Monday, November 30, 2009

The Greatest Mixtapes V9 - Lazy K ( Nonsense V1 )

Here's another one from the vault & believe me, it was like gold on the internet. People was downloading all day ( When this first came out everybody was waiting for part 2 - no lie )..Lazy K was doing her thing among the big names & she got her respect as she kept it going..Alot of people didn't realize that she was dropping the tapes with nothing but straight hip hop..This series made it all over the place & for those people who didn't get it when i first put up - now you got that xmas gift early !! Once again, enjoy what we was rocking back in the days !! Hevehitta & S.O.U.L, we got them going now !!

The Greatest Mixtapes V8 - Ron G ( Beat Kingdom )

Tapemasta: Looks like we got another classic joint for the masses..When i dropped this one on - the people was going crazy !! Mixtapes are universal & believe me people has kept up on what was being dropped in the streets. Ron G had this on lock & when you heard Ron's ( Ron had even did a reggae tape ) voice on the tape - everybody was looking like who's that !! Oh by the way Kid Capri's joint was first !!

To start of the week here is another one in The Greatest Mixtapes series. This time it's Ron G's version of Kid Capri's 52 Beats - Beat Kingdom. I think Kid Capri's 52 Beats was first but don't know for sure (Tapemasta?).
I asked myself many times wich one is better Beat Kingdom or 52 Beats. For me it's a tie i can't pick one above the other. They both cut up some nice classics & hard to find breaks. This tape brings back some nice memories
Enjoy this education lesson and let us know which one you like better.

Laid Back Monday's - DJ R4V ( Slow Jams V1 )

It's that Monday morning & we got to keep you moving until that Thursday afternoon. To the ladies, i got you once again !! Let's slow it down for a minute !!

1. R. Kelly – Sex Me
2. Something For the People – My Love Is The Shh
3. Jon B – They Don't Know
4. Brownstone – 5 Miles To Empty
5. Changing Faces – Stroke You Up
6. Kut Klose ft. Keith Sweat – Get Up On It
7. Usher – Can You Get With It
8. Jodeci – Feenin'
9. Whithead Brothers – Your Love Is a 187
10. Usher – Nice & Slow
11. Aaliyah – 4 Page Letter
12. Aaliyah – One In A Million
13. Sisqo – Incredible
14. Ginuwine – Tell Me Do You Wanna
15. Da Bassment – Love You Down
16. Blackstreet – I Can't Get You Out Of Mind
17. Sparkle ft. R.Kelly – Be Careful
18. Changing Faces – G.H.E.T.T.O.U.T
19. Kelly Price ft. Ron Isley – Best Friend
20. Keith Sweat ft. Athena Cage – Nobody
21. R. Kelly ft. Ron Isley – Down Low
22. Horace Brown – Why Why Why
23. R. Kelly – Seems Like You're Ready
24. Montell Jordan ft. Monifah – If I Die Tonight

Laid Back Monday's - Dr Duss ( Rock Wit Ya By Micheal Jackson Mix )

Ahhhh, you know what i do !! Since you have those dudes talking about why mixtapes should be a certain era & east coast dudes don't rock..Check this remix out & see what made NY mixtapes sooooo popular !! Jazzy G, what's up playa !! My old school clic is going to enjoy this !!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Pushin' Tapes - DJ R4V ( Classic Vybes V1 )

Alright now, just sit back this week & let us drop some real joints on you & believe me, those ipods will be fully updated !! There's more to come for the old school crowd..


1.Zhane – It's a Groove Thing
2.SWV – So Into You
3.Beverly Night – Flava of the Old Skool
4.Zhane – Hey Mr. DJ
5.Jade – Don't Walk Away
6.Blackstreet – You Blow My Mind
7.LL Cool J – Around the Way Girl
8.Bobby Brown – Don't be Cruel
9.Toni Toni Tone – Lets Get Down
10.Shai ft. Jay Z – I Don't Wanna be Alone Tonight (Remix)
11.Soul For Real – Every Little Thing (Bad Boy Remix)
12.Jagged Edge ft. JD, Da Brat & ROC – Gotta Be (Remix)
13.Notorious BIG & Da Brat – Dirty B Side
14.Horace Brown ft. Jay Z – Things We Do For Love (Remix)
15.Changing Faces – Got Somebody Else
16.PM Dawn – Set A Drift
17.Janet Jackson – That's The Way Love Goes
18.Soul For Real – If You Want It
19.Yvette Michele – Every Day Every Night
20.Tyrese – Nobody Else
21.Eric Benet ft. Faith Evans – Gorgy Porgy

Pushin' Tapes - DJ R4V ( Classic Vybes V2 )

Yooooo Ol Skool, i'm sure you know about this series !! I got all of them & i was rocking them all this past summer..Let me know what you think about them - my old school crowd will enjoy these !!

1. Faith Evans – Aint Nobody
2. Groove Theory – Tell Me
3. Mary J Blige ft. LL Cool J – All Night Long (Bad Boy Remix)
4. Alfonzo Hunter – Just The Way
5. Total ft. Notorious BIG – Can't You See
6. Usher – I'll Make It Right
7. LL Cool J – Papa Luv It
8. En Vogue – Whatever
9. Tasha Holiday ft. Ma$e – Just The Way You Like It
10. Mc Lyte ft. Xscape – Keep On
11. Xscape – Feels So Good (Remix)
12. Martine Girault – Been Thinkin' Bout You
13. Deborah Cox – Sentimental
14. LL Cool J ft. Boyz II Men – Hey Lover
15. Portrait - Lovin' You Is Ah-Ight
16. Whitehead Brothers – Forget I Was A G
17. Horace Brown – One For The Money
18. Toni Braxton – You're Making Me High
19. Braxtons – So Many Ways
20. Notorious BIG – One More Chance
21. Faith Evans ft. Puff Daddy – You Used To Love Me (Bad Boy Remix)
22. Keith Sweat ft. Kut Klose – Twisted
23. 702 vs Nas (DJ R4V Remix)

Pushin' Tapes - Craig G ( R & B Madness 09 )

Ahhhh..Guess who's back !! I figured on doing something a little different..Certain dj's can't to keep up on what's being dropped on the masses..This time we take a dj from the past & drop some current music on you !! If you rock with the radio then this one is for you !!

