Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pushin Tapes - Belal ( The Real Hip Hop )


Tapemasta: Now we about to take the blog thing on a trip & do something different for the masses worldwide..I've been dealing with Belal for a few years now - so i figured it would cool to show you what the man did a few years & you probably didn't even know...So sit back enjoy what you downloaded onto your ipod..Watch what i'm going to do next..Now i'm not going to stop either !!

AIN’T NO PARTY LIKE A GROWN FOLKS PARTY, CAUSE A GROWN FOLKS PARTY DON’T STOP…..THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT THE CROWD WILL CHANT FROM THE MOMENT DJ BELAL STEPS ON THE STAGE UNTIL THE LAST SONG IS PLAYED! DJ Belal is known for keeping grown folks music lovers on the dance floor while he drops hit after hit from Old School R & B, Old School Hip Hop, Top 40, Old School Reggae, and House.

Why do they call him a legend? DJ Belal started out Djaying at the age of 16 with some of the legends of hip hop. DJ Belal’s crew consisted of RAKIM, BIZ MARKIE, AND CHILL of Chill B Groove….so who do you think won those battles? They all grew up together in Long Island, New York. DJ Belal had party’s down in his Basement that became world renowned! His house parties were the place to be. As DJ Belal’s popularity grew, he got with a couple of friends, Groove and Chill, and started the group GROOVE B CHILL. They were signed to Uptown Management by Andre Harrell and made their first record. “Uptown’s Kickin’ It”. Soon afterwards, the group met Reggie and Warrington Hudlin and together, they created the movie cult hit “House Party”. THE OVER 30 CLUB BLAZER

Groove B Chill was signed to A & M Records as the first rap group on that label. They recorded the underground hit “HIP HOP MUSIC” and released their debut album “STARTING FORM ZERO”. The group parted ways in 1991.

DJ Belal regrouped and went back to his first love – Djaying and honed his rocking the party skills and production skills. DJ Belal recalls Biz Markie’s advice about the need to break into the celebrity party circuit. So Biz started letting him open at various parties. THE OVER 30 CLUB BLAZER

DJ Belal feels that it was the best thing that ever happened to him because as he explains, “ It taught me how to entertain a crowd other than just playing records”. Djaying is a lot different these days. DJays are making a hell of a lot more money then ever before, but it doesn’t make them good. Competition is at its highest peak now but experience is lacking. Experience is what the Legendary DJ Belal has. The former DJ for Rakim and Craig Mack DJ Belal gives an electrifying high energy performance as the OFFICIAL DJ for Chubb Rock. He has played up the East Coast for some the biggest events:
• Nas Album Release Party • Eric Sermon and Redman’s party
• JaRule’s Party • Alvin Toney’s Birthday Party w/Lil Kim
• The 2002 and 2003 NBA All-Star Weekend • Usher’s Summer Party
• Incline Record’s “Ain’t That Funny” Comedy Shows • 50 Cent Party at the Huntington Town House
• 1st Annual Urban Music Awards, Hammerstein Ballroom

DJ Belal has also played with some of the hottest DJays on the circuit:
Biz Markie, Funk Master Flex, Kay Slay, Kid Capri, Mr. Cee, DJ Precise, DJ Clue, DJ Smooth Denali, DJ Coco Chanel, DJ Enuff, DJ Jazzy Joyce, and DJ S & S. THE OVER 30 CLUB BLAZER

In addition, DJ Belal has performed at the top clubs & Venues on the East Coast including Eclipse, Tabu, The World, Club Vue, Hammerstein Ballroom, The Vanderbilt Palmers, Intrigue, Rose Castle, The Gasoline, Club Brazil, in the Hamptons, Avenue D – The Official NY Jets Sports Club, Cousins, Wandy’s, The Roxy, Club Cheetah, Jam Roc, Nakisaki’s, West Virginia Civic Center, and the Pepsi Arena in Albany New York.

