Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mixtape Madness - Chink ( Classic Mix V3 Rollerskate Edition )

Now we really going to take it to another level..Talk about real old school !! My fellow bloggers is going to luv this one..Shouts to Angie & believe me, we got you !! Old school is what we do !! How many of you remember Let's Get It Together by El Coco, Dreaming A Dream or Get Off by Foxy. This whole series took me back to when Fran Lover did his ol skool joint & peoople was rocking it for years.

Mixtape Madness - Streetsweepers ( R & B Gangsters V2 1/2 )

One more for the hood..i'm sticking with r n b this week !! There's more to come - just see what can come into play. Check for Unfoolish pt2, I Need A Girl pt2.

Mixtape Madness - Quest Flavor ( R & B Throwbacks V2 )

Here's another one for Gildog & the rest of the r & b crew worldwide..If you thought the first one was good, then the second one should have you covered for the weekend !! Props to the rnb kings, who do their thing using Serato, cdj's or turntables.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mixtape Madness - Quest Flavor ( R & B Throwbacks V1 )

Yo Gildog & Ol Skool, i got some more r & b for your rides again..Let's take that musical journey with tracks like Love Set You Free, Don't Walk Away, If You Love Me, Wifey, No One Else or I Miss You..Once again, sit back & just let the music flow.

Mixtape Madness - Streetsweepers ( Get Down or Lay Down V2 - Hosted by LL Cool J )

As you see, this can't be stop !! Here's another mixtape that was hitting the streets hard..Alot of people didn't realize that LL was a battle rapper back in the days..So to hear him on a hip hop mixtape took some people by suprise. But if you knew the history, then this mixtape wasn't a surprise to you..So enjoy some more hip hop !!

Mixtape Madness - Streetsweepers ( R & B Gangsters V2 )

Here's another one for the net & once again we got this covered..just relax with some good vibes. I'm sure you're going to jump at Down Ass Chick, Foolish ( rmx ), Half Crazy, Addictive, Guess Who..Believe me, we got this !!

Mixtape Madness - Streetsweepers ( R & B Gangsters V1 )

Now let's do some r & b for the ladies..Everybody knows what i can do now & let's just say - we got you on some other stuff. How many of you remember What About Us ( rmx ) by Brandy & NAS, Anything ( rmx ) by Jahiem & AZ..I think you know the rest !!

Mixtape Madness - Big Mike ( Year Of The Rookie V1 )

Once again, here's another one..Let's just say hip hop is on the rise again & we got enough to keep you on that level. Remember 2 Guns Up by The Lox ( Green Lantern's Version ).

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mixtape Madness - Big Mike ( You're Not On My Radar V1 )

Now we can see what's making the hood move..Let's just say, it's coming to the net again..Stick with us there's more to come.

Mixtape Madness - Big Mike ( Show You How V4 )

As they say, Once Again !! Do you remember when you first heard Welcome To NYC ?? Well, that's all i'm going to say !!

Mixtape Madness - Big Mike ( Dead To Rights )

C'mon, let me just keep dropping them on you !! How many of you remember when G Unit was on Hot 97 fm of NYC..Well the freestyle is right here !!

Mixtape Madness - G Brown ( Pure Fiya V2 )

Here's another reggae joint for you !! I'm covering all bases this weekend !! Let's see if you can keep up & remember tommorrow is a holiday !!

Mixtape Madness - Big Mike ( Best New Mixtape 2k2 )

Once again, i'm going to push the envelope with my next releases & show you why the game needs to come back on some real shit !! See if everybody can relate to what i'm doing !! Don't worry, i didn't forget about the rnb either !!

Mixtape Legend - Kay Slay ( Month Of The Bad Guy )

Oh yeah, i think we all know that eventually - i was going to start on the hip hop again. So why not start with the drama king..This one is for all those people who remember the "Radio Drama" between Kay & Clue..Thank me, later !!

Mixtape Madness - Technitions Mag ( Jay Z )

It's that time again on's the holiday weekend & everybody doing their thing with the family. Check what we was doing years ago & there's more to come !! All this comes into a circle !!

Mixtape Legend - The Legendary DJ Showtime - ( Hand Grenade )

Once again, you get to hear about another legend of the mixtape game...Man, we might start something different for the people worldwide again..
Props to DJ Prisoner Of War ( ) for the tape !!

