Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Greatest Mixtapes V12 ( Tony Touch - Tape #50 Power Cypha )

Tapemasta: It's time for another classic drop from S.O.U.L. for the masses to rock with for the holidays..I'm sure everybody has this one on their ipod or computer. I'm really having a good time dropping mixtapes in this series..Check for what the man has said about this mixtape..

It's time for another mixtape for 'The Greatest Mixtapes' series. After Hevehitta & Tapemasta dropping some great classic mixtapes this week i'm going for a more easy wellknown classic called 'Power Cypha' from Tony Touch. I don't think there is much to tell about this one that you don't already know. It's a mixtape that everybody knows or heard about it so it can be labeled as a true classic. I would love to hear your story about this mixtape so let me know in the comments. This is one of the best or maybe the best freestyle tape out there so enjoy & be educated

Side A:
01. Tony Touch
02. Heather B
03. Rampage (Flipmode)
04. Lord Have Mercy
05. Spliff Star (Flipmode)
06. Busta Rhymes
07. Smooth B
08. KRS-One
09. Nine
10. Rock (Bootcamp Click)
11. Starang
12. Lil Rock
13. Tek
14. Top Dog
15. Ruck
16. Supreme
17. Louisville Sluggah
18. Illanoiz
19. Steele
20. Son Doobie (Funkdoobiest)
21. Drayz (Das-EFX)
22. Skoob
23. Freddie Foxxx
24. Inspectah Deck
25. Killa Sin
26. C5 (Channel Live)
27. Maestro Manny
28. Hakim
29. Tuffy

Side B:
01. Coins (Sunz of Man)
02. Dreddy Kruger
03. Prodigal Sun
04. Hell Raiza
05. 60 Second Assassin
06. Smoothe Tha Hustla
07. Guru
08. Cappacino
09. Rhyme Wrecka
10. Ray Roll
11. Son-C (ONYX)
12. Clay Raider
13. Fredro
14. Sticky Fingaz
15. Dye Hard
16. Brother J
17. True Master
18. MC Serch
19. Kid Creole (Furious Five)
20. Blitz (L.O.N.S.)
21. Dinco D
22. Big Jaz
23. J-Ro (Alkaholiks)
24. Grandmaster Caz (Cold Crush)
25. Jeru The Damaja
26. All City
27. J-Megga (All City)
28. Greg Valentine
29. Kool G Rap
30. Lil Dap (Group Home)

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  1. You know whats funny is I was thinking of calling you to tell you to add this to your list. Tony Toca is was of my favorite DJ's and those 50 MC joints were incredible. Thanks Tape!!!!