Friday, November 27, 2009

The Greatest Mixtapes V7 - Clue - Bad Boy Mixtape V1


Tapemasta: Once again, people see what make mixtapes real..Shouts to Chubz for dropping the series also..I'm also hype about the Greatest Mixtape Series because we can cover mixtapes from the 80's all the way until today & that's the fun part. When did you travel all the way from the end of Brooklyn all the way to Harlem/Bronx to get mixtapes because the other boros was 2 days behind..straight history for you !!

Hevehitta: I’m coming with my second pick this week for the “Greatest Mixtapes” list, and for this one we are going back to 1995. This is the very first Bad Boy mixtape brought to you by DJ Clue, and hosted by Bad Boy front man Puff Daddy (P. Diddy). This is probably one of my favorite mixtapes of all time, as you get a great range of music on this (not just Bad Boy artists), plus I feel Puffy brought a unique flavor to the mix with him hosting. If my memory serves me correct, this is the only mixtape from the series that Puffy actually hosted. Next year will be the 15 year anniversary since this mixtape came out, and to me it’s much better than most of the crap that is out today. I hope you guys enjoy this pick from our list, and keep changing back for more classic mixtapes.

This mixtape was ripped straight from cassette.

01. Puff Daddy - Intro
02. The Notorious B.I.G. - Young G's
03. Mobb Deep - Give Up The Goods (Just Step)
04. Mobb Deep - Survival Of The Fittest
05. Mary J. Blige - Be With You Remix
06. Ol' Dirty Bastard - Shimmy Shimmy Ya
07. Puff Daddy - Interlude
08. The Notorious B.I.G. - One More Chance
09. Grand Puba - I Like It
10. Mic Geronimo - Masta I.C.
11. Mary J. Blige - I'm Goin' Down (Remix)
12. Onyx - Walk In New York
13. Lost Boyz - Jeeps, Lex Coups, Bimaz & Benz
14. Faith Evans - You Used To Love Me
15. Sadat X - Come On
16. Soul IV Real - Every Little Thing I Do
17. Junior M.A.F.I.A. - Player's Anthem
18. Puff Daddy - Shout Outs
19. Total - Can't You See
20. Mary J. Blige - I Love You Remix
21. Puff Daddy - Outro

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Greatest Mixtapes V6 - Big Mike & Green Lantern ( The Champ Is Here )

Tapemasta: Man, we must be really on the same page because i was looking for this joint. Certain mixtapes can make you wonder why the tape is better than album. This was instant classic among the masses worldwide !! Enjoy what we we doing because the next generation is going to have some problems !!

Hevehitta: I thought I would start off the week with a brand new pick for the “Greatest Mixtapes” list. This time around I picked the highly successful and popular Champ Is Here mixtape brought to you by DJ Green Lantern and Jadakiss. This is definitely a collectors item, and proved that mixtapes still can be successfully done if done correctly. Most people feel that all the classic mixtapes are from the 90’s, but some DJ’s have put out classic material in the 2000’s.

This mixtape still gets play from me to this day, and I feel it’s some of Jadakiss’s and Green Lantern best work. This is when aritst mixtapes were done correctly, and gave you more than just songs from that artist. You had blends on this mixtape, original production from DJ Green Lantern, and some actual DJ skill as well. I remember the streets buzzing like crazy when this mixtape dropped, and my local mixtape spot sold out of this mixtape in only a couple of hours. I still see some mixtape websites selling this one, so it shows me how popular the mixtape still is.

I hope you have enjoyed the picks Tapemasta, S.O.U.L and I have brought you so far on the “Greatest Mixtapes” list. We will have more picks very soon.

Track Listing:

1 – Intro
2 – Passion of the Kiss
3 – The Champ Is Here (produced by DJ Green Lantern)
4 – Games People Play
5 – Jadakiss Interlude – The Champ Speaks, pt. 1
6 – What You So Mad At Now?
7 – Professional Hood Shit
8 – Get Money
9 – Jadakiss Interlude – The Champ Speaks, pt. 2
10 – 40 Bars of Terror
11 – The Strongest Shit On The Shelf feat. Alchemist
12 – Why? feat. Anthony Hamilton
13 – Jadakiss Interlude – The Champ Speaks, pt. 3
14 – Calmate (Calm Down)
15 – Clear It Out
16 – Jadakiss Interlude – The Champ Speaks, pt. 4
17 – Time’s Up (’93 Shit)
18 – Right Where Stand feat. Prodigy (Green Lantern mix)
19 – Jadakiss Interlude – The Champ Speaks, pt. 5
20 – My Buddy feat. Sheek Louch
21 – Jadakiss Interlude feat. Young Jada
22 – Carry The Casket feat. Jae Millz
23 – A Trip To The South (Green Lantern mix)
24 – Kiss My Ass Outro

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pushin' Tapes - Hevehitta & Unexpected ( TI - Southern Royality )

Tapemasta: The dynamic duo is back at it again..This time you get to see & hear what TI is talking about..Stop letting those other dudes force feed you with emails about mixtapes that been out for weeks..At least keep up on what's moving on the internet because the streets have slowed down !! Everybody is scrambling to see what's out..So now, you get to hear something different right now..Enjoy the sounds because we're on the roll !!