Loyal 2 Da Game - Grand Groove DJ's ( Ol School R & B Flavas )

Tapemasta: Here's something for all you Double R fans & believe me - you'll be impressed !! Now i know people is realizing what i've been saying..Show Grand Groove DJ's (DJ Big Jacks, DJ Royale and Committee Marco) that luv at ( Neil, where's my mp3's.. )..Enjoy the sounds !! You know, i must be feeling good because you get the cover & track listing !!
Grand Groove DJ's: This mix is inspired by the work of legendary New York mixtape DJ’s G-BO THE PRO AND DOUBLE R, with special thanks to our homie DJ NEIL ARMSTRONG for putting us up on game. Awhile back Royale showed me G-Bo the Pro and Double R #21. It was an instant hit receiving HEAVY rotation in the car. Roy then suggested the idea that we re-do the tape, a cover per se, adding our own Grand Groove touches throughout. Covering a mixtape, who does that!? So that’s what we did! We re did the B Side of the tape and flipped the cover too (thanks to Committee Design). While we kept a lot of the original tracklisting we also included some of our own personal favourites and original blends that we felt would fit in the mix. Here’s the original cover and tracklisting…

BROKEN UP TRACKS(yeah we actually did that for this one!):

Shalamar – for the lover in you (g-bo and double r revisited)Janet Jackson – let’s wait awhile (grand groove’s juicy mix) The Isley Brothers – between the sheets Zapp & Roger – computer love (grand groove’s boomin mix) Eugene Wilde feat. McGruff – gotta get you home tonight Juicy – sugar freeMarcus Miller feat. Mary J Blige – much too much Alicia Keys – no one (grand groove mix) Marvin Gaye – sexual healing Gregory Abbot – shake you down Patrice Rushen – you remind me Ne-Yo – so sick (grand groove mix) Collage – get in touch with you Mary Jane Girls feat. Big Daddy Kane and Nice & Smooth – all night long (grand groove re-fix) Keni Burke – keep rising to the top Gwen Guthrie – they long to be (close to you) Mtume – C.O.D. (grand groove mix) New Edition – a little bit of love (grand groove re-fix) Bernard Wright – who do you love Surface – happy Sade – paradise (grand groove mix) Lloyd feat. Lil’ Wayne and Rakim – paid around the world (grand groove mix) Dennis Edwards feat. Siedah Garrett – don’t look any further Kleeer – intimate connection Keyshia Cole feat. Missy – let it go (grand groove mix)Midnight Star – curious Patrice Rushen – feels so real (grand groove’s go mix) Jocelyn Brown – somebody else’s guy Frankie Beverly & Maze – before i let go Gap Band – outstanding Fatback Band – i found lovin Alicia Myers – i want to thank you

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mixtape Legend - DJ Hollywood ( Just A Mixtape )

As we know everybody is supa dupa fly..But this mixtape game is something different & alot of it goes in a circle. Straight hip hop with a taste of r & b - once again, you get to hear what 97 was about & why the 90's is so special to people today - even the trends have changed to that time & that's crazy..enjoy one of the legends.

Mixtape Legend - Bam Bam ( Dem Can't Touch Me )

The title says it all !! In the next upcoming weeks, we're going to drop some jewels on you about the mixtape game in a whole & what's the real deal about all the real mixtapes...To my fellow bloggers, we've changed the concept of mixtape again & this time it's going to stick with us for a minute..once again, enjoy & nope i don't know what's the number on this or the year..I know it's old because Bam Bam only do re-issue !!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mixtape Legend - LA Luv ( Live At The Skate Key V4 )

I think people know that - i'm about real music & dj skills..This was a live joint at The Key in the Bronx.. Hands down, L A Luv has the skills to rock the turntables & i remember when he first was coming out & he was dropping his joints at Sandy's..Now that's talking about some classic shit for the masses !! Once agin, thanks to Big Chew of for helping dig for this one again..another one that i did awhile ago !! Luv Live At The Key 4 - Side A.mp3 Luv Live At The Key 4 - Side B.mp3

Mixtape Legend - Lazy K ( Nonsense V1 )

I think people needed to check this out because of the way Lazy K put it down..She's still the queen of the mixtape game..Jazzy Joyce is the legend, but Lazy can rock it another level & she shown it year after year..So from me to you - here's Ms Lazy K !! I think people know, we got this covered..Thanks to Big Chew of for helping bring this back out again..

