Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pushin' Tapes - Stickem ( May 3, 1994 )

I keep trying to show people what was happening back in the days & what made the mixtape game show raw !! Once the industry came in, things started going downhill !! You didn't have to worry about a playlist on a tape & the only way you got one was if you went to a store & seen a book !! There's wasn't no internet, distributors, rappers, etc !! Only the dj & the music !! Once alot of you catch up to what i'm getting at, maybe you'll see things on a different level also !! But for now enjoy some good music & i'm glad DJ Stickem came back !! Here you get what mixtapes was about & that was before playlists, covers, cocky graphic designers, etc..just raw mixtapes !!


  1. yo Tape i remember these days.. going to Harlem music Hut.. 150th and 3rd ave.... AcE record Shop(Trenton).. all u had to rely on was the list, which only sometimes had the songs .. other times u just had to rely on the rep /name of the dj to sell the tape, no gimmicks or fancy promotions.. skills sold the tapes back in the day.

  2. Exactly MR, that's what i'm talking about..those days had that type of feel & it's what made the mixtape game so raw..I try to keep it that way in my post..sometime no playlist, cover, etc..just straight good music !! Damn, 150 & 3rd ave ( Sandy & Keith had that corner on lock )...those was really good days !! I got a few suprises coming which i know you'll enjoy MR & i'm doing it because the game lost that kind of feel with the birth of the ipod..But i love my ipod touch lol !!