DJ Belal can be heard on college radio, WUSB 90.1 FM, on Monday nights from 10-midnight with Big Wayne and Mahogany on the SOUL-GLO BISTRO


For More Information & Bookings Contact: Moe Palmer (404) 520-4683
M.V. Palmer Entertainment

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

( Updated with link ) Pushin Tapes - Unexpected & Hevehitta ( Deadly Duo )

Tapemasta: Guess what..Since the arrival of Blueprint 3 ( Jay Z did it again to the people hands down, whether you believe it or not. When was the last time a rapper was on Oprah ?? ). The Dynamic duo did it again & this time with a twist..I'm sure people will bug out on how they made it work. First Wu-Tang, now Jay & NAS..Can you imagine what's next ?? Hevehitta and DJ Unexpected are back once again focusing on the "Deadly Duo" of Nas and Jay Z. This mixtape features demo tracks, unreleased songs and break beats from the two.

DJ Unexpected got his "Look What I Found" on for the break beat section, and gives you the break beats / samples that were used for both Illmatic and Reasonable Doubt.

Shout out to DJ Mike Nice, and the whole Diggers Union family!


Track Listing:

01. The Twin Towers (Intro - Produced By DJ Unexpected for Diggers Union Local 1200)
02. Jay Z - Broken English (Demo Track)
03. Nas Speaks On The 80's (Interlude)
04. Nas Feat. AZ & Nature - Time (Unreleased - Produced By Dr. Dre)
05. Jay Z Feat. Sauce Money - Nothing But Love (Demo Track)
06. Nas Feat. Kool G Rap & White Boy - #1 With A Bullet (Unreleased)
07. Jay Z Feat. Sauce Money - Ripping It Up (Demo Track)
08. Nas Speaks On Illmatic (Interlude)
09. Nas - Nas Will Prevail (Demo Track)
10. Jay Z Speaks On Being A True MC (Interlude)
11. Jay Z - The Greatest MC (Demo Track)
12. Nas - Yeah Yeah Yeah (Freestyle)
13. Jay Z - Pass The Rock (Demo Track)
14. Nas - Death Anniversary (Unreleased)
15. Jay Z Feat. Nas - Dead Presidents (Live Performance)
16. Nas Feat. Jay Z - Black Republicans
17. Jay Z Feat. Nas & Ludacris - I Do It For Hip Hop

"Look What I Found" Illmatic Section

18. Break 1
19. Break 2
20. Break 3
21. Break 4
22. Break 5
23. Break 6
24. Break 7
25. Break 8
26. Break 9
27. Break 10
28. Break 11 (Bonus)

"Look What I Found" Reasonable Doubt Section

29. Break 1
30. Break 2
31. Break 3
32. Break 4
33. Break 5
34. Break 6
35. Break 7
36. Break 8
37. Break 9
38. Break 10
39. Break 11
40. Break 12
41. Break 13
42. Break 14
43. Break 15
44. Break 16
45. Outro


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pushin Tapes - Nitty Brown ( Throwback Joints )

Here's another one..I told you already what we doing here & i think the blog world knows. Step aside & let us old people through !! Once again, props to the man called Nitty & shouts to Team Ace ( DJ Ace )..Yes, i'm a Brooklyn head !!

Pushin Tapes - Nitty Brown ( Soul Clazzicks )

Tapemasta: As you can see now, i'm not about to show you why i do what i do. I can relate to any level & hear good music..Which means what dj can continue to bring what they should do for the public & why they luv to do it. Once again, for my old school people who need that party or lay vibe..i got you !! Brooklyn, NY Stand up !!

Jump-Off King Entertainment and The NITT Brown All-Stars are both wholly owned entities of Mr. Kevin Martinez aka DJ Nitty Brown. The acronym N.I.T.T. stands for Nasty Interactive Turntable Technicians. This group prominently features three professional disc jockeys with more than 55 years of collective practical experiences. The group provides entertainment for all occasions, focusing on a niche market – urban savvy trendsetters, jetsetters and decision makers – the grown and sexy, business minded, professional clientele between the ages of 25 and 50 years old.

In 1991, Nitty Brown gained notoriety as the featured DJ on the main floor of Club Demerara, while DJ Tetris (aka Kevin Hines) controlled the basement level, spinning vintage reggae tunes. The two became great friends and went on to work together at other venues throughout NYC, including The Tunnel, Limelight, Kilimanjaro, Vibes, South Oxford Tennis Club, Pulse, Lobby and Club Downtime.