Monday, May 18, 2009

Loyal 2 Da Game - Tapekingz ( Draft Picks 2000 )

Think the game changed after this..I believe Ol Skool had dropped the Tapekingz Anniversary Mixtape - so i figured on dropping the draft pick from 2000..You see during this time & before we had the mixtape game on lock..People didn't realize the concept of the mixtape & what the dj had did for it..Once 50 came & changed the concept every rapper thought he or she was a star & once again, the dj was in the background. But i'm going to show what we did for some dj's who was coming up in the game. Some of them you might remember ( DJ KG, DJ Skee, DJ Rerok, DJ Break, DJ Menace, DJ Joey K, DJ Biggtyme ) - but the concept was show skills & why you became a mixtape dj..once again, enjoy the flavor & see why i try to cover all concepts of the mixtape world !!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mixtape Legend - Kay Slay ( R & B 98 )

Back at it agin with some r & b from 1998..Tell me, you remember Curious by LSG & friends..if so, then this release is for you..Tell wifey, i keep joints for the ladies of the house also.

Rapmullet/Pushin' Tapes/Big Chew/Ron G

Taken from Big Chew of Rapmullet:
Back with some Ron G cause both you and I can't get enough of mixtapes like this. If you get a smile on your face when you see "Ron G Mixes 4" or Ron G Mixes 11" then you're just like me...mixtape fiend for days.

Mixes 4 is Ron G catching his stride with the "mixes" series. You can hear in this mix the confidence is growing, it's almost getting too easy. The think I love about it tho is you can hear that Ron was having fun. It shows and honestly a lot of DJs today don't sound like their having fun making their mixtape. "Microphone Fiend" beat with Color Me Badd's "I Adore Mi Amore" over the top. Listen to the Girls Nite Out mix and you know what Mixes 4 is all about.
Mixes 11 is probably my favorite out the whole Mixes series. Just for the simple fact that I cop'd it when it initially dropped back in 93. Miss Jones on the intro track is that character, that shit that made it a Ron G mixape. Shout to Big Merv, Justice, Mario...Patty Poo, hahaha I never knew who those people were but they stayed getting shout outs. lol That Kool G Rap "Ill Street Blues" over "Dre Day" was the hardest mix back then. He freaks that Prince mix too. That shit knocks like landlords looking for rent. Best part of Mixes 11 to me was "Funky Enough" over Cubes "Good Day", cutting that shit up nicely, then Ron flippin' "G-Thang". That shit was creative as hell and wasn't even really a blend or nothing but it knocks and it branded his name in your head forever.
Mixes 4

Loyal 2 Da Game - Classic Mixtapes ( The Past )

What is considered a classic mixtape ?? I personally don't feel artist mixtapes should be considered a mixtape..honestly, it a poor version of an album..The labels won't mess with you unless you got a street buzz or a smash ring tone..Now with the mixtapes today, it's the same thing - give you a hot cover & 2 songs that everybody want & you got that so called hot mixtape or a crazy download. Years ago, i use to say why don't dj's use old school records ( do you know how much music was in the 90's )..Now everybody is doing ol skool mixtapes - check the websites & see what i'm talking..But anyway, here's my a part of my list - that i could rock today !! I got more to mention, but give me some current joints or old ones that could compete with these !! Remember alot of today's current mixtape dj's use to listen to old mixtapes..nuff said !! These are right off the top of my head - but i think you get the point !!

Chill Will - Masterpiece V2 & V3
Dirty Harry - Who's On Your Deck V1, V2 & V3, Hang Em High
Lazy K - The Village
Doo Wop - Live At Mecca, Tape V4, old school hip hop
Ron G - R & B V5
Dexterity - Hip Hop Reggae V6 ( Liquid Cocaine )
Mista Rello & Jadel - Still #1, Timeless, Old School
Doggtime - Flowin, Blend Factory, Doggtime Experience
Camilo - R & B 96
Dream Team - Best Of Queenbridge,
Mr Cee- The Whole R & B series
Bam Bam - Best Of the Mixes
Iroc - Master Mixes V5
Ez Elpee - R & B 3/94
Chubby Chubb - Love Dub & Going Way Back V1
LS One - Enjoy Yourself
S & S - Get Your Swer On
Stan Strong - Kickback V4 & Da NY Hittmen
Kid Capri - 52 Beats, tape live with S & S, Hollywood & others
Bad Boy Mixtapes feat dj's Clue, S & S, Stretch Armstrong, Doo Wop

Mixtape Madness - Roli Fingaz ( Fire Blends v7 Jay Z Version )

Here's my last drop on Roli..This version is the Jay Z selection & he was doing his thing on the mixtape circuit - with each of his drops..He had classic hov with a twist !! Once again, just enjoy the music & see why keep things moving with joints that you either didn't see or know about !!

