Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pushin' Tapes - Showtime ( Gangstarr - Not For Sale )

Tapemasta: Alot of people don't realize what happening around them. We make all of this more popular than ever before. Step back & see what Gangstarr brought to the table. Guru was more than a rapper, this five percenter made people realize the knowledge in itself..Peace god & may your mind rest in peace now !!

Showtime: Listen… I know a lot of DJs made Gangstarr Tributes, This one is from my heart. The respect level for Guru and Premier go through the roof and I just want to say that this one is for you…Respect. If you need the physical copy (320kbps) hit me and I will burn it and send. Big Ups to Buda from The Entertainment Co., DJ I-Cue (longtime producer partner) for the intros and Bonus Tracks.

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