Nitty Brown expanded his repertoire spinning alongside legendary pioneers like DJ Red Alert, Kid Capri, Funkmaster Flex, Clark Kent, DJ S&S, DJ Chase, DJ Pleasure and DJ Kul’cha. He gained his headliner status in 1998, providing the musical backdrop for industry movers and shakers at the BET/Billboard’s R&B Conference, as well as performing at several private soirees and album release parties for TLC, D’Angelo, Angie Stone, Skin Deep, Ashford and Simpson, Treach, Mad Lion, PMD, Mic Geronimo, Lord Jamaal, Bushwackas, comedian Paul Mooney and the late Notorious B.I.G.

Nitty assisted in the marketing and promotion of the movies “Barbershop” and “Jason’s Lyric”, and went on to collaborated with a variety of reputable artists, including Biggie Smalls, Junior Mafia, Lil’ Kim, Eve, Ice Cube, Guru, Premiere, Brand Nubians, Poster Boy, Group Home, Lil’ Dap, Maestro Manny and actor J.D. Williams (Brodie of HBO’s “The Wire”). Nitty provided assistance with post- production activities, promotional engagements and, as the executive producer of several of his mixed taped CDs.

Now working with some of NYC’s top promoters, in 2001, Nitty Brown established Jump-Off King Entertainment while showcasing his talent for sponsors like Sprite, Budweiser, Coors Light, Absolute, Courvoisier, and most recently Vitamin Water at Chelsea Peers, Fashion 40 Lounge, China Club, Sugar Bar, Club NV and Katra Lounge, with his distinctively original Brooklyn flavor.

Always innovating, Nitty increased his fan base worldwide by percolating New Jersey, Connecticut, Washington D.C., Virginia Beach, Miami, Los Angeles, Toronto, Cancun, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic, all while using his entrepreneurial expertise to sell and promote his mixed taped CDs. Nitty’s melodic blends of hardcore hip-hop, smooth R&B, captivating classics and rugged reggae rhythms have made him a Grandmaster of “Diggin’ In Da Crates”.

Staying cutting-edged, The NITT Brown All-Stars has converted over 300 crates of vinyl and other analog music into digital format. With the shared databases of DJ Nitty Brown, DJ Tetris and our prodigy DJ G-Belly (aka Gary Grodahl), our extensive compilation and array of music are second to none! Now ask yourself: “Whatcha wanna do?” – Clown around wit some kinda pseudo sound? –or– “Come On With The Come On, And Get Down With The NITT Brown…”

Currently, aside from constantly updating their vast repository of digital music, The NITT Brown All- Stars have been steadily leveraging their talents into a new genre – digital film making. Nitty Brown is currently working on the DVD documentary “One Day At A Time”, as executive producer. The DVD is scheduled to be release on September 15, 2009. This DVD Tetris and G-Belly, detailing their struggles, successes and tenacity on how to make a name for yourself inside the entertainment industry. The DVD is projected to be completed in the fall of 2009.

Pushin Tapes - Kurupt ( R & B V32 )

I'm still on the 90's tip..Blends & remixes is what we rock with over here..

Pushin Tapes - G Brown ( In The Club V1 )

If you got the Biggie joint mixed by J Period & G Brown, then you know what to expect with this one..I got joints for days & once again, there's more to come !! But enjoy something different from the International Party King..

Pushin Tapes - Clinton Sparks ( R & B Blends V1 )

Once again..remember the time & watch the masses act when they hear these songs again. This time you get remixes all over the place.

Pushin Tapes - Mista Rello & Jadel ( Throwback V1 )

Let's keep it coming people..I'm sure those ipods is rocking right now. For my old heads, i got you & there's more coming !!

Pushin Tapes - Grand Imperial ( Radio To The Streets V5 )

Here's another one for you..Let's keep it going for the day - those ipods is going be rocking this week..

Pushin Tapes - Grand Imperial ( Radio To The Streets V4 )

Once again, here's a real dj & he shows you what he can do on the turntables & the radio..

Pushin Tapes - Mista Rello & Jadel ( Throwback V2 )

Once again, we back on that ipod upload for everybody !! Time to drop that r & b on you..

Pushin Tapes - Clinton Sparks ( R & B Blends V2 )

I think SOUL put this one up already & if so, then you need to get a taste of a real dj again..Reguardless of what you think of him..The music speaks for itself !! If you need that cutting, remixing, etc ( Talk about a radio playlist )!! Here you go then - Listen to the old Clinton because the new one isn't that good to !!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Rapmullet Review/Pushin Tapes - Hevehitta & DJ Unexpected - ( Wu Tang Clan: Executioners From Shaolin )

Tapemasta: Here you go with a treat for the masses worldwide. Sorry no free download yet..If you ever heard the Willie Bryant mixtape, then you know what's going to be on this mixtape & why..Those favorite cuts by the Staten Island representatives !!
Hit up the Diggers Union store for this !!

