Friday, January 29, 2010

Pushin' Tapes - Books ( A Tribe Called Quest - The Thief, Rhymes, And Vibes )

Tapemasta: Looks like the game is about to change up on everybody..Think about how we keep bringing more & more music for the masses worldwide !!

Q-Tip..Phife Dog..Ali Shaheed Muhammed...can't forget about Jarobi (the fourth Beatle!!)
Love em to death...period. Inspired by The JB's(the "other" JB's) turn they inspired countless other hip hop MC's...massive hits...massive consciousness...massive poetry. This is dedicated to the new MC's who are carrying on the tradition of the boom bap..spitting rhymes that never conform to the norm! Peace.................Books
DJ Books

A Tribe Called Quest - The Thief, Rhymes, and Vibes
1. Hello Intro
2. If The Papes Come
3. Busta's Lament
4. Vibes & Stuff
5. Get A Hold
6. Push It Along
7. 1, 2 Shit ft Busta Rhymes
8. Midnight
9. Date Rape
10. Crew
11. Find A Way
12. Electric Relaxation
13. Stressed Out ft Faith Evans
14. Check The Rhime
15. Lyrics To Go (remix)
16. Devoted To The Art Of Movin Butts
17. Steppin It Up ft Busta Rhymes & Redman
18. Phony Rappers
19. Excursions
20. Steve Biko (Stir It Up)
21. Against The World
22. We've Got The Jazz
23. We've Got The Jazz (remix)
24. Bonita Applebum
25. The Chase ft Large Professor
26. Wordplay ft Consequence
27. Versus From The Abstract

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