Mixtape Madness - Roli Fingaz ( Fire Blends v6 )

Once again, let just keep dropping what you need to hear in the streets right now. Some people feels that blends are dead. But that's not what my download numbers say. So let me keep dropping those hits on you..Props to OG, for those Whoo Kid drops..You made alot of people happy for the weekend..

Mixtape Madness - WF DJ Supreme ( Spring Tyme R & B Coolout V2 )

Here's part 2 & let's just say we've created a trend among the net right now. Sometimes we need that outlet for real mixtapes to shine. I'm that dude who will ride with the underdog until the end. Once again, enjoy some real shit !!

Mixtape Madness - Technitions Mag ( Lil Kim )

Now this should make you understand what i do & why..i've been doing this way before people started catching on ( i was doing this before there was a Mixtape Mondays on MTV or the Source Mag ). Me & King Apex was doing this on & this is one of oldest mixtape spots on the web today. When i tell you that i got joints for days, it's not a lie & i do my best to keep my vibe going. Just like everybody in my mixtape blog family i truly enjoy mixtapes & collect them because that's a trend of what music should. Today's djs' is kinda weak & they know it !! When you can pull out joints 10 - 12 years ago & still do better than today's joints. Then you know we got problems. Shouts to the family: S.O.U.L, Ogbeez, Brandan, Gildog, Nasbooks, Hevehitta, Big Chew, Dimez, Miami Kaos, Sommer, Mark Xxclusive, Unexpected, Andy187, DJ Books, Irak, King Apex, Pos2, Chivato, DJ Soul, 238Beats, Jay Faire, Brucie B, Doo Wop, Kool Kid, Slayer, Rapmullet, The Foundation Mag & those people who's been hitting me up with emails & the people around the world keep coming we got you covered !! What's up Japan !!

Mixtape Madness - Love Dinero ( Definition Of A DJ V2 )

I'm really on that blend joint now. Queens dj's is known for this & why not show you a dj that you probably know about. So let me drop this for you & then maybe you can see why the game has to stay alive. Get some of that rnb taste with a dose of hip hop blends. Once again, we got this covered & believe me, it's not hard at all ( in the pic Mark Xclusive, DJ Shay, Dirty Harry, Love Dinero & Superstar Jay - that i took @the Mixtape Honors ) ( The 2nd pic is The food spot in Queens -rip JMJ )..oh, by the way, i don't go )

Mixtape Madness - Roli Fingaz ( Fire Blends v5 )

See i'm going to keep that real blend shit going again. Sometime we need to let the record labels know that this is what made mixtapes unique. Those best of mixtape is killing the game & we need keep the real mixtape moving thru the net. Yes, i know that some people can't see what made the mixtape pop..but drops don't do it for me & i need to hear a real MIXTAPE..So once again, here's another installment of the series ( Fire Blends )..Don't have me pull out the Chill Will one with Roli..This one is hosted by Peedi Crakk !!

Mixtape Madness - DJ Hot Day & The DreamTeam Ent ( Experience Counts )

See i keep telling you we got joints for days that you forgot about..This one is like a party release & there's songs like Don't Be Cruel, Ain't Nobody, Sweet To The Belly, Dance With Me..I'm on that party vibe stuff & you can tell the difference between mixtape dj's & ipod dj's..Yup, we got this covered..Remember no playlist or cover - that's what made mixtapes unique !!

Mixtape Legend - Ron G ( Outlaw V2 )

I think you know that Ron was doing hip hop was also..So you know i had to dig deep & see what's up. So i found this one & of course you got some blends on it !! Just add it to your collection of mixtapes..Back then we didn't care about playlists or covers - we just picked up the mixtape because of the relax, i got you !! Ogbeez, you did your thing with those Whoo Kid drops..S.O.U.L., you got them open with that Harry & Evil Dee..Brandan, what's up with those Bam Bam drops..i see you !! Once again, i'm glad everybody is doing their thing on the " Mixtape Blogs "

Mixtape Madness - WF DJ Supreme ( Spring Tyme R & B Coolout V1 )

I thought that this was dropped already but i looked back & it wasn't..So since spring is in the air, why now drop some r & b on you..I'm going to dig today & drop some slow jams also..Once again, as the man speaks lets enjoy some classic shit !! Oh yeah, we back again !! If anybody know where Supreme ( Far Rockaway ) is at let me know - until then enjoy the music.

