Saturday, June 5, 2010

Updated with the link..Now What V2: Hevehitta, DJ Unexpected & Tapemasta - Station Wagon Soul

Tapemasta: Once again, here's where we get to see if the people react or have knowledge on what they hear with this release. Shouts to "Mix Flat" for letting me know what i knew already !! Now for those real people who really enjoy music & know what makes it special to hear..Now remember you won't hear joints like this on your favorite website, radio show or video show !! Now what do you have to say now & there's more to come. PS: Tell me, that you see a track listing like this on the internet or the street !! Also look out for Diggers Union Mixtape V2 !!

"With such a sudden interest in “old school” as far as mixtapes today are concerned, aren’t you tired of the same 25 songs on various cds? If so, then allow Diggers Union to present the cure, “Station Wagon Soul”! Presented by Hevehitta, DJ Unexpected and The Legendary Tapemasta, here is a fantastic collection of R & B, Soul, Jazz, Latin and Funk for aficionados everywhere. Recorded in a classic radio format, DJ Unexpected keeps the groove going along 22 tracks of great music. Keeping true to the Diggers Union motto “Enjoy And Be Educated”, this cd is sure to jar many great memories in the minds of those familiar with that era, and introduce newer generations to great music unfamiliar to them. Rest assure there will be many volumes to come, and remember, great music is timeless!"

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