Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mixtape Madness - Beats n Blends ( 50 Cent Before The Destruction )

Tapemasta: The dude Beats N Blends sent this to me yesterday, but you know how we do over here..i already had it..the man has some skills & his blends are on point..Six Six i know you got it already..anyway enjoy this people because there's more to come.


01. Beatsnblends 50 Cent Intro
02. I Get Money Blends BTD
03. In The Club Blends BTD
04. Amusement Park Blends BTD
05. If I Can't Blends BTD
06. Just A Lil Bit Blends BTD
07. Disco Inferno Blends BTD
08. Hustler Ambition Blend BTD
09. P.I.M.P. Blends BTD
10. Still Kill Blends BTD
11. 21 Questions Blends BTD
12. Magic Stick Blends BTD
13. Candy Shop Blends BTD
14. Get Up Blends BTD
15. Straight To The Bank Blends BTD
16. Good Die Young Blends BTD
17. Many Men Blends BTD
18. Smoke Out Air Fresheners 910-264-0050
19. Eminem My Name Blend Outro

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