Mixtape Madness - DJ Arson ( Boo-Ya-Ka )

Time to drop some reggae on you..I told you that i was going to touch all bases this weekend, i did blends, r & b, hip hop ( sorry for that Green Lantern - i'm still working on it Hek ) - now reggae..if you want part 2 - i got that also..remember this joint is old school reggae ( Girls Wine, Kimbo King, Wife, Maddy Maddy Cry, The Grudge )

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mixtape Madness - Roli Fingaz ( Fire Blends v4 )

I told you - i'm on a mission this weekend !! You can have that hip hop, but if you don't have that real shit then you're not being true to yourself !! Real dj's make mixtapes & believe me, it's more than just exclusives & that's why i do this..So once again enjoy some different sounds & if you like like this..i got more coming !!

Mixtape Madness - Silva Sir-Fa ( The Rise Of The Sir-Fa )

I think we all know that i'm a blend fiend & i make sure to get everybody's joint at least once. Personally, i like to keep a catalog on dj's & just to see how they grow among time. Silva Sir-Fa was one of those djs..I even remember when he use to rock on the radio with Halfpint ( WHBI ) in NY. This release is the best of him & that's 15 years of mixes - from a real dj !! So enjoy it & see what made him that person.

Mixtape Legend - Luv Bug Starski ( My Flava Is John Blaze )

Now it's time to drop some r & b on you again..I think you know how we do over here - enjoy the sounds of a legend..Check for that song by Mr Cheeks ( Games We Play ) & Starski in the background.

Mixtape Legends - Mista Rello & Jadel ( Sky's The Limit )

Now do you realize what we can do on the mixtape thing now. I personally pull out joints that i'm sure you didn't know or forgot about. So i'm going to keep this up for the entire weekend & make sure that you don't forget why these mixtape made people go hmmmm !! Shouts to the people who's been hitting me up on the email about the blog or what's coming next. Believe me, i got alot of mixtapes & i'm not going to stop either.

Mixtape Madness - Streetsweepers ( It's Just Begun )

Now you going to get that r & b blends & with a twist..Some people didn't realize that Kay was doing his thing on the turntables. He wasn't doing it like Doggtime or Ron G - but he was able to keep the people's attention on what he drop..Once again, i'm here again !!

Mixtape Madness - Green Lantern ( Take It 2 The Streets )

What's up people..Time for that weekly dose of new music !! I seen everybody dropping some good joints over the week..guess it's time for me to dig for some blends & remixes for the internet..This one was something that everybody was doing on Hot 97 ( NYC ) & was doing mixtapes on the radio..So i'm bringing it to the net..Once again, enjoy the sounds & i got alot to drop this weekend.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mixtape Madness - Technitions Mag ( Freeway )

Once here's another one because i missed it on Sunday..Let's just say it's the 2 for 1 day..Hey Mars, check out DJ Boom Bip..I keep telling you people we really live this mixtape world !!

Mixtape Madness - Technitions Mag ( Keith Murray )

Here's something that you need to know about the game & how it changed from time to time. Once again, we keep things moving over here..

Mixtape Madness - Craig G ( Niggaz Don't Give A Fuck V2 )

Here's another one that i did awhile ago on Rapmullet & believe me, the people realize that i did have joints to go for a minute..

Mixtape Madness - Geo Rock ( Queens Get The Money )

I did this on Rapmullet back in 2006 ( Jan ) & the people was going crazy about it !! So i had to drop the review with the cover..Shouts to Big Chew !!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Loyal 2 Da Game - DJ Skee ( It's Over )

I told you that people would be suprised on what i got..Yup, Skee was doing mixtapes also..Now he's doing his thing on the producer tip..If you remember Who U Be by Outsidaz, Meth & Red, Good Die Young by Raekwon..There's even some freestyles by Mobb Deep, Nore, Young Gunz, Busta Rhymes..

Mixtape Madness - Wendy Williams ( Question Mark V6 - Situations )

I'm sure alot of you didn't know that Wendy was doing mixtapes also..To me, this was the downfall of mixtapes..When radio hosts is doing mixtapes, i always say that dj's should start out doing mixtapes then radio not the other way around..but she was dropping hip hop joints on the masses..the intro freestyle was proper..Rare Species, Put Ya Hands In Air, U Gots To Chill, should be the highlights for you..

