Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pushin' Tapes - Tracey Lee ( Live From The 215 Sampler - Hosted by Kay Slay )

Here's something for my Philly peeps, who thought i forgot about them..How many of you remember Keep Your Hands Highs..Well, i figured on why not drop a sampler joint, i found in the boxes..Ol Skool, i'm sure you seen this one on Market St !!


  1. No doubt Tapemasta thing is I couldn't stand this cat and not for any reason at all but the fact he was making it!! Must admit as an m.c. hateraid flooded my bones!! Truth is Tracey had a nice flow so much that Biggie collabed with him and keep your hands high was a hot track!!

  2. Lol, i hear you !! There's some rappers ( not MC's )from past to the present that i don't like either !!!