Hevehitta: I was going to wait a couple more days before I leaked this, but I see the bootleggers beat me to the punch. All good. Grab after the jump.

Track Listing:

01. It’s Time To Crown Me King (Scratch Intro)
Produced By DJ Unexpected of The Diggers Union Local 1200
02. T.I – Welcome Me Back To The Trap
03. The King Is Here For His Throne / My Life Is The Real Deal (Interlude)
04. T.I – That’s What I Thought
05. Before I Became King, I Was The Rubberband Man (Interlude)
06. T.I – The Rubberband Man
07. T.I – Drug Related
08. T.I Feat. Swizz Beatz – Bring Em Out (DJ Unexpected Remix)
09. I’m Going To Help These Kids (Interlude)
10. T.I – Help On The Way (Produced By Just Blaze)
11. The King of the South Meets The King of the Trill (Interlude)
12. T.I Feat. Bun B – Front Back (Hook and Eye Productions Remix)
13. The King Bob Marley Speaks On The Importance of Reggae
14. T.I Feat. Beenie Man – I’m Serious (DJ Unexpected Remix)
15. T.I Feat. Wyclef Jean – You Know What It Is (Hevehitta Remix)
16. T.I Feat. P.S.C, Slim Thug & Jae Millz – Heads Popped Off
17. The King Will Always Be Here (Interlude)
18. T.I – Message To The Government
19. Change Comes With Time (Interlude)
20. T.I – Still Ain’t Forgave Myself
21. Remembering A True Friend (Rest In Peace Philant Johnson)
22. T.I Feat. Justin Timberlake – Dead And Gone
23. The King Will Continue To Work Hard, And Do Big Things
24. T.I – Big Things Poppin (nVMe Productions Remix)
25. T.I – Hell Of A Life
26. The King Gets Love From All Over The World (Interlude)
27. T.I – All Night
28. Don’t Believe Everything You Hear About The King
29. T.I – You Don’t Know Me (DJ Unexpected Remix)
30. The King Will Be Home Soon (Interlude)
31. T.I Feat. Mary J. Blige – Remember Me

Pushin' Tapes - SOS ( 20th Anniversary Of SOS DJ Specialty Shop )

If you're NY ( The Bronx ) on Dec 11 & 12..Then you get to see who's doing what on the wheels of steel..Hip hop at it's finest !! Everybody talk about Junior Tec, Kool Mike Ski, Jazzy Gee, D Demo, DJ Scratch, Kool Herc, Lord Finesse, G Bo The Pro, DJ Wiz & others on the blogs, now you get to see them live for 2 days !!

Pushin' Tapes - Scratchmasta Jazzy G ( Live @ SOS )

Friday night Scratchmasta Jazzy G was doing his thing in the Bronx ( SOS -The Greatest Music Shop In The Bronx )..Now for all those corny dudes on the blogs who be complaining about east coast dj's..See a live one doing his thing on the turntables & was doing mixtapes in the 90's ( Breakbeats at it's finest )..He's Diggers Union representative & believe me, once you see the live show..The rest is easy !! If you enjoy the current Diggers Union cd, then this will be a classic for your mobile library !! Next week Steve Dee ( The Originator Of The Funk Aka Beat Juggling )live @ SOS TV & this happens on yours truly Birthday !! Classic hip hop for you & yours !! Check the website to see everything live ( )


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pushin Tapes - Sinister Shan ( The Best 50 Cent Mixtape Ever )

Tapemasta: Since the album dropped, i'm sure everybody is going to do a 50 mixtape right about now. I wish that Green Lantern or Dirty Harry would a 50 mixtape together. But here you get something that i got in my email box yesterday ( You would be surprised on what i get ). So i'm going to share it with you..enjoy !!

31-P.I.M.P. (BLEND)

The Greatest Mixtapes V5: DJ Break - ( Tape 11 Feenin' )

Tapemasta: This was a great choice because when this was dropped, Green Lantern & Dirty Harry had started slowing down with the mixtapes. I remember when Break sent me this mixtape, i must of played it for a whole month straight..People kept asking me for a copy..Then Break sent me the whole collection except for one !! All of his joints is on my ipod classic & PSP3..The Crooklyn mix, Old Skool Playaz & Whoa is my favorite mixes..Break is a real dj/producer who was under the radar & believe me, he made a impact among the masses !! I'm dropping my 2 joints next week ( Everybody is going to laugh when i drop them ) & S.O.U.L, you did your thing on this one !! Heve, what you got playa !!

For me the blendmasters who brought blending to a higher level are Ron G, Dirty Harry & DJ Break. On this tape DJ Break proofs to be a real blendmaster as he shows his skills. This mixtape is a prefect balance of skills, music, mixing & blending all this together gives it great vibe all thru the mix and shouldn't be missed on the list of The Greatest Mixtapes. This mixtape is till today still rocking my iPhone. Enjoy...

