Monday, February 8, 2010

Pushin' Tapes - Who's Dat V2 ( Reviews From The Past )

Tapemasta: This was done back in April 08 !! I got some more coming !!

Big Mike & The Empire – “ Interstate Trafficking Reloaded “
Once again, I’m back on the scene for what I started 5 years ago & now even better than before..But let’s talk about what’s really moving on the mixtape scene which to me is really nothing right now..But for some reason dj’s seem to be getting tracks & making cds which to me doesn’t make sense to me..But this mixtape cover majority of the spots & even has Remo on the freestyle tip..which rounds out the mixtape here..A little bit of this & that makes u wonder on what’s moving in the streets worldwide. I’m still rocking Good Life, Get It, Enjoy Ya Self ( shout out to Neil Armstrong, who’s on tour with Mary & Jay ), Hurt ( rmx )..Once again, we're out !!

Kool Kid – King & Queen ( Jay Z & Mary J )
You know this concept was going to come sooner or later..DJ Unexpected & Hevehitta did a good one also & it was very creative..The masses was eating it up in the streets..Now Kool Kid did his version for the internet which I’m sure got to alot of people..This cd is for the grown & sexy people who can relate to what both of these artists put down on the mic whether together or separate..check for the joints like Rock Steady, On The Roc, Hate It or Love It, What’s The 411..

Bobby Black – “ Down & Dirty V30 Hosted By Gorilla Zoe “
Straight up, Bobby is a real dj & has skills to show whoever ask..Henceforth this mixtape which has the title of other cds which certain djs’ is rocking now ( Hey Envy looks like somebody can do it too )..i could rock with this joint & believe me others can too..I’ve never been a down south fan & sometime I can feel where a mixtape is going..But anyway, this joint is hosted by Gorilla Zoe ( he’s dropping some hot tracks & I can’t take that away from him ) & he’s doing his thing here..Good move, Bobby !!

Finesse – “ R & B Soul V13 “
I can’t front the mixtape game needs me..We need to be able to make mixtapes with a feeling not what’s on the the top 20..but that’s another subject to talk about later on..Anyway this joint has some new joints on but it’s the same artists from the past releases & that’s kinda weak for me..But we need to keep up that unite front. Finesse dropped 3 other mixtapes which you can see what’s on the playlist...

DJ L – “ R & B V7 “
The kid is back doing his thing like always & that keeps him ahead of certain people..But I’m not into dj’s who put more that 3 tracks of a certain artist on a mixtape..But for some reason some people like to hear what’s happening with the album which in turn brings a mixtape to the masses..But L seems to keep the ladies wanting more, which can be a good thing..But keep rocking with this series because it’ll keep you updated on what’s coming out..

Whoo Kid – “ Elephant In The Sand “
I see nobody really wanted to talk about this mixtape..So I guess it’s time for me to drop some knowledge on my fellow people..50 needed to get back into the game by using the streets & here he uses Fat Joe on the cover..I can’t front the only track I like was Hollow Thru Him..But I’m sure a lot of people found some tracks which they could rock..But Whoo Kid I’m here to tell you that once 50 stops putting out tracks, you’re mixtape career is over..Also just because you got a certain amounts of downloads on the last mixtape doesn’t make you the mixtape dj of the !!

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