Big Chew ( Rapmullet ): I love these types of mixtapes. You have to listen to them 6-7 times before you really "hear" everything they have to offer. It's more than the music, it's how the DJ(s) hear the music. You rely on the DJ to have an ear, an ear for that shit you like but how only they can put it together.
Very first listen I didn't like the "Bring The Ruckus" demo mix or the "I Get Down For My Crown". I was all amped up to hear something new and these are far from new or a blend or remix ect. After some listens tho, I understand the need for these and appreciate them even more. Listen to "Bring The Ruckus" then a joint like "House of Flying Daggers". The growth as MCs is crazy. Very few MCs give a fuck about the craft itself but Wu shows and proves.

If you cop'd this mixtape you obviously know your Wu so no need to go track for track with a ton of highlights. It's really about the mix, the flow and how the mixtape was put together.

Hev & Un give you the Wu foundation as the jump off and then follow it up with a breakdown of a particular member of the group. That breakdown set up comes in the form of old Kung Fu clips followed by the featured MCs most potent bars and an Unexpected remix here and there.

Not all Wu members get their solo shine tho. I would imagine that's gonna be on part 2 or maybe even part 3...the Wu catalog is that deep. If I had to pick one members section tho it would be Ghostface Killah as "The Snake". You get two remixes from both Un and Hev respectively then "Kilos" and "Daytona 500". "Kilos" is my shit, can knock that joint all day.

This is a calculated project and I fuck with that. I like to have to think a lil bit with my mixtapes. If I wanted some mindless shit I would listen to a Trap-A-Holics mixtape on Dat Piff with my thumb in my ass. Regardless the project has those rare jewels that you might have even heard before but you haven't heard them in the context of the rest of the mix and that's what makes it a near classic. I say near cause with all the work the Wu put in you need a part two (or part 3) and when you combine them all they form like Vol-tron and you get your classic.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Real DJ - Roc Raida ( 52 Beats )

I've been watching Roc Raida from the start of his career..He was doing alot of different things over the years. He was the true essence of a dj & people can recognize it..Once again, rest in peace sir !! Here's one of my favorite joints from Mr Raida ( 52 Beats )& i got more of his tapes..

Mixtape Legend - Doggtime ( My Favorite Joints V11 )

Once again, i'm back at it again..with another joint for you to rock with for the weekend..For those that been hitting me up on the email about this series - believe me, i know & i got you !! Shout to Que Dogg & his wife, Gildog, Nasbooks, Sugi & S.O.U.L for keeping me on my toes !!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mixtape Madness - Beats n Blends ( 50 Cent Before The Destruction )

Tapemasta: The dude Beats N Blends sent this to me yesterday, but you know how we do over here..i already had it..the man has some skills & his blends are on point..Six Six i know you got it already..anyway enjoy this people because there's more to come.


01. Beatsnblends 50 Cent Intro
02. I Get Money Blends BTD
03. In The Club Blends BTD
04. Amusement Park Blends BTD
05. If I Can't Blends BTD
06. Just A Lil Bit Blends BTD
07. Disco Inferno Blends BTD
08. Hustler Ambition Blend BTD
09. P.I.M.P. Blends BTD
10. Still Kill Blends BTD
11. 21 Questions Blends BTD
12. Magic Stick Blends BTD
13. Candy Shop Blends BTD
14. Get Up Blends BTD
15. Straight To The Bank Blends BTD
16. Good Die Young Blends BTD
17. Many Men Blends BTD
18. Smoke Out Air Fresheners 910-264-0050
19. Eminem My Name Blend Outro

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mixtape Madness - Bzrwon ( The Mix Set )

Tapemasta: I never met Bzrwon, but i respected what he had did in a short time - i knew that mixtapes was worldwide ( dealing with the mixtape awards,, Foundation Mag, etc ) but when you talk with people from Spain, England, etc & they share the same views that you do - your should be a little different. I personally feel that music should be shared with people. I don't know what happen but i can imagine what went down. There's alot of issues when it comes to "copyright Infringement", "IFPI", "DMCA" ( i got stories )...Now would be the time to start speaking on this people - i know dj's have been going thru hoops with these people about what can be played & then labels reps send mp3, etc for dj's to play..Believe me Bzrwon, i truly understand what happen & why !! Keep your head up & i truly hope you come back to the blog world because we all made an impact & made some good things come alive.