01. Intro
02. Nate Dogg/Buckshot
03. Try Again
04. Method Man/Mobb Deep
05. Try Again (Suck My Balls Intro)
06. DMX/Q-Tip - Ryde Or Die Mix
07. Eminem/U-God
08. Nextmen/Busta Rhymes (Cuts By Busta Rhymes)
09. Remix My Black Ass
10. Sisqo/Nas/2Pac
11. Snoop/2Pac Rockwilder Sisqo Mix
12. Girls Move It Around
13. Old Skool Playaz
14. Hold My Ice
15. Dirty, Is They Ready?
16. Raw Whoa Remix
17. Gettin Illa!
18. Big Pun, Cuban Linx, Coco B's
19. Crooklyn Style
20. I Dare You
21. Biggie (Wu-Tang Style) Sum Shit I Did Pt. II
22. Big L
23. Quality Control
24. It's Funny
25. Red And Meth
26. Dare To Experiment
27. Next Epidode Mix
28. Jumpin Jumpin Blaze Cuts Mix
29. Hot Shit Nelly/Total Mix

Monday, November 16, 2009

Pushin' Tapes - The Legendary Redman ( Old Joints )

The powers that be has asked that this post/link be taken down - sorry people !!!

If you never been to brick city - I'm sure Red, made you feel at home..After all those years of rocking with Redman music, did the blunt match the music !!

Pushin' Tapes - The Legendary Rakim ( Old Joints )

I think we all know what Rakim meant to hip hop..Since the passing of Mr Magic, i just been thinking about those rappers - who made that impact in hip hop..So i figured on dropping some classic joints by the god..enjoy what you hear !!

Laid Back Monday's - Rello ( XXX V3 )

You know how i love to drop series..Keep up people - those ipods should be fully charged with new music now..

Laid Back Monday's - Rello ( XXX V2 )

Time for that Laid Back Monday's..Ladies, you know how we do over here - first it was the reggae, now time for the slow jams..While everybody is dropping hip hop on the blogs, we're going in a different direction once again..Check for joints like Secret Love by Kelly Price, They Don't Know by Jon B or even I Love You by Keith Washington...

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pushin' Tapes - Books ( The Dark Man Chronicles V2 )

Tapemasta: Here's the 2 second version to what should make you jump up on what was considered hip hop's finest moment..Once again, keep it moving Books !!


1. It's Not A Game Intro
2. Soldier
3. Get At Me Dog (Remix) ft The Lox
4. Stop Being Greedy
5. 24 Hours To Live ft Mase, The Lox, Black Rob
6. Can't Touch Me (Freestyle)
7. Heat
8. Shot Down ft 50 Cent, Styles P
9. Come Back IN One Piece ft Aaliyah
10 Sincerity ft Mary J Blige, Nas
11. Crime Story
12. Blackout ft The Lox, Jay-Z
13. Some X Shit
14. We Go Hard ft Cam'ron
15. What These Bitches Want ft Dru Hill
16. Niggas Don't Want It ft Ja-Rule (Freestyle)
17. Ruff Ryders Anthem
18. How's It Goin Down
19. Party Up
20. Good Girls, Bad Guys
21. No Love For Me ft Drag-On
22. Why We Die ft Busta Rhymes, Jay-Z
23. Who We Be
24. It's Murda ft Jay-Z, Ja-Rule
25. Slippin (outro)

Pushin' Tapes - Books ( The Dark Man Chronicles V1 )

Tapemasta: Now for those people who try to hate on the dog, history can be a smack in your face if you can't relate to what he has done in a few years. Books, you did your thing once again..


1. Let Us Pray Intro
2. Lord Give Me A Sign (Thief-Mix)
3. We Right Here
4. It Ain't My Fault
5. It's Personal ft Styles P, Jadakiss
6. Murdagram ft Jay-Z, Ja-Rule
7. Niggas Done Started Something ft Mase, The Lox
8. More Money More Cash More Hoes ft Jay-Z, Memphis Bleek, Beanie Sigel
9. My Baby Mother (Freestyle)
10. Who Shot Ya Freestyle
11. Uh Huhh ft Jadakiss
12. You Could Be Blind
13. Where The Hood At
14. Hail Ruff Ryders (Thief-Mix)
15. Life Is What You Make It ft Nas
16. 4,3,2,1 ft LL Cool J, Method Man, Redman, Canibus, Master P
17. Money, Power, Respect ft The Lox, Lil Kim
18. Three Stories ft Duo
19. Damien
20. A Dog & A Fox ft Foxy Brown
21. What's Really Good ft Cam'ron
22. X Gon Give It To Ya
23. AFT (Gina S Remix)
24. What's My Name (outro)

Pushin' Tapes - What Time Is It ?? ( Ultimate 80's Hip Hop )

I got this joint when i was writing for the Technitions has the classic hip hop joints & some you probably forgot about..This went completely under the radar for the websites..But once again, for the 60's & 70's babies - this joint is for you ! 47 tracks of hip my old heads, enjoy something from your past !!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Pushin Tapes - DJ Ayers & DJ Eleven ( Spitkicker Collabos V2 )

Now you get another underground treat..Some of you, might let this go over your heads because of what has been forced on you. But let's see if you remember the track called How Ya Want It We Got It by Jungle Brothers, De La & Tribe..

Pushin' Tapes - Mista Rello ( Back To Basics V2.5)

Once again, there's more r & b blends for you..Imagine hearing I Want You Back by Jackson 5 b/w Pump It Up by Joe Buddens..I think you see where i'm going with this. People need to realize what's going on right now because it's going to be a trend from here to the end..Jadel, you need to come back & drop that classic shit on the masses !!

