Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pushin' Tapes - Ron G ( Digiwaxx Radio )

The freestyle alone should have you thinking about how they feel current state of mixtapes right now. The blogs have become the new "websites"right now, the mix cds is becoming a dying breed. But you have joints that shouldn't be on the net & hopefully all of us can improve the game with our releases. Remember it's about the "real" music & real dj's !!

Pushin' Tapes - Kid Capri ( Digiwaxx Radio )

Let's just say this weekend is for the old school crew !! We got nothing but joints you probably forgot about !! The reason why this blog keeps going is because of the music & what it represents worldwide..

Pushin' Tapes - Neil Armstrong ( The DNA Of The Blueprint )

Now you know when a 40 year old can rock the current hip hop scene - watch out..Some of you can't realize what's happening around you !! Me & Neil go back like a 40 oz of Old Gold !! Don't let me pull out the Fat Boys t-shirt..Alot of people has been talking lately about what mixtapes should be..Well, ask Clue if he wants to be in Neil's spot right now. Also remember that Clue doesn't want anything to do with the mixtape scene anymore & that's a fact, But everybody keeps dropping his mixtapes on the net - wake up people..There's some new stuff coming & this dj ( Neil Armstrong ) has skills !! Nuff Said !! Come watch Neil live with DJ Clark Kent in Bklyn, NY tonight !!