Mixtape Legend - Kool Kirk ( Old School Classics V7 )

Here's another r & b classic for your ipod this weekend..If you remember Centipede by Rebbie Jackson, Somebody Loves You Back by Teddy Pendergrass..I got you !!

Mixtape Madness - DJ Bigg Premiere ( Classic R & B & Soul )

Here's another of the Queens dj's from back in the days..This time we rocking with the classic joints & believe me we got the places covered..Once again, enjoy some good shit & see you on the next one. If you like Love Come Down by Ms King, then i got you covered with this one !!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mixtape Legend - Kool Kirk ( 2000 )

South Bronx is back in effect again with the mixtapes. I remember back in the days, we use to get mixtapes because of the dj & not the playlist. That's why i won't put up playlist or covers. If you knew the djs was hot, then you wouldn't be disappointed on what the dj did..So enjoy some hip hop this time !!

Mixtape Legend - Kool Mike Ski ( Koolout V9 )

Don't sleep on Kool Mike Ski..In the 90's, he was doing his thing with the mixtapes..149th & 3rd was the hot spot for mixtapes..Ask Sandy or Keith what was popin on the ave..Anyway, how many of you remember Need Your Love by Big Bub, Relax & Party by Ivory or Don't Be Afraid by Heavy D..

Mixtape Legends - Mista Rello & Jadel ( CooloutV4 Another Hit )

I'm back with some more joints for the spring of 2009..Now we get to hear what made the past so great & why some dj's will be remembered for different joints. Well let me drop another Cool Out joint for you..Once again, enjoy !!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Mixtape Legend - Kool Mike Ski ( Koolout V7.5 )

Now we dug deep this time for that old school r & b drop..Just sit back & let the Bronx bomber throw some hot shit on you.

Mixtape Legends - Mista Rello & Jadel ( Old Skool Blends V1 )

Back on that blend stuff again..Sorry we got to keep all this going & show people how the music is flowing on a regular basis.

Mixtape Legend - The Legendary DJ Showtime - ( Love Jones V2 - How To Be A Player )

Once again, we got to keep all this going for the masses. Do something different for the people & use the smooth tip for everybody !! Just slow it down just for the moment & watch how the people react..

Mixtape Legend - The Legendary DJ Showtime - ( Love Jonez )

Since Mother's day is coming up..I figure on dropping some slow jams on you..Give it to the Mrs or Moms..remember respect the something that the ladies/women can remember !!

Mixtape Legends - Mista Rello & Jadel ( The Coolout V2)

I'm just going to drop the series on you..See where you get these joints from & then maybe you can see why people like myself can't relate to the current flock of mixtape dj's right now. If you got joints like this - maybe you could relate & understand why we keep it going all over the place.

Mixtape Legends - Mista Rello & Jadel ( The Coolout )

Well, you know how we do over here..just keep bring you those real mixtapes & hope you understand why we do this..I guess you know that Mista Rello & Jadel is one of my favorite mixtape duos..Also it's the weekend so i got to drop those mixes for the grown people that enjoy a real mixtape..

Mixtape Legend - DJ Self & The Nighthawks ( The Lox Family V1 )

If you wasn't in Brooklyn during the 90's then i won't even explain to you who the Nighthawks was & still is today..Let's just say On Da Low !! But i think you know that this was one of the most talked about releases on the whole clic ( The Lox, Bad Boy, etc )..once again, enjoy something great & see why the past will always stay in the light of others & that's called "remberence".

Mixtape Legend - Kay Slay & Dazon ( Player Hater Eliminators V8 1/2

Here's another one & the last one was Ghetto Plantinum..this one is just Playas As Usual..So i think you can see what i'm talking about then..just enjoy the music..They don't call me the Mixtape Librarian for nothing..

Mixtape Legend - Kay Slay & Dazon ( Player Hater Eliminators V7 )

Now i'm going to be on that Kay Slay shit this weekend..Time to show you why we keep dropping more & more hits..Nothing else really to be said on that point !!

Mixtape Legend - Kay Slay ( R & B Legend V8 )

Who Rocks The Crown ?? When you think about it, can you imagine who really does it & stay true to the game..Not dropping whole albums on a mixtape, sometimes you need to understand why we stay in this mode..Sorry, i'm not a Lil Wayne fan & i won't be converting anytime soon.

Mixtape Legend - Kay Slay & Hollywood ( Laidback R & B )

Now you're going to see why Kay has made that mark in mixtapes & hip hop itself..When did you see Clue drop tapes with other djs or even do a whole blend mixtape..there wasn't that many r & b joints either..I can name at least 15 calbos that Kay did with other djs..Once again, this weekend i'm dropping joints some people didn't know existed..