The Greatest Mixtapes V4: Kid Capri - ( 52 Beats )

Now you know when we can all get together & see the same thing !! That means were all on the same page !! How many people enjoyed rocking this mixtape by Kid Capri. Even his James Brown was considered classic among the masses worldwide..For those that missed out on that joint also, you missed out on some real history..But this one made people realize what Kid was doing & why..Matter of fact, can you imagine rocking a mixtape & don't know what was on the playlist..Those was the days when you just got a mixtape with the date & if you knew the dj - then that was the hottest joint in the street..What i use to do was let the store rock the tape & then i go in..Jamel on the corner of 125th was dropping the hottest tapes, then Stereo Plaza was dropping everybody..Rock & Will was pushing Ron G hard back then..Now to the present - Nobody tried to copy this tape & i don't know why !! Roc Raida did his thing & people realized it when they heard it. Now you know why this tape is considered classic !!

Also here's Roc Raida's version:

Props to DJ Mars ( History Of Mixtapes ) for dropping this because i was going to do this next week !!

Pushin' Tapes - Walshy Fire ( Decades V1 )

Tapemasta: Now you get that real vibe & what the true culture was about..Enjoy some good music & see what made this a popular mix among the people worldwide !! Now i'm on a roll now, let's keep it going !!

Old school dancehall & reggae at it's finest !! Decades !!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pushin' Tapes - Walshy Fire ( Decades V2 )

Tapemasta: To my real reggae heads, i got another jewel for you !! Sit back & relax to some fire !!!

Bringing That olllld School Back! Finally the second installment of Walshy Fires (Black Chiney/1035 The Beat Miami) Old School dancehall series, DECADES! The 60s' 70's 80's 90's and early 2000's. The first one was downloaded over 10,000 times and for an old school dancehall cd, thats insane. Decade to Decade, Chune to Chune, the entire spectrum of dancehall is represented. Real old school reggae lovers turn this up LOUD!

The Greatest Mixtapes V3: Ekim - ( Going Way Back - Old School R & B V1 )

Now if you was around in the mid 90's, then you know what Ekim brought to the table as a mixtape dj. This joint was at all the bbq's around the world & so many people tried to copy it's format !! For those 60's & 70's babies, this was your joint & you know what i'm talking about !! When Ekim spoke on the mic, the people listened & then the party started right there..How many of you remember "Honey, Shake your hips as ekim flips - Ekim is now international"..If you need to see what was the blueprint on how to make a mixtape, then this should be one of those joints you need to have in your collection to study !!! Salute this man, when you see him at a party or the streets. I think you know, that i don't do playlists or covers, but on this one - i got you !! Hit either one of us up on what you think so far because we got more coming soon - S.O.U.L. ( or Hevehitta ( or me (

Kenny Burke - Rising To The Top
Rick James - Mary Jane
Dennis Edwards - Don't Look Any Further
Mary Jane Girls - All Night Long
Gap Band - Outstanding
Gap Band - I Found You
Midnight Star - Curious
Melissa Morgan - Fools Paradise
Gwen Guthrie - Funky Sensation
Staple Singers - I'll Take You There
King Floyd - Groove Me
Mase - Before I Let You Go
Fatback Band - I Found Love
Joyclyn Brown - Somebody Else's Guy
Cheryl Lynn - Encore
Alicia Myers - I Want To Thank You
Vanity Girl - Nasty Girl
George Clinton - Knee Deep
Micheal Jackson - Billie Jean
Prince - I Want To Be Your Lover
Rick James - Super Freak
Herman Kelly - Dance To The Drummers Beat
Cheryl Lynn - Got To Be Real

Pushin Tapes - A Beats & JS-1 ( The East Coast Invasion )

Now it's time to do that underground joint for you..For my real mc's who realize the struggle & what it means !! This joint was covered with tracks from Born Unique, AZ, Sean Price, Masta Ace, Redman !! Also this was hosted by Doujah Raze !! I got more underground joints coming...

Pushin' Tapes - Beyondrest ( Lox vs G Unit - The Rematch )

I think, you know what we doing over here !! The word on the blog world is that we sneaking up on the pack now !! The streets was rocking with the joints even back then. But in your own words, who did you like The Lox or D Block ??

Pushin' Tapes - Mista Rello ( Back To Basics )

Once again, i'm back on that blend stuff again..For my ol school heads, this should keep you going !! Once again, i got the ipods getting ready for the weekend again !!

Pushin' Tapes - Tracey Lee ( Live From The 215 Sampler - Hosted by Kay Slay )

Here's something for my Philly peeps, who thought i forgot about them..How many of you remember Keep Your Hands Highs..Well, i figured on why not drop a sampler joint, i found in the boxes..Ol Skool, i'm sure you seen this one on Market St !!

The Greatest Mixtapes V2 : Tony Touch - 5 Deadly Venoms Of Brooklyn

Tapemasta: This was a good one & people remember this one for years..Enjoy what we had years ago !!

