Friday, August 7, 2009

True DJ's - The Diggers Union ( You Call That Digging )

Tapemasta: It's finally here & now you get to hear what mixtapes use to be like. I really enjoyed this joint - We need more mixtapes like this !! Don't worry more projects is coming to the net soon !!

Diggers Union: We’ve been talking about this project for the last couple of weeks, but it’s finally here !! Eight out of the ten DJ’s in The Diggers Union have come together to bring you “You Call That Diggin? Vol.1″. Featuring rare breaks, samples, songs, and exclusive blends, this is definitely one great mixtape that will make history. Diggers Unite!!! Any magazines, websites, blogs, etc who would like to review this project or have any questions about the project please contact: or

Track Listing:
1. DJ Unexpected- Can You Dig It? (Intro) 2. Turbulence- Notorious (Dubplate)
DJ Casper aka The 1200 Terrorist (Tampa, FL) “The TAMPA Proof Mix”
3. Average White Band- Schoolboy Crush 4. Fun Lovin’ Criminals- Microphone Fiend 5. Eric B & Rakim- Microphone Fiend 6. Busta Rhymes- Dangerous (DJ Casper Remix) 7. Big Punisher- Off The Books (DJ Casper Remix) 8. Breakestra- Family Rap 9. Stetsasonic- Sally (DJ Casper Remix) 10. Dyke & The Blazers- Let A Woman Be A Woman (Let A Man Be A Man) 11. Indeep- Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (DJ Casper Remix) 12. James Brown- Funky President (DJ Casper Remix) 13. The Sugarhill Gang- Sugarhill Groove 14. Michael Jackson- Rock With You (DJ Casper Remix) 15. MC Shy-D- Shy-D Is Back
DJ Osk (Zurich, Switzerland) “For The Love Of Hip-Hop”
16. Mobb Deep- Lifestyles Of The Infamous (Demo) 17. Consequence- Q U E another E N S (DJ Osk Remix) 18. Ol’ Dirty Bastard- Take It Back To Brooklyn (Demo) 19. Joell Ortiz- Hip-Hop (DJ Osk Remix) 20. Keith Murray- ‘Cause I’m Keefy Keef (Demo) 21. Method Man & Redman- Dangerous MC’s (Remix Prod. By DJ Osk)
DJ Crazy Chris (West Virginia) “Bellevue Blends”
22. DMX- CC Gonna Give It To Ya (DJ CC Remix) 23. Pilot- Magic (DJ CC Remix) 24. Ice Cube Feat. DMX & Grandmaster Flash & The Furious 5- The Message Of Clubbin’ (DJ CC Remix) 25. Naughty By Nature- Holiday (DJ CC Remix) 26. Jimi Hendrix Feat. Mobb Deep- Twisted Lady (DJ CC Remix) 27. Golden Earring Feat. Kool G Rap- Lifestyles Of Radar Love (DJ CC Remix)28. Earth, Wind & Fire Feat. Zhane- Hey Mr. Shining Star (DJ CC Remix) 29. Journey Feat. Outkast- Wheels Of Steel In The Sky (DJ CC Remix)
Hevehitta (Poughkeepsie, NY) “Golden State Gems”
30. Hevehitta- Go West, Young Man (Intro) 31. Eazy-E & MC Ren- Bring The Noise Freestyle (Rare) 32. Snoop Doggy Dogg- True To The Game (Unreleased) 33. Snoop Doggy Dogg- The Message Freestyle (Rare) 34. The CIA Crew- Il-Legal (Ice Cube’s First 12″)
The Legendary DJ Showtime (Harlem, NY) “I Am Legend”
35. DJ Showtime- The Urban Legend (Intro) 36. Brand Nubian- All For One (DJ Showtime Remix) 37. Eric B & Rakim- Eric B Is President (DJ Showtime Remix) 38. Willie Hutch- Brothers Gonna Work It Out (DJ Showtime Remix) 39. LL Cool J Feat. Method Man & Redman- 4,3,2,1 (DJ Showtime Remix) 40. 2 Pac- Sleep (DJ Showtime Remix)
Scratchmasta Jazzy G (The Bronx, NY) “The B-Boy Stance Mix”
41. Break #142. Break #243. Break #344. Break #445. Break #546. Break #647. Break #748. Break #849. Break #950. Break #1051. Break #1152. Break #12
DJ Unexpected (The Bronx, NY) “Surprises Galore”
53. DJ Unexpected- Surprise Attack (Intro)/ Break #154. Johnnie Taylor- You’re The Best Girl In The World 55. Break #2 56. Diana Ross- I’m Coming Out (DJ Unexpected Remix) 57. Break #3 58. Break #4 59. Break #5
DJ Rob Shock (The Bronx, NY) “These Are (Not) The (Ultimate) Breaks”
60. DJ Rob Shock- The Foundation Intro 61. Break #1 62. Break #2 63. Break #3 64. Break #4 65. Break #5 66. Break #6
67. Diggers Union Local 1200- Wise Words (Outro)


  1. Probably won't be available for download for a couple of the way i still rock your Drop It Like It hot mix..