Taken from Hamza ( )Well sadly we have another death to announce the death of The Mix Set Blog by Bzrwon. I'm sure many of you know the Mix Set was spot on the web to find a mix by any and every Hip Hop DJ conceivable. Most of mixes posted were only found on Bzrwon's blog but unfortunately due to the powers that be (stones throw perhaps??) his blog has been removed by due to an impending lawsuit.

"On a positive note I must say the last year has a been a blast, I've made so many friends/contacts from all corners of the globe....Much respect goes out to all of you, without you guys, especially the DJ's this wouldn't have been worthwhile, thank you so much for all your help and making all of our mix collections considerably bigger and better, never stop doing what you do best!

So I guess that's it for now, I probably won't start up another blog.......but look out in the near future, you never know!

Regards, your friend,

Like the song says "it's so hard to say goodbye".....The Mix Set & Bzrwon we will miss you.

However on a good note the mixtape blogosphere is still going strong as ever. With the likes of S.O.U.L., Pipomixes, Tapemasta, Ol Skool 4 Real, Supreme Uknown, Andyman 187 and host of others you couldn't stop it if you tried.

The Revolution IS being uploaded

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mixtape Madness - Infinti ( Old School r & b v1 - Part 1 )

Now i'm going to go a step further on the r & b tip now..For those people who remember Infinti from his x-rated mixtape covers..Think about what i said before everything goes in a circle & that includes the mixtape game right now..I could tell you stories on what graphic designers, dj's, rappers, websites, record companies try to do for that number one spot..Anyway, enjoy this one & i got the hip hop version also..

Mixtape Legend - Doggtime ( My Favorite Joints V9 )

As the Isley Brothers say..Here We Go Again !! Where's my people at !! Time to party at the job or home this weekend..

Mixtape Legend - Doggtime ( My Favorite Joints V8 )

See i told you..When everything comes into a circle - why get those other mixtapes with the same track listings everyday - then what makes them different is a freestyle. So now you get the classics for the ipods worldwide !!

Mixtape Legend - Doggtime ( My Favorite Joints V7 )

Here's another one !! Let's just say we getting everything ready for the week. To my old school heads, i'm here & let's just say we got it covered..

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Out The Box - Blendmasta ( Da Time Machine )

Here's another joint from 90's..which some people might enjoy !! No blends just straight hip hop..

Mixtape Madness - Aristocat ( No Idea Original )

I think we all know what the title means..Believe me, this isn't that average mixtape & i still got more joints coming..Sit back & relax !! The blog world understand what we're doing now..Respect the dj's !!

Mixtape Madness - Aristocat ( Same Ole Style )

I know this was on the blogs awhile ( i try not to drop all the same stuff - but you need something different )..but you know what i do when i get joints..I remember when i first got these from the manager of Aristocat..The dude has skills & i seen what the blogs was doing..Neil Armstrong & DJ Unexpected made alot of dj's change up their "movements", when they dropped..But the title speaks for itself. Once Again, enjoy something different on the blend tip !!!

Mixtape Legend - Doggtime ( My Favorite Joints V1 )

Here's what started the series & those people who was getting mixtapes back then. Remember we got alot more when these came from..I can touch basically all levels when it comes to mixtapes..

Mixtape Legend - Doggtime ( My Favorite Joints V2 )

Ahhh man, the blog world isn't going to be the same anymore..Mixtapes like these will live forever..

Mixtape Legend - Doggtime ( My Favorite Joints V3 )

I'm sure that you get the point now..Once again, there's more to come !!

Mixtape Legend - Doggtime ( My Favorite Joints V4 )

Now you see why i do this !! All i can say, enjoy them !! There's more to come..

Mixtape Legend - Doggtime ( My Favorite Joints V5 )

Like i're about to get those ipods fully charged for the week..

Mixtape Legend - Doggtime ( My Favorite Joints V6 )

For all those people who collect mixtapes..this series should be just for you. If you picked up that series by Keyz ( That 4 cds set ) or Big Mike ( cut & paste series )..then you'll see what started it all..No blends, just straight r & b for the grown & sexy..Ol Skool, Gildog, Marioka, Sugi, Hamza & the others will enjoy the whole series.. Oh yeah, guess who back on the scene now..