S.O.U.L.: The main reason why this mixtape has to be in the list of greatest mixtapes is because Tony Touch brings together the mixtape kings from that period (Mister Cee, DJ Premier, P.F. Cuttin & Evil Dee) to do a mixtape. Every DJ delivers a great set of mixing with great selection of songs. This is a perfect example of how a mixtape should sound like. The first time i heard of this tape i was blown away of the line up and after i played the tape for the first time i was hooked & played it non stop for months. With this line up of DJ's and selection of songs it's one of the greatest mixtapes out there. Every DJ & hip hop lover out there has to have this in his collection. If you have any suggestions on what should be on this list, you can contact me at or Hevehitta ( or Tapemasta (


Mixed by The Lizard aka P.F. Cuttin:
01. 5 Deadly Venoms Of Brooklyn - Intro
02. Verbal Hoodz - I'll Be Damned
03. Dr Dre & B-Real - Puppet Master
04. Breeze Evahflowin - Forsaken
05. Busta Rhymes & Q-Tip - Wild Hot
06. Camp Lo - Say Word
07. The Dutchmin - Surrounded
08. Powerule - Bright Lights Big City

Mixed by The Toad aka Mister Cee:
09. Zhane - Request Line (Mister Cee Blend)
10. KRS One - Raptures Delight
11. Yvette Michelle - Not Feelin You (Mister Cee Blend)
12. The Veterans (Brucie Bee, Luvbug Starski & DJ Hollywood) - The Medicine
13. The Notorious B.I.G. - Hypnotize
14. Frankie Cutlass, Kool G. Rap, Mobb Deep & M.O.P. - Know The Game
15. Mobb Deep - Young Luv

Mixed by The Snake aka Tony Touch
01. Tony Touch - Deadly Freestyle
02. Steele Kat One & Lil Noc - Freestyle
03. Freddie Foxxx - Freestyle
04. Sunz Of Man & Makeeba - Freestyle
05. Guru - Freestyle
06. Channel Live & Benny Boom - Freestyle
07. Jeru The Damaja & Lil Dap - Freestyle

Mixed by The Scorpion aka DJ Premier:
08. Grandwizard Theodore & Kenny-Kev Rockwell - Military Cut
09. Busy Bee vs Kool Moe Dee - Live at The Harlem World
10. Double Trouble - Live At The Amphitheater L.E.S.
11. Cold Crush - It's Us
12. T La Rock - It's Yours
13. LL Cool J - I Need A Beat (Jazzy Mix 1984)
14. Malcolm McLaren & World Famous Supreme Team - Buffalo Gals
15. MC Lyte - I Cram To Understand
16. Divine Force Crew - Holy War
17. DJ Premier - Ending Interlude

Mixed by The Centipede aka Evil Dee:
18. Black Skavengers - Poison Pill
19. Jeru Tha Damaja - Me Or The Papes
20. M.O.P. - Downtown Swinga
21. Krumb Snatcha - Gettin Closer To God
22. Shamus & FLU - Tight Team
23. AK Skills - East To West
24. Shades Of Brooklyn - Calm Under Pressure

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Pushin Tapes - Wreck ( Cassidy vs Beanie Sigel )

How many of you got that Cosmic Kev was classic !! So when i seen this one in the box & remember the time..i said why not drop it !! Wreck was doing his thing on the mixtape scene & he was coming to NY every week !! So who do you think was the king of philly ???

Pushin Tapes - Entyce ( Joe Budden - Not Your Average Flow )

I can't front on Joe, he had some good lyrics & his flow was hot !! I even went to an event ( Mixtape Release ) that him & Onpoint did in Manhattan..So you know that i was checking him on what he could do !! The Pump It freestyle was my favorite !!

Pushin Tapes - Skee High ( 4th Quarter V2 - Physical Assault Hosted by M.O.P )

Now you want some hip hop on that blend tip..Firrring Squad !!

Pushin Tapes - Chubby Chub ( Heat Rocks )

Now before you start asking what year was this done..It was 2002 !! Shouts to Kay Konnect, DJ Mars, LA Luv, B Mack & Rob ( Foundation Mag ), Dimez & Big Chew ( ), DJ Showtime, Doo Wop, Iroc, Rob Dinero...

Pushin Tapes - Blaq Kreme & Action PAC ( Still Got It 2002 V4 )

Let me do it one more time !! Now who still got it !!

Pushin Tapes - Blaq Kreme & Action PAC ( Still Got It 2002 V3 )

Once again, we got that sunday vibe on lock !! Ol Skool, i found that Beanie vs Cassidy by Wreck !!

Pushin Tapes - Blaq Kreme & Action PAC ( Still Got It 2002 V2 )

To those dudes at the record labels ( For those that's left ) that been checking what i've been doing lately. Here's something for you to get over on the week & yes, hit me later on what you think because you know i seen you already !! The party vibe is here again...Dre ( On Da Low ), what's up playa !!

Pushin Tapes - Grand Imperial ( Straight Flava )

I told you before..nothing but straight music with some mixes on top to keep you going on for a minute..

Pushin Tapes - Envy ( Crusin' V1 )

C'mon now, tell me you wasn't rockin to Snake ( rmx ) by R Kelly..Tell the blog world i'm back & we're going to do it right today !! Gil, what's up sir !! I know that i been missing from the blog world, but alot good stuff has been happening in the past few weeks !!

Pushin Tapes - Lazy K ( Thug Soul )

I told you before we're doing that laid back vibe today..For that drive to work tommorrow, then this should work alright for you !! Step up & see what i'm talking about !!

Pushin Tapes - Beyondrest ( Time To Say Grace Chapter Two )

Tell me, the first one didn't get you open..Well, i need to know what year did you crawl from up under that rock..That tru hip hop vibe is back & we got the blends to prove it !!

Pushin Tapes - Beyondrest ( Time To Say Grace Chapter One )

For my old school heads..the vibe is here & the crazy part is that the music isn't that old & you get to hear what made NY the land of MIXTAPES...

Pushin Tapes - Beyondrest ( No Turning Back )

As the title states, No Turning Back & that means we going on strong..To those people from outside the United States that been hitting me up..Check this blend joint out because the track called King Of The Dancehall is hot !! Nuff Said !!

Pushin Tapes - Silva Sir-Fa & Beyondrest ( Grindin' Time )

For my blend heads, i got some jewels for you coming up..If the music is good, then you got me !! Hands down, i represent the true djs whether the past or the present !!

