Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pushin' Tapes - Dj Doc, DJ Mars & DJ Finesse ( Kiss Of Life..The Best Of Sade )

Tapemasta: As you know, i usually stick with the underdogs & those people usually make things pop !! As for the mixtape scene, you know what i do & why !! None of the same corny joints !! Check this one out because there's some joints on here !! Here's a idea for you dj's..Imagine Maxwell, Sade, Jill Scott & Musiq all on a mixtape !! You know where to send the check !!! Yo Mars, where's my party mixtape ??

DJ Mars: Okay ladies and gentleman,I'm only going to say 3 words..Sade,Superbowl,and Allstar! With those words being said let's start the day off right.

Me along side my homies Dj Doc and Dj Finesse,have cooked up a classic. We all got in the lab and put together "Kiss of Life, the best of Sade". Yes I said it,the best of Sade. One of the most prolific bands in modern music history.

Hailing from the London area,Sade has been a staple in fans musical minds since day one. With over 50 million records sold,a new studio album due out next week,it only made sense that we put together this classic tribute.

The "Kiss of Life" mixtape is comprised of Sade hits,live performances,and rare remixes. A true collectors item,just in time for valentines day. I'm so proud of my team for pulling together on this on. Ladies and gentleman,your ipod just got cool again.

For all of my party people who are going to Miami for Superbowl,and Dallas for Allstar weekend..I got you! Here's a rundown of all the spot that I will be spinning at. If you are in the area please come holla! And as always,download now and thank me later!


  1. good lookin Tape .. i;'m always lookin for new concepts .. plus my lady diggs sade anyway, so i'm all in.

  2. No doubt !! I got some slow jams coming !!

  3. Aight, that's what I'm talkin bout Tape!!!! You said you was coming!!!!

  4. We about to do do it again..I can't get enough of the classics & real music !!