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The Mixtape Will Save Us All

Here's something that make you go hmmmm
The Mixtape Will Save Us All ( The Village Voice Version )
If you want them to buy it, make it free
By Weiss, Jeff
Tuesday, January 20th 2009 at 3:57pm

Last month, during Lil Wayne’s set at the sold-out, hanging-from-the-rafters Gibson Amphitheatre in Los Angeles, three distinctly deafening paroxysms of noise punctured the general din. The first two were triggered by predictable moments: respective gremlin-croaked renditions of “A Milli” and “Lollipop,” the ubiquitous singles from Tha Carter III. But the third ululation came when Wayne asked the rapturous audience, “How many of y’all have my mixtapes?” The subsequent decibel-level spike was commensurate with an alpine avalanche or a Phish rendition of “Wolfman’s Brother” circa 1994. Ultimately, the largesse augurs well for consumers and artists both—the former getting free music, and the latter building their brand sans the necessary evils of industry promotion. Mixtapes have ascended to the status of cultural meme. Next time, Wayne won’t even have to ask who’s heard his mixtapes. A better question would be: Who hasn’t? Wayne has given away millions of copies of nearly a dozen different mixtapes in his short, surreal career—turns out that’s the only way to sell records these days. That a rabid fanbase weaned on hours and hours of free product snapped up nearly three million full-price copies of Tha Carter III anyway should trigger another loud, gleeful yawp—this one from a music industry in jubilant disbelief that they’ve finally found a possibly tenable business model for the Internet age. The formula is deceptively simple: Stoke hype via an elaborrate architecture of blogs, social-networking vortices, and torrent sites—a vastly cheaper star-making engine than the old model of bribing radio DJs, overpaying Jacknife Lee to produce, and footing the bill for six-figure music videos with a lifespan shorter than Kenny’s in a South Park episode. The days of an untested rapper’s full-length debut going platinum thanks to one hot single are dead (see: Mims, Jibbs, Shop Boyz). The only hope for industry salvation is to tap into a modern spin on the Grateful Dead model: Give away tons of bootleg products for free, ink 360 deals to tap into the resultant lucrative touring and merch markets, and pray that album sales eventually justify the fuss.

The mixtape’s lineage extends from early New York City pioneers like Ron G, Bruce B, and Kid Capri to later legends DJ Clue, Funkmaster Flex, and Tony Touch to 50 Cent, who released a legendary series of bootlegs at the turn of the century that laid the groundwork for 2003’s Get Rich or Die Tryin’, his multi-platinum Interscope debut. The crucial contrast between 50’s tapes and the pre-millennium model is the method of distribution: In a post-Napster world, fans no longer needed to trek to New York’s Canal Street, Los Angeles’s Melrose Boulevard, or all the hip-hop specialty shops scattered in between. In the ensuing years, a number of artists (most notably the Clipse, the Game, Wayne, M.I.A., and Danger Mouse) have used the medium to launch or re-launch their careers, a trend undoubtedly influenced by the decline of legit rap record sales. The tapes spawned a cottage industry, with everyone from mixtape DJs to mom-and-pop record shops caking off the heavily copyright-infringing material. Unsurprisingly, in January 2007, the Recording Industry Association of America, in conjunction with the Feds, raided the operations of Atlanta mixtape DJ du jour DJ Drama, who’d collaborated with Wayne on several of his most iconic tapes. Yet, instead of quelling the illicit trade, the RIAA inadvertently sparked the Golden Age of the Mixtape. With DJs wary to press and sell physical copies, dissemination moved almost exclusively to the Internet to sate the hungry hordes of downloaders, be they longtime fans or new converts.

