Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pushin' Tapes - Books ( Hurby Azor - Legacy Music )

Tapemasta: When i seen this email last night, i said now that's a good idea..Now for those graphic designers & dj's who say that they got that 2009 swagger ( Sorry Wayne & friends is falling down again..What rapper do you know rocks a World Series game - none of the new dudes is )- the late 80's & 90's is invading your ipods & email boxes again..now what you got to say !! The invasion of real ideas is coming back again..Everything runs in a circle, henceforth this mixtape !!

Books: First off...we thank ALL supporters...S.O.U.L(still moving units!) & Hamza21...believe it or not y'all helped start this snowball (pass this on to olskool too) and we thank u. Dot, Clubba..the hell with blogger!! I'm about to follow y'all lead(thethievstheme.com is on its way). We thank The Diggers Union(Hevehitta, Unexpected, we truly strive for the genius and thought that goes into those creations), Rap Mullet(big chew may i please have another mixtapeology cause i'm tired of reading that jewel!)...and if Big Chris from Foundation Magazine is reading this...i apologize sincerely and regret not showing up but i'll put half the blame on pigheaded DJ Juice. Tapemasta...just your name on this email is enuff!

Now.....Hurby Azor. We do all things Hip Hop. Period. This is for my sisters 30 and older who did the wop to these songs. To all tramps..To the dookie ropes and to the kid n play dance (we still love house party pt1). To the fake British voice twinged with a Brooklyn accent..and to one of the most hardest female mcs on wax! Please pass this on to a true skool hip hopper near u !!

The Thieves Theme Presents Hurby Azor - Legacy Music

1 The Party Intro - Hurby Azor & Missy Elliott
2 I Am Down - Salt N Pepa
3 Last Night - Kid N Play
4 Cindafella Dana Dane
5 The Rhythm - Kwame
6 Tramp (Remix) - Salt N Pepa
7 On The Smooth Tip - Sweet Tee
8 I Got An Attitude - Antoinette
9 Rollin Wit Kid N Play - Kid N Play
10 Everybody Get Up - Salt N Pepa
11 Dana Dane Wit Fame - Dana Dane
12 It's Like That Y'all - Sweet Tee
13 Let The Rhythm Hit Em - Salt N Pepa
14 I'll Take Ya Man - Salt N Pepa
15 My Mic Sounds Nice
16 Hit Em Wit This - Antoinette
17 Gittin Funky -Salt N Pepa
18 Ownlee Ewe - Kwame
19 I'll Do Anything - Snow
20 Nightmares - Dana Dane
21 Skeeza - Jacci McGhee
22 I Got Da Feelin - Sweet Tee
23 The Showstoppa - Salt N Pepa
24 Push It (remix) - Salt N Pepa
25 Do This My Way - Kid N Play

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