Out The Box - Ty Boogie ( Blend City - Reminsce V1 )

Here's the beginning of the series..This was requested by the dude 6"6 & he knows about the blends also..So enjoy another taste of the blends which we all enjoy thru the world..

Friday, September 11, 2009

Pushin Tapes - Dj Books - ( The Diggedy Dichotomy )

Tapemasta: Here's where you get that dose of that real hip hop & that should make the flashback good for you..Enjoy the sounds & remember what you missed about the 90's


01. The Diggedy Renaissance Intro
02. Real Hip Hop (Premo Remix)
03. Real Hip Hop (Pete Rock Remix)
04. Kaught In Da Ak (Premo Remix)
05. Hard Like A Criminal
06. Mic Checka (Original)
07. Mic Checka (Remix)
08. Wontu
09. No Diggedy
10. Microphone Master (Dome Cracker Remix)
11. Beef feat. Chubb Rock & PMD
12. Represent The Real Hip Hop feat. Krs-One
13. Cummin At Cha feat. EPMD
14. Wild Onez
15. Can U Feel It
16. Undaground Rappa
17. Rap Scholar feat. Redman (Thief Mix)
18. Bad Newz feat. PMD
19. Straight Out The Sewer
20. Freakit (Remix)
21. Knick Knack Pt. 2 feat. PMD
22. No Doubt feat. M.O.P. & Teflon
23. Baknaffek
24. They Want Efx (Original)
25. They Want Efx (Remix)
26. How It Feel
27. Gimme Dat Micraphone
28. Klap Ya Handz
29. International
30. Jussummen (Pete Rock Remix)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pushin Tapes - Odyssey ( Timeless Blends V1 )

Here's the first one & for my old heads..this is for you !!

Mixtape Legend - Doo Wop ( Welcome To New York )

I know this was out already..but when you got true classic joints..They got to keep coming to the light..Remember hip hop was born on these streets..

Re Up - LA Luv ( Flashbacks V14 )

Here's that re-up that you need for those ipod's people..If you're on that r & b hard then this one is for you..The first 15 songs ( Request Line, Sumthing, Sumthing, Secret Love, Too Close, Just In Case, Wifey )should have you open..If you don't to jump on it..Get it for the ladies in your lives..Thank me later !!

Mixtape Legend - Luv Bug Starski ( Old School Hip Hop )

This joint is for my dudes that was around before the 80's babies..I got another one that i might drop before the weekend..

Pushin Tapes - Odyssey ( Timeless Blends V2 )

This was done a few years ago..But the twist about it - the whole joint is blends ( Old School R & B )..I'm coming with both versions V1 & V2..

Pushin Tapes - DJ Remedy ( Wax Chemistry V3 )

Tapemasta - Here's something different that i'm about to do for the blog family around the world now..DJ's if you got some good projects ( Real hip hop or R & B )..send them in. But remember people you got to have some old school tracks on it..Let's have some fun now !! DJ Bus, King Flow, Daredevil i owe you one fellas !!

Track Listing

01 - Intro ONE (rem on the cut)
02 - Intro TWO - feat. Meta-P and Doo Wop
03 - Rem Summons BIG (scratch session)
04 - Haffa - Haffa Dead (conversation with Biggie)(prod by Scram Jones)
05 - Open
06 - Fat Joe - The Crack Attack
07 - Mobb Deep - Back At You
08 - Artifacts - Wrong Side of the Tracks
09 - De La Soul - Millie Pulled a Pistol on a Sant
10 - Millie Pulled a Scratch Record (2007)
11 - Kutfather - Hard Core
12 - Das EFX - Microphone Master
13 - O.C.- War Games
14 - Nas & AZ - Phone Tap
15 - Wu-Tang - CREAM (remedy blend)
16 - Cunninlynguists feat.Masta Ace - Seasons
17 - Pete Rock & Method Man - Half Man Half Amazin
18 - KRS ONE - Emcees Act Like They Don't Know
19 - Pharoahe Monch - Queens
20 - Creators - El De Sensi
21 - Pete Rock & CL Smooth
22 - Sleeping with my 57
23 - Nas & AZ - Lifes a Bitch (DJ Delay remix)
24 - Jeru the Damaja - One Day
25 - Scratch Underneath the Surface
26 - Now or Never - Let My Tape Rock
27 - Channel Live feat. KRS ONE - Mad Ism (remedy blend)
28 - Masta Ace - Sittin on Chrome (remedy blend)
29 - EPMD - Crossroads (rem - mix)
30 - J-Live - Dont' Get It Backwards
31 - Reason - The Process (cuts by Joeywonk - prod by Dox)
32 - Masta Ace - Bkyln Masala feat. Leschea
33 - Skipp Whitman - Sonny feat Sophia Lauren
34 - Nas - Mega Mix ONE
35 - Nas - Mega Mix TWO
36 - Eddie Raplife - The Life (prod by Wes Green)
37 - Lingo - Dead or Gone (prod by Matty Mischief)
38 - Say Goodnight (prod & cuts by DJ Premier)(From Reks' Album: Gray Hairs)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Mixtape Legend - Billy Bill ( Best Of The Best V1 )