2007 marked the first time a rap mixtape cracked the Pazz & Jop Top 40, with Wayne’s Da Drought 3 finishing at #35. But this past year marked the medium’s full bloom into a legitimate art form, with Nas’s The Nigger Tape, El-P’s Weareallgoingtoburninhellmegamixx2, and Wale’s The Mixtape About Nothing among the first to realize its true potential. In particular, the latter proved particularly revolutionary in its usage of Seinfeld clips to craft a work as coherent and complex as any album—with the D.C.-born rapper somehow re-appropriating dialogue from the sitcom’s infamous ménage à trois episode into “The Perfect Plan,” a trenchant analysis of the rap industry and its fickle fans. More importantly, the Interscope-signed Wale’s willingness to give it away gratis protected him from the long limbs of the RIAA and helped build steam for his forthcoming full-length debut, featuring production from Mark Ronson, Kanye West, and Justice. (Of course, he’s got a mixtape planned in the interim, the 9th Wonder collaboration, Back to the Feature.)
The ever-increasing relevance of mixtapes has even bled into other genres. When London club kingpins Fabric rejected a Justice-compiled dance mix in early 2008, the French blog-house duo decided to give it away for free on the Internet, as did Downtown Records pop star Santogold, whose critically lauded mash-tape, Top Ranking: A Diplo Dub, enlisted Diplo to lace classic dub cuts over vocals from her namesake debut. Perhaps the year’s most successful non-rap mixtape came from London-via-Malawi singer Esau Mwamwaya, who partnered with London/Paris producers Radioclit on The Very Best to croon gorgeous vocals in a smattering of African tongues over pop-oriented beats ranging from M.I.A.’s “Paper Planes” and Hans Zimmer’s True Romance theme to the El-P beat for Cannibal Ox’s “Life’s Ill.” The most fittingly bizarre swipe of the bunch was Vampire Weekend’s “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa,” with an African singer blissfully stealing from a crew of fresh-faced Columbia grads often accused of stealing from Africans, a peculiarly post-post-modern moment.

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Diggin' In The Crates - Mixtape Heaven !!

Here's a small taste of my mixtape collection ( There's alot more tapes )...enjoy !!! Sooner or later, i'm going to have to catalog the cds & mp3 next...Imagine what i got !! I didn't even put up the radio mixtapes ( Everybody Scratching 1/8/1988, Red Alert Transform 4/23/88, Red Alert Uptown Style 1/16/1988, Chuck Chillout The B Boy 12/18/1987, Red Alert Musical Genius 12/19/1987, Chuck Chillout & Red Alert Get's Ill 10/17/1987, Marley Marl Get Busy With Chuck Chillout ( Go Bklyn Go ) 6/12/1987, Chuck Chillout Dope Beat III 12/11/1987 ) & believe me the internet is going to go wild if they get any of these tapes from the radio back then. Straight Hip Hop..Imagine Kiss FM rocking on the radio !!! How many of you remember when Power 105 first came to NY !! Respect due to Red Alert, Chuck Chillout, Marley Marl, Awesome Two & Hank Love/DNA/Half Pint...

