a few people... But thanks goes out to John C @ Superadio, DJ Balo in NapTown, DJ G-Spot & Marlo M, Evil Eye & my kids mom for screwing up on the money today..Shouts to: Tameka on her b-day, Lisa Coleman for her b-day (June 4), my lil' sis Alex (June 6), my god-daughter Talyssia graduating, Alvin D, Legendary Showtime, Cristal Bubblin' for being the Twitter Queen, DJ DNY, DJ Juice, DJ 31 Degreez, DJ Bobby Black, Ricky, the crew at - Catch us every Tuesday 6PM EST, Capo @ Artist Related: Let's do it, Daryl over in The Netherlands, let's knock out our plans, Servita in Germany, ready to get it crackin' too, Sarasa in Japan - I'm ready to head that way, need to crash on your couch! Blair in China, soon to be Orlando then soon to be LA.. I'll catch you in some city/country! GMAC - You Ruthless Bitches! Arnold Castro - still don't have that payment brutha! Elton, thanks for being on the team, Uncle P who put on The Detroit Rap Awards - Is that what it was called? Either way, do ya thing you short nigga.. Jen Boogie for keeping me in the Motown/Universal newsletter, Latone Heart for almost being as funny as I am in your emails/texts.. I said almost..

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