Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pushin' Tapes - DJ Wonder & DJ Parler ( Punk Smoove Sh*t )

Tapemasta: Once again, we're on that party stuff again..I was talking to a mixtape dj today, who's still doing his thing..We crack jokes on how the game was 5-10 years ago ( time for alot of you to change up ). Everybody running to get the same nickel..don't worry, i'm here to save the blog world again( Mista Resse, Ol Skool, Gildog & SOUL - i think ya'll should enjoy it )..See below !!

DJ Wonder: This was a collabo between Myself and DJ Parler for the party series that we do with RareForm NYC. Straight R&B, Smoothed Out Hip-Hop, New Jack Swing, Jay Dee Bang Bangs and More!

For my part of the mix I did a classic Ron G./Kid Capri-style Blends Tape. Ron even co-signed the mix on the intro!! For everyone who likes my Lip Service mixes – this has that flavor!!

Even if you’re not into mixtapes – check this out, I think it’s quality work…


  1. I got a email from DJ Wonder about his joint & i enjoyed it to the fullest..straight skills !!