Pushin Tapes - Beyondrest ( In The Bedroom V4 )

As the story in hip hop states..we can't stop !! Strictly for the ladies & don't hate because you can't follow the theme !!

Pushin Tapes - Beyondrest ( In The Bedroom V3 )

Guess who's back..If Jay & Beans could do it..then you know exactly what i'm going to do & why..Ladies, i got you again for the weekend !! Straight up enjoy the mellow sounds of Beyondrest..I'm doing the series for you today !!

Friday, November 6, 2009

The Greatest Mixtapes: Doo Wop - Live 95 Pt 1 & Pt 2

Tapemasta: This was a good idea for people to realize why we do these things. Honestly, mixtape was done for people who didn't want to mess with albums. Also the songs was only played for 2 minutes or didn't get the whole song like you get today !! Now's the time for you to see what tapes was really popular & why !!Heve, let's go !!

A few weeks back Complex Magazine listed their top 10 mixtapes of the 2000’s. Later that day while talking to Tapemasta we were discussing the list, and felt it was impossible to list the best mixtapes into a top ten list or even a top one hundred. We came up with the idea that we would post greatest mixtapes (in our opinion) and see what type of list we come up with. With so many classic mixtapes that have been released throughout the years, we should have one great list at the end. Today I am starting off this list with the classic Live 95.

Reason why I chose these two mixtapes is because Doo Wop was able to bring the heavy hitters of 1995 all together on one mixtape. No one else was able to get these exclusive freestyles like Wop was. In a recent interview with UnKut [dot] com, Doo Wop explained how these were the only two mixtapes he released in the year 1995. This showed me how powerful mixtapes can be, and can continue to be if you release the right mixtape. These two mixtapes should be a staple in every Hip Hop collection, and hopefully they are already in yours.

Tapemasta will be posting the mixtapes he feels are classics, and I’m trying to get other mixtape related blogs involved as well. Hopefully in the up and coming weeks we will have a nice list already started. If you have any suggestions on what should be on this list, you can email me at:

01- Intro
02- Representin’ The Bronx
03- Representin’ Central Islip
04- Representin’ Queens
05- Representin’ Uniondale
06- Representin’ Brooklyn
07- Representin’ The Bronx
08- Representin’ Brooklyn
09- Representin’ Brooklyn
10- Representin’ Brooklyn
11- Representin’ Brooklyn & Uptown
12- Ah Yeah
13- Representin’ Staten Island
14- Funky Piano
15- Redrum
16- Don’t Shut Down On A Player
17- In My Lifetime
18- Brooklyn Zoo
19- To The Death Remix
20- What The Bloodclot
21- Can’t You See Remix
22- Headz Aint Ready
23- Shout Out
24- Boriquas On the Set
25- Shook Ones Pt. II
26- Supa Star
27- 1-2 Pass it
28- Cosmic Slop
29- Hows That
30- Gimme The Loot
31- PNC
32- Untitled
33- One On One
34- Cant Wait
35- Check The Method
36- Big Poppa
37- I Wanna Be Down Remix
38- I Wanna Be Down Doo Wop Remix

Download Live 95 Pt. 1

01. Intro
02. KRS-One Freestyle
03. Naughty By Nature Freestyle
04. Keith Murray/Redman Freestyle
05. Mobb Deep Freestyle
06. Big Noyd Freestyle
07. AZ Freestyle
08. Lost Boyz Freestyle
09. Uneek Freestyle
10. Smif N Wessun Freestyle
11. Mad Lion Freestyle
12. Channel Live Freestyle
13. King Just Freestyle
14. Busta Rhymes – Everything Remains Raw
15. GZA & Method Man – Shadowboxin
16. Luke & Biggie – Bust A Nut
17. LL Cool J – Hip-Hop
18. Smoothe Da Hustler – fu*k What Ya Heard
19. Busta Rhymes – Woo Hah
20. GZA – Investiagative Reports
21. Smoothe Da Hustler & Trigga – Broken Language
22. KRS-One – Rappaz R N Danja
23. Raekwon – Incarcerated Scarfaces
24. Group Home – Livin Proof
25. Blahzay Blahzay – Danger
26. Akinyele
27. Nine – When the sh*t Hits The Fan

Download Live 95 Pt. 2

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Crate Cookies V2 - The Mixtape Roundtable V1 ( Smooth Denali, Showtime, Lazy K )

It’s a warm afternoon in August and above the press of traffic on Sixth Avenue in Manhattan, a new generation is learning how to mix and scratch. In a large room at Scratch DJ Academy, a group of aspiring turntablists is making noise that can only be called organized confusion, but this represents the hope for a whole future of DJs who will possess the skills necessary to keep the art alive. In a culture that is increasingly dependent on technology and gadgetry to perform tasks that otherwise required manual skill, our aim today is to find out if survival of the mixtape DJ is possible, and how that survival can be accomplished without selling out everything that the original DJs stood for…

A few hours later, Smooth Denali, DJ Showtime and DJ Lazy K are sitting in couches and chairs in the middle of the young DJ’s classroom. It is now empty and quiet, the platters have stopped spinning, and no one is perfecting beat matching or crab scratching. Smooth, Showtime and Lazy K are the masters of the craft, and they could probably teach most other DJs a thing or two about scratching and mixing, but today, they are here to talk. Tapemasta ‘s here too, helping to facilitate the discussion, and he’s explaining the reason for today’s event and why everyone involved in mixtapes and hip-hop should be concerned about the DJ’s craft.

