Thursday, January 7, 2010

Pushin' Tapes - Chong Wizard ( Eclectic Relaxation: A Tribute to A Tribe Called Quest )

Tapemasta: I haven't listened to this yet, but Chong hasn't let me down on what he drops..If you seen his previous releases, then you know what to expect !! Check it out for yourself & let me know how you feel !!

DJ Chong Wizard hooks up with Thick Magazine & to
present Eclectic Relaxation: A Tribute to A Tribe Called Quest. This mixtape
has been a work in progress since last summer when a beat contest was hosted
on for producers to recreate their favorite ATCQ tracks.
Hundreds of entries were submitted and the best made the cut.

Featuring emcees such as Del The Funky Homosapien, El Da Sensei, The
Lessondary (Jermiside, Tanya Morgan, etc), Frank Nitti (of Frank N Dank),
Moka Only, Bootie Brown (of The Pharcyde) and many more, Eclectic Relaxation
is sure to give Tribe fans exactly what they've been waiting for... a proper

01. DJ Chong Wizard - Check The Classic (prod. by Complexxx)
02. El Da Sensei - Can I Kick It (prod. by LoKeyNote)
03. Del The Funky Homosapien - Lyrics To Go (prod. by Bidimridim)
04. The Lessondary [Jermiside, A.B.N.G, Tanya Morgan & Elucid] - Check The
Rhime (prod. by Bidimridim)
05. Muneshine, Roshin & DJ Sonik - Steve Biko (Stir It Up) (prod. by
06. M.I.C. [MeccaGodZilla, Junclassic & Monsta X] - Award Tour (prod. by
07. Frank Nitti [Frank n Dank] - Eclectic Relaxation (prod. by G.C.)
08. Jovi Rockwell - Gotta Get Out {Bonita Applebum} (prod. by Ro-Data)
09. Dre Biggity - Find A Way (prod. by Damar Davis & Fonkee1)
10. Moka Only - Push It Along (prod. by Moka Only)
11. Jeff Spec & Moka Only - Butter (prod. by K-Murdock)
12. Phoenix Jones & Big Norf Da God - Verses From The Black E.T.z (prod. by
DJ Chong Wizard)
13. Phoenix Jones & Jis The Future - Jazz (prod. by Has-Lo)
14. The Googlenaires [Moka Only & Bootie Brown] - Skypager (prod. by Moka
15. Donny Arcade - Scenario (prod. by Don Joe)
16. Dutchmassive - The Love (prod. by Remot)
17. St. Mic & Tomorrow's Yesterday - Pad and Pen (prod. by St. Mic)
18. Wax & EOM - A Date Called Quest (prod. by EOM)
19. The Movement Fam - Oh My God (prod. by Bidimridim)

If you recorded a song for this project and got left off the final cut. Please do not worry because the "Director's Cut" edition is coming out in a week or two with 5 extra songs !!! Oh, by the way check for DJ Unexpected & Rapmullet's Director's Cut ( Willie Bryant ) for something special..Real mixes & a story to tell the masses !!

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