1200 Assassin – Ol School R & B, Summer 1994, RTD
Action PAC – Coolout V6, Reminisce, R & B/Hip Hop Swing V1
Afrika Bambaataa – Zulu Nation @ Printing HS ( Busy Bee, DJ AJ, Jazzy 5 MC’s, Mr Magic & others ) , Live @ Harlem World ( Cold Crush vs Fantastic 5, DST )
Al Nitty – Old School R & B
Arson – S O B 6/96, Slow Jams 10/96, MHA, Mo’s Ho’s & 3, Slow Ya Row V3, Hardcore V6, R & B V7
Bam Bam – Hip Hop Reggae V9 5/96
Batts – Old School
Big Bill Adventure – Summer Of 96, 1/97, 6/97
Billy Bill – Blend Kingdom I & II, Back In Ak !!
Biz Markie – Biz’s Theory Of Old School R & B V1, Live At The Q Club 5/94
Brucie B – Ol School R & B, hip hop tape, Final Four ( Brucie B, Kid Capri, S & S & Red Alert ) 5/95, Live, 9/7, Live At The Club With Triple C, 8/6, Live, Ol Skool Hip Hop, Rooftop 1986 feat Sweet T, Biz & Kane, Spring I & II, R & B Flava 10/95, Live At Mo Better 6/96
Buckwild – 2/94, Tape #10, X-Mas
C Rock – R & B Blends Mix 1
Camillo – R & B 96
Capone – Party Time, Blends V3 7/96, BlendsV10
Clue – 8/15, Bad Boy Mixtape, Summer Shoot Out, Hip Hop Reggae V2, Springtyme Stickup V2, Tape 4 5 6, Spring V2 6/96, Springtyme Stick Up V3 5/95, Summer Jam ( MC Drama ), Halloween Hold Up, Birthday, Double Flava, Hip Hop 96, Winter 1 – Somethin From The Radio, Hip Hop Reggae V13 9/94, Back To School, R & B For The Ladies
Chill Will – Old School R & B/Reggae V1 3/96, V7, Masterpiece V2, Masterpiece V3, Masterpiece 8 ½ 6/95, Tape V3
Chubby Chubb – LAD, Going Way Back, School’s In Session 95, Eat That Shit Up
Classic Battle Tape 1983 feat Force MD’s Vs Master Don
Cool Kev – R & B V8, Coolout V1, Everything V6
Craig G – Sneekin’ Up On That Ass V1 & V2, Fu*c Tape V7, Slow Jams V8 ( Do U Remember ), Hot Like Fire R & B Feat Precise & P Nice, R & B For The Ladies V2
Crash Crew Live
Cutmaster C – Fool’s Paradise, Wanted Alive 1,000.00 Reward
D Demo – Reggae Blast V1, 1/6 ( 60 minute tape )
DS-1 – It’s Not A Game
Dave O – R & B 4 Da Head Rollers V2 & V3, S.A.M V2 12/95, Blends V4
Dee Wiz – Funky Fresh Park Jams Hosted by Luv Bug Starski
Doggtime – 40’s, Feel Me Flow, It’s Still Butta Baby, It’s So Hot, 8/17, 21, Everybody Knows 4/96
Doo Wop – NT, Live At Club Mecca, Bad Boy Tape V2, Ol Skool 1/4/91, With S & S Live 3/30/91, Summer 94, Coolout, Summer Jams 96, X-Mas Jams 93, X-Mas, Spring V2, Fall Flava, Summer Jam, Virginia, 95 Live, Summer Jam, Ol Skool 6/14, Coolout 94, Ol Skool 5/1, Wopduizm2
Dirty Harry – Dirty Luv Hosted by Angie Martinez
Dr Duss & Jazzy G – GR V2, GR V4
Double R – Tape V9, Tape V10, Tape V11, Tape 12, Tape V13, Tape V14, Tape V15, Tape V16, Tape 17, Tape V19, Tape V21
E Bros – Summer V3 5/95, Flava In Your Ear 3/95, 8/94, Ol Skool V3 9/10, Ol Skool V7, Mixes #3, Greatest Mixes 3/95, Ol Skool V2 7/15, 11/20, 10/10, 8/18/93, Ol Skool V1 6/8
E Kim – R & B V2, R & B V4 6/95, H2TC V1 5/96, R & B Madness, Ol Skool II, ST V5
Elpee – The Bomb 11/5, Tape 10
Enuff – Ol School Hip Hop, R N B Classics, Party Groove, Hip Hop Tape
Envy – Trick Or Treat, R & B V18
EV & Stretch Armstrong – Strictly Hip Hop
Extreme – Unbelievable IV 12/95, New Flava Reggae
Father Ramzee – FC
Fashion – Mix V4Feed Back – V25, V1
Funkmaster Flex – Live with Biz ( Live @ Tavern On The Green ) 6/15/94, Live At Planet Rock V1 & V2, Live At The Tunnel with The Dream Team
G Force – Tape V19 Hip Hop Reggae
G Smooth – 10/96, Phat 2 The Max V6 & V7, Tape V1
Grand Master Vic – Old School R & B Blends 7/16/96, Old School R & B Mid 80’s 9/18/95, 4/25/96, 10/05/95, 12/16/96, 9/26/96, 8/8/96, 10/12/96, 8/22/97, 9/84, 6/7/95, 6/97, 10/14/95, 3/13/95
Harlem World 1981 -1982
Hectic – Tape 1
Hec Lover – Old School Flava Tape 8
Hollywood Prod – Polytrickin’, 10.1, 5/97 Blends, Keep It Movin’, 9/94, Tape 3, Coolout 93, SNS, Hip Hop
