Saturday, June 26, 2010

No Idea's Original ( Loyal To The Game ) ?? V1

I want to explain on the certain things that i've done recently..First off, i've been putting up dj's who has skills, rock parties, web casts & radio shows !! If you listen to them , maybe you would understand why i'm doing it - because you already know the current mixtape game ( I can get every recent mixtape from the mixtapekings stock, if i choose to )is weak at the moment !! Recently, i did a mixtape with DJ Unexpected & Hevehitta because we got tired of the same 20 songs like Rashaan said ( Props to you, god )!! First off, nobody said anything about it, but best believe everybody is downloading it !! Certain people talked shit because it went over their heads & now they're caught in that certain "box" shit !! So my first point was proven again !! I'm a die-hard mixtape dude & i've got joints for years to come & i refuse to drop joints for "greedy people" to try & make money off me !! Steve from told me once i put them on the internet people was going to get them & do their thing in the street !! Recently, i dropped a entire series on Doggtime called That's My Favorite Joints " & the downloads went crazy ( Still getting downloads today ) !! Now they're on the streets with different covers, etc ( Guess who's mad now )!! I even had somebody email me about sending him some of the cds & i told him just to download it !! Then this guy from Queens ( Jamaica Av ) asked me about trading & i said what you got !! So he told me & i said i got all of those - what else !! So then i knew what he wanted..He wanted to get the tapes because they wasn't in the streets or the internet !! So i said let's do something different by getting everybody involved by showing light to those dj's whose doing their thing in the streets or the internet worldwide..But people still complain & i know why ( everybody is still recycling the same tapes )..One they can't get the mixtapes that they got before & now they see how hard it is to get their hands on a Kid Capri with Brucie B, S & S live !! I'm not going to make it easy for people to get those mixtapes from me..I've seen people trade tapes & then sell the tapes to other people ( while they make other people think they had them all along )- straight bs in my eyes !! If you're in NYC hit me & you can see what i got - then you will know why i feel what i feel ( Ask Marioka, when he came to my house - what did he see )!! Props to all the other people who's doing their things on the blogs ( we're truly united )..Leave some some comments, people !! I know you're watching, because it can't be the same 500 people downloading mixes !! Also i'm cool with my members on the team ( The Diggers Union ), so of course i'm going to put up their releases..Kelwin, Uncle Q & others, i never met but i enjoy what they do..If you're a dj, show us what you got !! I'll put it up & let the people check it out !! That's why i started the mixtape reviews with the different websites & magazines because i got tired of the albums that was coming out !!


  1. Well first off let me say thanks! Thanks for everything. I have known for some time now why you do what you do. I guess it was the comment left in the chat box that got you started. Well I'm glad he said it. No because I wanted him to show you disrespect but because I want people to understand how truly blessed we are to have your blog. So he made a point(very unappreciative in my opinion, non the less his opinion)so know people can see the real truth. People take stuff all the time and never say thank you or they stop by just to leech. So Tape you got that off your chest and now people know the real deal. Its not that you don't have classic mixtapes its that people will never do the right thing. BTW.... Those doggime joints are some of my favorite mixtapes!!! Vol 2 is incredible! Peace to all my fam in the blogaspher! You know who you are.

  2. No doubt them Doggtimes was hot I had a couple myself!!That chance you take is a mutha while some get their mixtape fix, others take full advantage and do other things imagine all our stuff over in other countries and what they sell for,none the less I haven't grabbed anything yet I was getting around to you though I see you were back and checked in a couple of times but I'm definetly checking it out and commenting. I think a lot of cats figured you wasn't doing nothing anymore the same could be assumed for my blog and others so the real headz check in now and then why the cats that only rode your jock to get you to post more dissipate. I too will validate the point that your site is very important and you are the truth 4 real their are others still keeping it live right now but sometimes the rewards isn't enough to furl you after working hard to post as regular or rather post material that would amaze most listeners I'm sure!!The honest truth on my behalf is that if we all stopped today history would never go by me you have all given me that and I thank everybody. Tape I know you aint going nowhere and you have been very selective in what you put out which is cool,just remember anything you put out is out in the world!!!I wonder if cats would be as interested if we had pay to view blogs?

