Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mixtape Madness - Bzrwon ( The Mix Set )

Tapemasta: I never met Bzrwon, but i respected what he had did in a short time - i knew that mixtapes was worldwide ( dealing with the mixtape awards, Rapmullet.com, Foundation Mag, etc ) but when you talk with people from Spain, England, etc & they share the same views that you do - your should be a little different. I personally feel that music should be shared with people. I don't know what happen but i can imagine what went down. There's alot of issues when it comes to "copyright Infringement", "IFPI", "DMCA" ( i got stories )...Now would be the time to start speaking on this people - i know dj's have been going thru hoops with these people about what can be played & then labels reps send mp3, etc for dj's to play..Believe me Bzrwon, i truly understand what happen & why !! Keep your head up & i truly hope you come back to the blog world because we all made an impact & made some good things come alive.

Taken from Hamza ( http://domeshotsandfatlaces.blogspot.com/ )Well sadly we have another death to announce the death of The Mix Set Blog by Bzrwon. I'm sure many of you know the Mix Set was spot on the web to find a mix by any and every Hip Hop DJ conceivable. Most of mixes posted were only found on Bzrwon's blog but unfortunately due to the powers that be (stones throw perhaps??) his blog has been removed by blogger.com due to an impending lawsuit.

"On a positive note I must say the last year has a been a blast, I've made so many friends/contacts from all corners of the globe....Much respect goes out to all of you, without you guys, especially the DJ's this wouldn't have been worthwhile, thank you so much for all your help and making all of our mix collections considerably bigger and better, never stop doing what you do best!

So I guess that's it for now, I probably won't start up another blog.......but look out in the near future, you never know!

Regards, your friend,

Like the song says "it's so hard to say goodbye".....The Mix Set & Bzrwon we will miss you.

However on a good note the mixtape blogosphere is still going strong as ever. With the likes of S.O.U.L., Pipomixes, Tapemasta, Ol Skool 4 Real, Supreme Uknown, Andyman 187 and host of others you couldn't stop it if you tried.

The Revolution IS being uploaded


  1. thats a damn shame, dude had all the dope tapes

  2. I never seent his blog before, but mixes are how wacjness gets weeded out! People put out treasures and garbage, and like a good teacher-djs sift through facts, history, foot notes, and so much to bring the reallll!

  3. Better late than never, cheers TM for the kind words, I know we have never met on a personal level but I do consider you one of homies and inspirations for starting the blog. It was a shame that it ended that way, I guess I took things to heart a little too much and didn't like being pushed around and told what I can and can't have on my blog, even though I probably should have taken it on the chin in retrospect. I guess I will never really know what happened and can only assume but it's all good, it's a life lesson and you can only move on to bigger and better things. I'm still in cyberspace doing my thang, contributing here and there, mainly ripping things at the moment and passing them on, trying to get a blog together with exclusive content, which is proving a little harder than expected but sometime next year it will get off the ground, anyway I've babbled on too much, mad love and respect to everyone in the game, you know who you are, see you on the flip side homies!