Monday, February 8, 2010

Pushin' Tapes - Who's Dat V1 ( Reviews From The Past )

Tapemasta: Here's something that i did back in March 2007 on Tapekingz !!

Tapekingz: We are having a few tech problems at the moment, so here are the new reviews from tapemasta.

Mister Cee – “The Best Of Biggie ( 10th Anniversary Mix Tape ) “
See how many people finally realize the power of a mixtape now..That means the true heads know..Step back into the world of biggie without all the studio remixes & see where Mr. Cee was coming from..Here’s something that would blow everybody’s mind..a few years ago when this unknown rapper from bk came on WHBI & was flowing like crazy on the mic & Mr Cee was popin’ all this shit about watch for this guy..nobody knew that he was going to be one of the most gifted rappers alive ( Big Daddy Kane )..See gotcha with that one..Now let’s come up to speed with another BK rapper by the name of B I G ( which I knew of him because he was a young guy coming thru Cypress Hills projects with Tut )..I personally have different memories of Biggie & Cee brought them back out again..This mix tape was one of my favorites until Vlad & Smooth Denali did their version’s..But you got to understand the power of how this rapper changed hip hop with his verses & made people party with Unbelieveable, Who Shot Ya, Only You, Can’t You See, Dead Wrong, Keep Your Hands High..See what I’m saying about this double cd..I personally have the original tape ( also the r & b series was the shit back in the days )..but why you didn’t put his last release on this cd..Which could have rounded out the entire series of biggie..But it’s still good anyway salute to Brooklyn finest !!! Good Job..

Mick Boogie & Terry Urban – “ Unbelieveable: A Tribute To Biggie Smalls

I’m telling you this was a good week for hip hop..all these different mix tapes on biggie..also the ones that I received was good also..But what happen to Vlad’s, I would assume that he would have his Biggie joint re-released again..but have no fear Mick Boogie is here with that “crack” for the streets..If you picked up that Doo Wop & Mike Nice joint – then you got a part 2 for the ipod-straight up..But serious Mick did a good job with this cd & putting everything together to make it sound as one-believe me, I was shocked..But Puffy didn’t host this cd..That’s my only complaint about this..It was good to hear from the Madd Rapper though !!! Check for that Live At The BBQ, Live For The Funk, Let The Games Begin, Brooklyn & The East Coast Overdoser..

DJ L & Suss One – “ Belly Of The South V9 “
The most talked about teams is back doing that hard work again on a mix tape near everybody..Things can always work out & this mixtape can show you how that can happen with joints from people like Young Buck, Ludacris, Lil Flip, Slim Thug, Smitty, Mike Jones..Believe me, people embrace the sound & watch how things move for you..This type of music can keep you on your toes..The Empire may have the some “comp” now..Imagine, if The Evil Empire & L – Suss One team up to do a cd..Watch out now because a idea like that will become “classic” for who does it first..Send me my check via or …Nuff said !!!! Also welcome to the new & improved LXG Music Group…

Doo Wop & Mike Nice – “ The Last King Of New York “
What you know about having Christmas in March..It’s like trying to move cds without the content or playlists involved..Wop has been making a impact on the mix tape game recently..I remember a few years ago when Wop did a tape with this guy called Danny & there was nothing but beats on it..See I got more material than a lot of people know..But let’s talk about this cd where you get unreleased joints & classic remixes..See what I told you about everything going around in circles..believe me, the mix tape game is just like that..So why not do it to “ The King Of NY “ aka biggie smalls.. I’m sure you realize what’s going on now..We can smack you with all kinds of flava & believe me you’re getting it in doses now..All those biggie fans will something special right about now..Is BKLYN in the house..Yup without a doubt !!! Wop & Mike did a justice for the people worldwide…

You Already Know ( Kay Slay ) – “ Sign Of The Times V2 “
As we sit back & wait for the verdict in the Sean Bell case..people are slowly dropping mix tapes again..As for the title “Sign Of The Times” – people are finally realizing things are changing & you must go with the times..Henceforth this mix tape..Kay will always let you know what’s going on..whether you know it or not..He did put some nice joints on us like It’s Over by Papoose, NY State Of Mind by Jim Jones, Sayin That Shit by Lloyd Banks, One Hit Away by Remo..See Hip Hop Isn’t Dead & it’s getting back it swagger..See what happens next..check for that other mix tape..It’s right around the corner..Gotcha Ya !!!

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