  3. ok, well now i know why u wont let us in the vault! and everything u said was true, but i wasnt thinkin about that when u upping those classic tapes. i was just thinkin about me, but i was kinda blinded to other things that happen when u upp these tapes.
    yo Tape im from TX, and all those classic tapes from the '90s i was not able to get when they came out. they was not in TX unless it was a screw tape.
    i didnt get my first mixtape until '99 when i moved to chicago.
    so every tape i got now, i scratched and clawed my way into gettin those. i worked hard. u remember how i came up, i did everything from scratch and u was a mentor to me.
    but when this blog started, u was uppin straight classic joints i been lookin for, for years!! then u put up those pics of ur collection and i thought i was in heaven. i was lookin forward to gainin further access in that vault. so now i know that might happen thru this blog.
    so is there anyway i can gain access in that vault any other way? please lmk so we can work somethin out. u already know, im ol schoolto the max, i listen to no new stuff at all.
    so please holla at me Tape!!

  4. i want to correct myself and say-- i know that might not happen thru this blog.

  5. yo Tape I fully understand why yo feel how you do.. I've been getting mixtapes from NYC since like 89 , so i know what a real mixtape should sound like . I'm working on a few gems right now and would be happy to bless you and your with them.. i'll get back at you when it's done .

  6. True, Tapemasta, but it's a little complicated to be able to know who sells or makes money or not.. I've paid a lot of money to get a lot of rare mixtapes, in Ebay, and to Oglesbee, but most of these tapes worth. No tapes now are similar to these classic tapes.

    And yes, Doggtime is the bomb!! I'm addict to him (he knows it.. :) ), and I'm listening to Doin' My Thang or others that you uploaded here...

    And I have some rare tapes too, I know that they could be sold out (for example, of DJ Juice, or Funk Flex..), but I prefer extend this art, I don't want that these real mixtapes will be forgotten in some years, and be invaded by bullshit mixtapes.

    I'd really like (like the other fellows, I think) that you upload some rare tapes of Ron G., S&S, DJ Juice, Doggtime, DJ Capone, Pf Cuttin, Tony Touch, Boo Tha Barber, Ike Love, DJ Sage, Backspin....

    But you'll know what it's better. Anyway, I assure that the Tapemasta's collection is incredible, I don't think that someone has it.

    I started to introduce in this mixtape world deeply when you started to upload Dirty Harry and DJ Clue mixtapes in Rapmullet, by 2006, I was listening mixtapes, of course, but this level was superior, mixtapes not very known, "street mixtapes", so I started to have more interest about them, and specifically I started to "adore" the blends genre. The Ron G. tapes, that Ronald Bowser sent me in the 2007 summer, were like a shock for me, I hadn't listened nothing similar, and Doggtime, DJ Juice, Mista Rello.... So I'll always thank you for that. I just love Hip Hop and R&B, that's my life and I spend money in this.

    Props Tapemasta.

  7. tape, thank you for all the music you provided over the years, i've gotten some bangers from you that i never would of even knew existed if it wasn't for you and your site. i wish i could still drop some of my gems just in case that i might have one joint that maybe just maybe you didn't have, haha, but i could never repay you for all the mix tapes you provided over the years. thanks again, OGbeez

  8. This is a Classic Blog and goes into the chamber of the "Real Mixtape" legacy alongside your name...4sho....

    Everybody has downloaded at least one tape from here or your postings from the "Pushing Tapes" section on Rapmullet from yearz ago...(Yeah I still remember that)

    Keep doing your thing Sir and educating these Katz in the way you know best...

    I may not post alot of Classics on my Blog due to the same reasons you have mentioned, so I fully understand where your coming from...

    Keep posting when you get time tho...

    Thanks & Pzzzz Tapez....