Sunday, September 6, 2009

Mixtape Legend - Billy Bill ( Best Of The Best V1 )

Tapemasta: Now you get one of those hard to find mixtapes from the 90's, where the dj was actually doing work on the turntables. These days may not ever come back, but we have the music to enjoy..

Billy Bill: One of the stores bootlegged the tape & put it on cd during the time when there wasn't many joints on cd...Dj Clue, The Bad Boy Mixes, S&S, Craig G, & this joint I did.....And can u believe they put my shit out, then had the balls to sell me a

I didn't care because that meant New Yorkers respected my work & what i was trying to do long b4 these dudes from NC & SC were even thought about. I OPENED THE DOOR!!!!

If u were there then u know.... ENJOY!!!

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