Sunday, November 8, 2009

Pushin Tapes - Wreck ( Cassidy vs Beanie Sigel )

How many of you got that Cosmic Kev was classic !! So when i seen this one in the box & remember the time..i said why not drop it !! Wreck was doing his thing on the mixtape scene & he was coming to NY every week !! So who do you think was the king of philly ???


  1. I didn't like this one much but it got out there good!! For one these are two different rappers now although Beens held his with Jada he isn't considered a battle rapper, Cassidy however is the shot on that piece!! The concept was good cause at the time they were both red hot!!! My personal favorite Philly mixtape DJ would have to be Cosmic Kev because of the raw skills he displays on his mixtapes, my best Philly mixtape is of course the Cash Money Old School plot 1!! DJ Wreck is the most consistant Philly mixtape DJ up until now!!!

  2. I hear u..This joint was all over the place & people was talking about it !! Cosmic Kev & Jazzy Jeff is my favorite dj's out of philly..

  3. My favorite DJ's are also Jazzy Jeff and Cash Money hands down but I don't consider them mixtape dj's however they have made a few. I like Premier and he is aDJ/Producer but has some banging mixtapes