Monday, November 30, 2009

The Greatest Mixtapes V8 - Ron G ( Beat Kingdom )

Tapemasta: Looks like we got another classic joint for the masses..When i dropped this one on - the people was going crazy !! Mixtapes are universal & believe me people has kept up on what was being dropped in the streets. Ron G had this on lock & when you heard Ron's ( Ron had even did a reggae tape ) voice on the tape - everybody was looking like who's that !! Oh by the way Kid Capri's joint was first !!

To start of the week here is another one in The Greatest Mixtapes series. This time it's Ron G's version of Kid Capri's 52 Beats - Beat Kingdom. I think Kid Capri's 52 Beats was first but don't know for sure (Tapemasta?).
I asked myself many times wich one is better Beat Kingdom or 52 Beats. For me it's a tie i can't pick one above the other. They both cut up some nice classics & hard to find breaks. This tape brings back some nice memories
Enjoy this education lesson and let us know which one you like better.


  1. thanx for this one .. i had it years ago, but like other mixtapes ... it got away from me...thanx

  2. No Problem..We got some more coming again..