Monday, October 12, 2009

Pushin Tapes: The Format Hasn't Changed !! Fran Lover ( Back In The Days )

As you see what the title says..My format hasn't changed at all ( some of you just can't get what came easy to you anymore - this goes to the people who was looking for downloads only - time for you to work harder now - because you didn't give nothing in return ). Here's a mixtape which hit the streets hard back in 1998, if you rocked the 1st Ekim old school joint back in the days - then you'll remember this one. Fran Lover was one of the most popular dj's back then ( Ekim, Craig G & Fran Lover was killing the scene with r & b )..I know my joints & what was moving. So to my fellow bloggers, i got you & believe me we're going to have some fun now. Now to my Brooklyn posse stand up because we're on that BSN ( Brooklyn Shit Now )..

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