Tapemasta: Now you get one of those hard to find mixtapes from the 90's, where the dj was actually doing work on the turntables. These days may not ever come back, but we have the music to enjoy..

Billy Bill: One of the stores bootlegged the tape & put it on cd during the time when there wasn't many joints on cd...Dj Clue, The Bad Boy Mixes, S&S, Craig G, & this joint I did.....And can u believe they put my shit out, then had the balls to sell me a

I didn't care because that meant New Yorkers respected my work & what i was trying to do long b4 these dudes from NC & SC were even thought about. I OPENED THE DOOR!!!!

If u were there then u know.... ENJOY!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The MC - Heltah Skeltah ( Transformers Feat Trigger & Smoothe )

Here's that under the radar joint, Golden Age (oldie but goodie) from a young Heltah Skeltah f/Trigger Da Gambler & Smoothe Da Hustler.

Supa Qool Uncle Q - Basement Boogie

Tapemasta: Here's another one that i forgot about & let's just say it's for the adult's on the net. This might go over some people heads, but once again, you need something different..Props to Hamza for hooking me up to the Uncle Q sound

1. In The Mood - Aurra
2. Be My Lady - Kool & The Gang
3. I’ve Got To Find A Way - Zena Dejonay
4. I’m Not Gonna Let You - Colonel Abrams
5. Candy Man - The Mary Jane Girls
6. Let Love Shine - Skyy
7. Shake It Up Tonight - Cheryl Lynn
8. Do You Love What You Feel - Rufus & Chaka Khan
9. Sugar Frosted Lover - Flakes
10. Make That Move - Shalamar
11. How D’You Feel - Hi Tension
12. Rock The Casbah (Extended Instrumental) - The Clash
13. Once In a Lifetime (Masters at Work Remix) - Talking Heads
14. K-Jee - M.F.S.B.
15. Love Is The Message - M.F.S.B.
16. Music - One Way feat Al Hudson
17. One Fun At A Time - George Clinton
18. 777-9311 - The Time
19. Lady Cab Driver - Prince
20. Disco Nights - GQ
21. Boogie Oogie Oogie - A Taste of Honey
22. Ring My Bell - Anita Ward

The MC - Wordspit ( The Coolest BBO Stance )

Tapemasta: Wordspit has done another masterpiece & it's official..enjoy something different & believe me, it's different with a twist !!

The finally OVER!

As you follow the story of an artist on his journey to be come the iLLest MC, with THE COOLEST BBOI STANCE, I give you my tribute to Hip Hop.

This day has been a long time in the making and it means so much to me. I truly thank you for supporting my music and for being able sharing in this special moment in my life.

Mixtape Legends - Mista Rello & Jadel ( You Already Know )

I think that this was already put up..The blends era is coming back & let's just say you got now. The times have changed but the music is the same, so why not drop the original ones..Once again, enjoy !!

Re Up - King Smij ( Sshh V25 Bridging The Gap Part 2 )

Here's part 2 of a great series, which Smij did his thing with some blends & the original songs you enjoyed a few years ago..

Mixtape Legends - Mista Rello & Jadel ( Blend Brothers 2002 )

Here's another one for your ipod & believe me, there's more to come..Hands down, these dudes have been doing it for a minute..Salute these guys if you see them..

Mixtape Legend - Doggtime ( Power V10 )

Here's another one for the blend heads..