Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Pushin' Tapes - Hot Day ( Music To Be Thankful For..I'll Take You To Paradise )

Now you get to see what i'm doing now..For those people who be digging for joints - do i got a real old school treat..Now let's just say i'm about to really do it to you now..Once again, to my old crew - you can rock this at the family bbq..For those people who don't know about DJ Hot Day, you need to get from under that rock. Believe me, you don't want to really go diggin' with me now..Shouts to Hot Day & Jae Supreme ( The True Dream Team )!!!

Hot Day: Before you can become a DJ you must listen to DJs! I became fascinated with sound systems & DJ's when i was 9 years old growing in L.I.C./Queensbridge,... HERE IS A LATE 70's & 80's CLUB MUSIC MIX I Dedicate to the first DJs i heard play music when i was just a young boy, my Brother BRICE T FRANKLIN THE ORR BROTHERS & THE DISCO TWINS ...i love all music and here is just a taste of my classic club set.... ALSO R.I.P. LARRY LAVAN and ALL THE DJs THAT STARTED NIGHT CLUBS IN NYC.... Enjoy Happy holidays!

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