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mixtape Legend - Ron G ( Mixes V16 )

I had to drop this back again. My brother in crime ( Big Chew ) know what we all like. So of course, i got to drop it again on the masses..The blog world is asking for some classic shit & guess who's bringing to you again. Remember just relax & let us show you what you've been missing over the years..

Mixtape Legend - Kay Slay ( R & B Legend V7 )

Guess who's back for that dose of r & b on your computer for the weekend. I've been thinking on what i could do & i came up with these releases. So just enjoy some real shit & believe me, today's dj's need to get that dose of the ol skool..remember everything goes in a circle & all you getting is stuff that we rockd 10-15 years ago..

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Rapmullet/Pushin' Tapes/Big Chew/Ron G

As you see the weekend hasn't stop yet & we still keep going..

Taken from Rapmullet's Big Chew:

It's the youngest in charge! You know what fucked my head up? Ron G is like a year or two older than me. I'm thinking back to when I first got into his mixtapes and how young I was and here he is putting in that work that made him a mixtape legend. He truly was the youngest in charge. I can't imagine doing what he did at that age. I def give him his props. Mixes 3 is that joint. I mean what else you expect? I'm not gonna front like I have the original on cassette and cop'd it when it first dropped. I do have Side A and Side B tho. Mixes 6 is 18 tracks long, it's tracked out, no titles tho...not the whole mixtape. I got the whole Mixes series from Ron a couple years ago, mixes 1-13, all on CD. Quality varies from CD to CD. I def treasure them tho almost as much as my daughter. I'm a fiend for real. Anyway get your download on.

Hit up Ron's myspace: if you want to get at him to cop your own. Don't expect much, just a cd2 with some magic marker on it. No covers, no track I could market the hell out of these now but oh well. Some cats don't want to live in the past and/or handle their B.I. properly. I still wish he would have done that interview with me but I guess those questions were too real. lol Other Mixes coming soon, stay tuned.

Mixtape Legend - Cutmaster DC aka Hakim ( At The BBQ )

Gildog, if you was bugging about the Ekim joint..then you're going to have a good weekend then because if you remember the record Brooklyn In The House..Then you'll be suprised on what he's being doing for the past few years..He's been dropping joints for a minute with different dj's & nobody really knew that it was him..He even did a joint with J Armz..believe me, i know my mixtape shit..So this one is for those people over 25 who rocked the r & b shit..He's the dj next to Brucie B ( this was from the video set for NY Shit by Busta )..Isn't life grand !!

Mixtape Legends - Mista Rello & Jadel ( Timeless V2 )

I'm back with the next one..See i feel that we need to keep the people comfortable with some joints. The special part of this one is that Doggtime & Dirty Harry dropped a mix here. Now you get to see something unique among the masses.

Mixtape Legends - Mista Rello & Jadel ( Timeless )

This was one of my favorite joints on the r & b blend tip..not too many dj's can do with the blendmasters can do..also these are the coolest dudes to know & i'm to have meet them years ago & watch them grow in the mass of mixtape dj's..enjoy this one & see what i'm talking about !! Jump at Tom's Diner b/w Creep & Step Into A World.

Mixtape Legends - Craig G & P Nice ( Back In Business V2 )

As you see, i'm on that Harlem/Brooklyn thing right now. Just hold because i'm just starting special among the masses..Let's see who come thru this time..You never know what's going to be dropped here..

Mixtape Legends - Craig G & P Nice ( Hot Like Fire )

I think Brandan ( Recognize The Real ) dropped this already. i know that i did on but i'm on a roll right now. I'm going to touch on the boro's with my drops today..

Mixtape Legend - S & S ( Old School V4 )

This time we're going on a mission right thru New York & show people what we was rocking back in the days. Whether it was a mistake or not. Talk about R & B with some slow jams on top. Just to make sure you still in that vibe..You can't me that today's mixtape dj'sdon't have this in their collection & if they say they don't..Then i say shame on you !! Once again, enjoy some classic shit & believe me, i'm on that good vibe right now..

Shoutout To: Dallas Green, The Legendary Showtime, Brucie B, Hollywood, Triple C, Redhanded, Technican, Kool Kirk, SML, Iroc, Jay Faire, S & S, Priiest, Doggtime, Rello, Jadel, Ike Love, Doo Wop, Fantasy, Ekim, Kid Capri, DS-1, Boo Tha Barba, Big Chew, Dimez, Hevehitta, Action Pac, Unexpected, Belly Bell, Lazy K...Here's what we grew up on & that's why it's one the most popular joints around..