“Like Premier said, there are some people that mix and there are some that are on some other shit.” Showtime starts the conversation off with this line. Everyone sitting around nods agreement, partly because Premier’s word still carries weight in a microwave culture, but also because Showtime is no slouch either. His pedigree is flawless. He is a self-described creator of classic works who went head to head with Kid Capri in the golden era of mixtapes, describing his days coming up as filled with competition.

He laments the state of the game today, and by his own admission, he has fallen back from the mixtape scene, partly because of the lack of talent that is rampant today, but also because the game is no longer based on skills or knowledge.

“Everybody in here, we know our history, we know records. We three could take on three quarters of the mixtape game and they’ll be walking out crying.”

And that’s why we’re all sitting here today. Why is it that the era of great tapes seems to have faded slowly with the legacy of TDK and Maxell cassettes, and what can be done to try to restore the art to its rightful place, to bring the creativity back?

Smooth Denali’s got a formula that he believes is the key to success for him, and he attacks the dilemma from his own unique angle.

“The biggest problem now is that there aren’t mixtape DJs anymore…there are only mixtape dudes.” Mixtape dudes, indeed. From the bloggers putting out compilations to the kids who are putting together their mixtapes in Acid Pro or Pro Tools and not even attempting to stamp their product with personality or originality beyond a drop done by that guy who does the movie preview voiceovers, it’s a sad state of affairs.

Smooth’s answer to the problem is to continually put out mixtapes that are old school concepts, but mixed and blended properly. For him, “old school” is a fluid concept, not a fixed period of time. He deals with intervals that are roughly a decade behind the current year, so the old school for him now runs all the way up to 1997 or 1998. It’s a good strategy to stay in touch with a market that still loves hip-hop, but may not have a taste for the newer flavor cats are bringing.

“Most of my fans aren’t gonna be the 15 year olds, but I’ve got a lot of 30 year old fans out there.” And Smooth is moving units and keeping his name out there, believe that. One of the advantages of catering to a 30-year old audience is that they probably have a little bit more disposable income to play with than a 15 year old, and the nostalgia factor can be a powerful factor in consumer choice.

Lazy K has a slightly different approach to staying relevant in the game. She may have left the intricate intros and stunning transitions behind some time ago, but when she recently pulled out a box of old cassettes that featured her at the peak of her mixing and scratching days, she admits to being inspired. That inspiration expresses itself in many ways.

She helps out at a school for DJs where kids are learning the rudiments of the craft. “If I can teach the new kids how to DJ, it’s a pleasure,” she says. More than a pleasure, she knows that by transmitting the knowledge that she has, she is helping to ensure her legacy, and the legacy of all the other DJs who made the sacrifices to perfect their skills. But she isn’t stuck on the past, either.

“I personally think it’s the technology that has changed the game,” says Lazy K. “There’s no more exclusives anymore.”

In order for Lazy K to have an exclusive record, like the old days, she explains that she gets artist, producer and engineer in the studio together and masterminds the record herself. “I’m your record deal,” she says. “Now its not DJ Lazy K, its Lazy K productions.”

The real question at hand, though, is whether or not the real style can come back. Scratching, mixing, and putting your personality on a tape isn’t old school, its true school. For the slouch DJs who don’t even make the effort, the three DJs sitting in this room have little time for you. But it goes deeper than just a fight over what the art is; the industry itself has changed.

Technology is one force of change, as Lazy K pointed out. Showtime talks about the transition from live DJ to DAT and ADAT tape onstage, but the change is even more insidious than that. There is a real conspiracy by record labels to weed out the DJs who aren’t team players. Those who refuse to wear a corporate brand or ride with a label have gotten increasingly short shrift.

In response, Lazy insists that “mixtapes are the new record labels”, and Showtime and Smooth nod agreement. Mixtapes may be the new record labels, but a single DJ does not have the type of corporate money behind him or her that a major label does. Luckily, that doesn’t seem to count as much anymore these days, when the labels are hesitant to allocate promotion dollars to anyone but the biggest names.

So it makes sense for a DJ to go back to the traditional route, pairing up with an artist to try to make greater gains together than alone. Lazy K has had great success recently with Harlem rapper Max B, but her brand and name was well established even before the two paired up, because of the work that she put in all those years as a working mixtape DJ.

Showtime’s got particularly strong feelings about DJs who try to make a name behind an artist without doing the hard work to get up on their own: “To all you cats out there, if an artist is not coming to you and asking you to work with them, get the fuck up off your knees and stop sucking their dicks to get them to host your tapes.”

For someone like Smooth Denali who isn’t necessarily dependent on the labels for new music anymore, the game has still taken a downhill slide. He talks about DJs coming into the game, wanting to do old school tapes and keep the classic material alive, “but they get the names wrong, like it’ll say ‘Biggie Smalls feat. Various Artists’… they don’t even know the names of the artists or songs!”

So it would seem that the game has taken a downturn because of many factors, some of which are entirely out of the control of the DJs. However, it seems that if there’s one thing that Lazy K, Showtime and Smooth Denali agree on, it’s that new DJs do not take the time or make the effort to educate themselves. This equates to a lack of respect. Properly educating oneself about the history and background of one’s culture is part of carrying it forward responsibly, and all three of these DJs have their stories about coming up and learning their craft from scratch.

But the situation does not seem hopeless, as these three are all quick to point out. There is still something to be said for new DJs who come into the game and try their hand at making mixtapes. But as Showtime says: “Find the cat who came before you. Study him. Pick his brain. Then go out and do your thing.”