Monday, August 24, 2009

Rapmullet - Danny Dee ( Best Of Micheal Jackson Blends )

Tapemasta: If you can find this joint, then i know what you been doing ever since. Once again, if you liked the Maxwell joint by Uncle Q. Then this one will keep you going. To me, J Rocc's was the best so far ( this one took me on a different level ) - Good Review on this one !!

Review: DJ Danny Dee - Michael Jackson Blends
By Big Chew on August 24, 2009 8:34 PM

Welcome DJ Danny Dee to the Rapmullet review section. Shout to Six Six for sending this project my way too. I made it a point not to listen to any MJ mixtapes after he passed. However, this mixtape will not be denied. I grew up on MJ. I think I was in fourth grade when Thriller dropped. We used to try to break dance to that album as corny as that sounds. I know the mans catalog so why would I want to hear it again in a non-mixed format? However, the blends...the blends add that element of "never heard before". You hear how the DJ hears MJs music.

Any good blend mixtape starts and ends with the beats. Now with MJ you know you're gonna have some beat on beat blends cause he doesn't have an acapella for every track he ever did. That means the skills need to be proper, the ear needs to be sharp, other wise we're talking train wreck of epic proportions. I'm not going blend for blend with the review, just know Danny Dee mixes a proper blend of classic breaks and beats. I was amazed cause he took "Got To Be There" which is one of the softest MJ tracks and thugged it out with "The Bridge Is Over". The same could be said for "Will You Be There". That joint need to come with a neck brace and a RX for vicodon. He turned one of the most pop MJ joints, "Rockin' Robin" into a banger too. I like the fact that the non-blend tracks early were not the well-known pop classics. You get some of those near the end of the project but early on Danny Dee kept the flow going with joints like "Darling Dear", "Heartbreak Hotel", "Enjoy Yourself" and "Girlfriend". That shit made the mixtape for me. I hadn't heard "Liberian Girl" in forever either, that tracks cracks me up for some reason. A few stand out blends you must fuck with..."Dancing Machine", "The Love You Save" and "Black Or White"...that high energy shit will have you in the third lane out running state troopers. It's about as close to classic as you can get when using classic MJ music. Def a mixtape for the collection. Shout to DJ Danny Dee for keeping blend hope alive.


  1. where's the download link

  2. Need to share this classic mixtape

  3. I know, but the dj need to get his share first.

  4. Thats that bullshit 4 real

  5. Why is it bullshit..because a dj is doing his thing & i want to make sure he get his first before it gets put out for free. If a dj puts his work into a project, then he should reap the reward first..that's just a fact !! Don't worry, i'm sure it'll be up for download soon..I just won't be doing it anytime soon, unless the dj tell me too..But i get what you're saying, but if you're a collector like myself then you know how to get it !!

  6. this shit need to be download for everybody the cd game is fuck up now that canal street stop selling them

  7. Is this mixtape on download yet?

  8. yo, how the dj gonna get his unless i give him the money directly?
    they can't sell mixtapes at bestbuy or whatever.
    and them niggas on the street ain't always official!!
    like they pay to get a certain amount of tapes,
    then bootleg the shit theyselves to cut the dj out.


    i'm over here crying cuz i'm dying to hear this mixtape.
    hook up the dl link!!
    i got the j-rocc joint and it's dope.
    the best imo is dj gmf/project sounds. so far.
    i wanna here this danny dee
    cuz my man put me on said it's fire.

    hook it up, sun!!
    alley 81 al at g mail dot com

  9. Do you have an available link for this yet? I understand what you doin' as far as lettin' the DJ's eat fam.


  11. how can I buy the mix cd by dj danny dee Michael Jackson blend and old scholl vol 1 and 2