Mixtape Madness ( Sunday Edition )

Recently, i seen the explosion of what people wasn't really talking about & that was the current state of mixtapes. We had history on what people/dj's shouldn't do like steal tracks from other mixtapes, putting whole albums on a mixtape, every rapper shouldn't be on a mixtape. It was a honor if a rapper hosted a whole mixtape & not put drops on it. Now you got every rapper doing a mixtape, which is a poor version of an album. DJ's is not getting respect for what they started & still doing today. Now you got dj's that do mixtapes is going back to the Old School because the industry is slipping & the internet took over. Sometimes we need to get a battery in our backs to push the envelope forward & now we got different people from all over the whole world sharing different mixtapes with us. That's a honor & something special when you really think about it !! For those people who's doing this for the love, thanks alot from one mixtape collector to another. Every Sunday, i'll put up some of my old reviews of tapes or cds that i did over the years & some you'll be suprised that i had !!

PS: We need to start a mixtape conglomerate soon..I got a idea about doing one !!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Mixtape Madness - G Brown ( Extra Clip - The Best Of Gangstarr hosted by DJ Premier & Guru )

One of the most popular duos in Hip Hop ( Premier & Guru ) & G Brown is making the impact on the scene with it..Things come together for a reason & i might have it for you !! Once again, enjoy the sounds..

Mixtape Madness - DJ Arson ( Ball Til You Fall 2000 The Sequel )

Here's part 2 of one the most popular joints in the streets of NY when it came out !! R & B needs to be reinvented, like how Puffy changes his name..Imagine, if we had 3 djs' who could rock crowds, make mixtapes & do radio..Once again, do your thing & see what i'm talking about..these types of mixtapes should never change.

Mixtape Legend - Doggtime ( Doggtime 31 )

Marioka, i got another one for you bro..Since i see the net is asking for more on the Dogg. It's only right to drop some more on the net..Let's enjoy some good music again & make the people see what's really going on worldwide now..
Props to 238 Beats, S.O.U.L., Brandan, Gildog ( my hero ), Marioka, Ol Skool, Bzrwon, Hevehitta, Ogbeez, Andy187, Irak, DJBooks & others..

Mixtape Legends - Mista Rello & Jadel ( The Formula 2000 )

Here's another one for you !! Nothing else to be said about the Dynamic duo of the mixtape game, who's on that map of doing what Queens dj's do. You can't take away what they done & still do today.

Mixtape Madness - DJ Arson ( Ball Til You Fall 2000 )

The zone is not going to stop anytime soon, there's too much music - there's good music all over the place & believe me, people will enjoy what's happening right here today !! Talk about doing hard work & sharing your joints with people is a good feel !!
PS: I see you Mixtape Torrent & for posting my joints on their !! I luv IPO's !!!

Mixtape Madness - Roli Rho ( The Adventures Of One Hit Wonder & R & B Backtracks )

Now i'm going to touch all bases this weekend with my's something that i'm going to sneak in, since everybody is buzzing about Neil's Sweeet V2. Believe me, if you know about the 5Th Platoon crew - there's nothing to be said !! Check for Music By Marvin Gaye, Don't Take It Personal by Monica.
PS: Jada1212, Drop the link on them for me ( Like you did the G Unit vs D Block freestyles ) - Make my job easy !!

Mixtape Legend - Kool Mike Ski ( Summer R & B 2000 )

You know, we feeling good this weekend & i'm not stopping yet !! Let's just keep going with this flow & keep the people going.

PS: Jada1212, Let me know if you got this one !!

Mixtape Legend - E-Kim ( Coolout - The Classics )

Once again, i'm just doing this strictly for the hood worldwide. I really don't care who cut & paste. I know joints like these aren't on the "net"..Just give the credit where you got it from -it's just that simple. I enjoy rocking joints with my new family members & let me tell you that we're strong & it won't stop no time soon..
PS: Jada1212, I see you !! Who got classics now !!

Mixtape Legend - The Legendary DJ Showtime - ( Love Jones for The Grown & Sexy )

Guess who's back..You know, i'm on that slow jam/r & b tip right now..For my people who's on that grown tip, this one is for you strictly classics on this one. Believe me, we got this covered once again for this weekend.
PS: Jada1212, i see you !!