Iroc – Hip Hop 8/1, Mixes 6, Mixes 2, 560 ( Fat Joe )
J Love – Legends V2 ( Slick Rick )
JOJ – Hip Hop
Jazzy Joyce – Ol School V2, Summer Jams 6/95
Jay Faire – Jiggy Blends V6, Waikiki, Blends 5
Juice – Ol Flava V1, Ol Flava V2, Tape 16, Tape 23, Tape 22, Tape V31, Tape V32
KB Smooth – Tape #2KDL – Tape V16, Tape V20, Tape 23
Kay Slay – Player Hater Elimators “ Street Sweepers “, Hip Hop Tape With Capone
Kid Capri – Starchild 5/19, Slow Jams 9/11, James Brown, 8/89, Old School V1, V3, 52 Beats, 9/4, Slow Jams 12/21, 5/9, Q Club 3/6, 10/90
Kid Nice – Spanish Mixes V3, Mixes V9 ( Back To School Jam ), SS
Kool Kid – No Static 11/95, Checkmate, Tape V3, Hip Hop, AATB, Straight Monopoly V2, PU Date
Kool Mike Ski – Old School V2, Bump & Grind II, Birthday Flava 1995, Coolout V5 10/95, Heatwave 95
Kool Kirk – Hip Hop V2 11/96, Ol School Flava V2, SM2, 4/94
LA Luv – 10/18/95, R & B V4, King Of NY, Live At The Key V4, 4th Anniversary, Slow Jams V6
Lazy K – Nonsenze V3 ( Take It Personal ), Lazy Style Old School, Nonsense Party Time #3 V24, NYC 2 NJ
Lord Dakim – New Taste V9 (Hip Hop & R N B Blends)
Luv Bug Starski – Rap 9.1, Flava V1, Slow Jams ( Sports Bar ), X-Mas Flava, Ski Trip Tape 1 ( Live ), Ol Skool R & B V2 5/95, R & B 11/1, Brucie B & Ron G ( Live ), Ol Gold Classics, Oldies But Goodies V2
Mack D – R & B V2, Summertime V2
Mike Nice – KS, Stick & Move V1, 8/14, Coolout V1
Mistic – Blends Summer 1996
Mister Cee – That Mr Cee Freestyle Shit, That r n b Shit V1, V2, V3, Wendy Williams Birthday ( Luv Bug On The Mic ), Best Of Method Man, R & B Buttas V2, Old School Hip Hop ( 120 minutes of Music )
Mista Rello & Jadel – Timeless V2 feat Doggtime & Dirty Harry
Nyce & Nasty – Put It On
P Nice – 6/96, SMS, AATB, 2/94RC – Flavor Shit V3
Rampage – Tape 9 8/94, Massacre, The Shinning
Rated R – Risin’ To The Top, Disconnected V2
Red Handed – Surprise 4/15
Reminisce – Tape I & II
Rhythm – Birthday, 10/94
Rich E Rich – The Battle
Ron G – Mixes V1, V2, V3, V 4, V5, V6, V7, V8, V9, V10, V 11, V12, V14, BTTS V1 & V2, R & B V3, V5, Beat Kingdom, Old School, Old School V1, It’s On V2, Real Deal, Triple C 5/96, Fantasy, Virgina, Waterbed Forever, Worldwide, Off The Hook, Pententiary
S & S – Niggaz Ain’t Nice, Bad Boy V4
SML – R & B V7, Coolout V4, Live At The Lab 10/95Scian Smooth – Best Of Brand NubianScipio – Thugs Connect, Talk Show SHH, Secret Love
Showtime – 1/94, Old School V4, Old School Hip Hop & R N B, Summer 1996, R & B 24/7 6/95, OS I Slow Jams Classics, Ol Skool VIII
Silva Sir-Fa – Tape 13
Sound Factory – Old School V3
Smooth D – The Return
Supreme ( Far Rockaway ) – Slow V7, Slow R & B, R & B 13, Pepperseed Reggae, Blends 7/95, R & B 10/94, Hip Hop VI ( rated X ), Blends 10/94, Hip Hop V7 Blends 9/95, Hip Hop 1996 3/96, Slow Jams V4 9/95, Blazed Out, Quiet Zone V8
Super Sam – BTS 9/94, Mixes V4, Mix 5
Super V – Old School Blends ( Hip Hop & R N B ), Straight Up & Down w/ Quicksilva
Tec 1 – House V1, Coolout V1, Mixes V9 ( Summer Blow Up 95 )
Triple C – Old School R & B

Mixtape World..Thank you !!

For years, i've been collecting mixtapes on different djs all over the world..Now i come to see people who really feel the same way i do about mixtapes right now ( Which is good )..I have to shout out Big Chew, Dimez, S.O.U.L, Ol Skool, Brandan, DJ Marioka, Bzrwon & others..All the respect is due to them !! When i started the mixtape reviews with King Apex on, i didn't feel it was going to be big like it is now..Then i wanted to start the download of classic mixtapes because i couldn't rock with the Lil Wayne explosion. Now everybody is seeing what can be popular in the mixtape world..Once again blog world, thank you for letting me be part of this !!